Transformers Animated

Season 3 Episode 13

Endgame, Part II

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM May 23, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • In the ultimate showdown, Optimus Prime with the Magnus Hammer faces off against Megatron while the Omega Supreme clones wreak havoc and threaten to destroy the city.

    Another solid episode that wraps up Transformers Animated, season three.

    Megatron decided to attack Sumdac tower for this many stellar cycles on imprisonment by using Lugnut to control the Omega Supreme clones while Shockwave continued trying to access the codes in Arcee's processor.

    Optimus Prime and Prowl try to take on the Omega clones while the rest of the Autobots tried to evacuate the humans within the city. Optimus Prime, not used to wielding the power of the Magnus Hammer had difficulty but managed to throw the clones off course to what appeared to be Dinobot island. While the clones still were unable to fly, they continued to march towards the city. The remaining Autobots with Sari used the space bridge to go to the Moon to reactivate Omega Supreme.

    Already on the Moon, a still online Starscream pieces himself back together for one final attack against Megatron. When he leaves, the Autobots teleport onto the Moon, see Arcee and are ambushed by Shockwave. Oddly enough, Bumblebee and Bulkhead made quick work of Shockwave and Lugnut and used a reactivated Arcee (thanks to Sari and Ratchet) to reactivate Omega Supreme who then heads to Earth to protect the Autobots.

    On Earth, Starscream sabotaged and took control of the clones to destroy with planted bombs while Megatron and Optimus engaged in a battle for the ages. Jazz and Prowl used the 'processor over matter' technique to reassemble the All-spark as Optimus felt that was the only way to stop the Omega clones. Once using technique, all the All-Spark fragments started to come together while took Starscream's fragment and took him offline to his apparent death in the process.

    Omega arrived on Earth to take on the clones who bested him because of a 2 to 1 advantage. Jazz deduced that the Spark fragments weren't enough to shield the city so Prowl sacrificed his spark to save the city while Optimus finished off Megatron with the Magnus hammer, not killing him but cuffing him to return him to Cyberton for his crimes. Once back on Cyberton, Optimus is hailed as the hero with the Decepticons in stasis cuffs. The Autobots had Prowl's discolored, offline body in a casket for apparently a burial fitting a hero.

    Overall, it was another solid episode however it feels like there were too many things jammed into this episode. It may have had a better flow if it was separated into two episodes. The battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron was a nice homage to their long, storied rivarly in the past although it could have used a bit more attention. I did like the battle-damage effects that made it feel like the battle really meant something. Additionally, the Autobots disposed of Lugnut and Shockwave rather easily. Also, there was the incident with Sari in the ship with the Protoforms that could have used some more detail. At the very end, Optimus appeared to have the Matrix of leadership around his neck. Could that be the remainder of the All-Spark? Remains to be seen. Still, it was a nice, feel-good ending to a very good season.

    Next season, we'll look forward to Sari's mysterious past and how Sentinel Prime will react to Optimus showing him up and receiving all the glory for ending the Decepticon menace.