Transformers Animated

Season 3 Episode 6

Five Servos of Doom

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Apr 04, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • One certain bounty hunter is back, you know it's gonna be an awesome episode. And we get to see some of Prowl's past.

    Last week I said that "Where is Thy Sting?" may be my favorite episode. I wasn't completely 100% sure of it. But now I am. THIS is my favoite episode, for a number of reasons. Prowl is my favorite Autobot, and we finally get to see some of his past. And it's very cool, we see him train to become a Cyber Ninja. His teacher is a bot called Yoketron, I think that's how it's spelled, I may be wrong though. He's voiced by George Takei, who does a great job BTW. This plot of course ties nicely in with the rest of the episode set in the present. We get to know of a "bad cyber ninja student" that left long ago. Hmmm, I wonder who that could be? No, really, I had no idea it would be...more on that later.

    In the episode, Sentinel, of all bots, has seemingly managed to capture Blitzwing, Sunstorm, Swindle and Lugnut. Yeah, right off the bat, you know something's fishy. And what do you know? Lockdown is actually the one capturing these Decepticons. Of course he turns on Sentinel as soon as Ramjet offers a better deal. We also learn that Lockdown is the bad student. And that he killed Yoketron. This just proves furthermore that Lockdown is absolutely brutal and ruthless. He's such a great villain, Lance Henriksen returns, giving an amazing performance as usual. The episode ends with Prowl learning "Processor over Matter" and keeping the Samurai armour we saw in "A Fistful of Energon".

    There's one thing in the episode I found interesting. Lockdown raids Yoketron's place, and I think he stole some protoforms. Here's a crazy theory, maybe Sumdac is lying again, maybe HE paid Lockdown to bring him some protoforms. And that's how Sari came to earth? Again, this is a crazy theory and a very crazy one at that.

    Best episode yet, I may change my mind next week. though Oh yes, it's the one I've been waiting for, "Predacons Rising". Man, I love this show.