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Transformers Animated

Season 2 Episode 4

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM May 10, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Garbage In, Garbage Out
The AllSpark creates a new Autobot out of pieces of garbage.

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    From grizzled Ratchet learning a bit of humility to Megatron's eye-twitching at Lugnut's overzealous boot-licking (reminded me of Beast Wars) to the latest character to be rejuvinated into the TFA mythos, this was a great episode. Lots of rightfully earned belly laughs. Much like the series itself, it wasn't trying to be overly serious or existential like the lackluster TF animes of the past. It was just a story with some character development and great humor.

    I know some might gripe about the Angry Archer, but let's face it; the guy's not MEANT to be taken seriously. He's a fly in the ointment to help move the story along or, in a more serious episode, comic relief at whom everyone laughs.

    Weird Al. You gotta love the guy. He's got the perfect voice for a character like Wreck Gar. Can't wait for his next appearance. I also happen to think it'd be awesome were he to spoof the Transformers theme. Methinks something along the lines of "collateral damage" and "blowing stuff up for fun" in the lyrics.

    "I DARE to be stupid!"moreless
Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Prowl, Captain Fanzone

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Sari Sumdac

David Kaye

David Kaye

Optimus Prime, Lugnut

Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson


Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Megatron, Ratchet

Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson

Porter C. Powell

Guest Star

Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic


Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong



Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

The Angry Archer

Recurring Role

Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson

News Anchor

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lugnut: I'm picking up a new AllSpark energy signal, my liege.
      Megatron: No doubt another fragment has surfaced. Retrieve it, Lugnut, before the Autobots get their filthy servos on it.
      Lugnut: Stasis lock itself could not deter me from your grand and glorious plan, oh wise and noble Megatron!
      Megatron: (His optic twitches) Just go...
      Lugnut: Yes, my liege!

    • Ratchet: Listen up, scrapheap. You're not an Autobot, and you never will be an Autobot. You're only good for one thing: garbage!
      Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar. I am only good for one thing: garbage! I must deliver garbage to all!

    • Ratchet: Get away from those controls, you malfunctioning slagheap!
      Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar. I am a malfunctioning slagheap!

    • Ratchet: Move it already! Don't you humans have anything better to do?
      Sari: You really should try being patient with people.
      Ratchet: I'd be a lot more patient with them if they'd just get of my way!

    • Wreck-Gar: I don't suppose you could tell me who I am, funny green man?
      Angry Archer: You are... my partner in crime! They call me "Angry Archer."
      Wreck-Gar: They call me "worthless-wreck-walking-pile-of-garbage."
      Angry Archer: Oh, really? Bit of a mouthful. Perhaps we should just call you "Wreck-Gar" for short.

    • Lugnut: All hail Megatron!
      Wreck-Gar: All hail Megatron! What's a Megatron?

    • (Ratchet, aboard the garbage boat, lands on the shore in front of the Mayor, his assistant and Mr. Powel. Bumblebee and Sari suddenly show up.)
      Bumblebee: Ratchet, you did it, you saved the city!
      Sari: You're a hero!
      Mr. Powell: He's no hero, he destroyed my microbots!
      Mayor's Assistant: In that case, the Mayor refuses to renew you sanitation contract.
      Ratchet: (jumps down and picks up the Mayor, Mr. Powel and the Mayor's assistant) Listen up, you organic meat buckets, either you settle this garbage disbute here and now, or I will throw you both into the river!

    • Ratchet: (to Wreck-Gar about the Microbots) You glitch-head, you're gonna destroy the entire city You wouldn't dare do something that stupid!
      Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar. I dare to be stupid!

    • (Sari's key activates)
      Ratchet: What are you waiting for? Get in.
      Sari: What's the magic word?
      Ratchet: Now!
      Sari: (sighs) This is gonna be a long day.

    • Ratchet: (after the Garbage strike is ended) Well what do you know? They like me, they really like me. I must have a way with words.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Ratchet: Well, whaddaya know. They like me. They really like me!

      This is a reference to the actress Sally Field's 1985 Academy Awards acceptance speech.

    • Reporter: Something is truely rotten in the city of Detroit.

      This is a reference to the line "there's something rotten in Denmark" from Hamlet.

    • Pregnant Woman's Husband:

      He is referred to as Spike by his wife, and wears the same clothes that Spike wore during the latter part of the original series.

    • Wreck-Gar: Ah, the universal greeting. Ba-weep-gragna-weep-nini-bong.

      This "universal greeting" was first introduced in the 1986 animated Transformers film and first spoken by the character Kup in that movie.

    • The Pregnant Woman:

      The woman who was about to give birth to a baby was named Carly. Carly is the name of Spike Witwicky's girlfriend and future wife in the original Transformers series.

    • Wreck-Gar: I dare to be stupid!

      "Dare To Be Stupid" was one of the songs featured in the 1986 film 'The Transformers: The Movie'. It was a song written and performed by Weird Al Yankovic, who plays the voice of Wreck-Gar in this series.