Transformers Animated

Season 1 Episode 4

Home Is Where the Spark Is

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jan 05, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Home Is Where the Spark Is
Optimus Prime and the Autobots set up base at an old auto-parts shop. Meanwhile, Megatron's head comes back online and takes control of several robots to attack the Autobots and reclaim the AllSpark.

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  • good episode

    Optimus Prime and the Autobots set up base at an old auto-parts shop. Meanwhile, Megatron's head comes back online and takes control of several robots to attack the Autobots and reclaim the AllSpark. In the middle of the night, an armored truck is loaded and starts driving through Detroit. Atop a nearby rooftop, the Angry Archer takes notice. Firing a harpoon arrow at the roof of the truck, he slides down on top, and then breaks his way into the truck, knocking out the guards and taking the money all with specialized arrows. Seeing the police are chasing him, he latches onto a passing fire truck, thinking he is safe. The truck proceeds to transform into Optimus Prime, who easily defeats the Angry Archer and hands him over to the cops.

    The next day, Prowl is shown hanging upside down by a tree, fascinated by a cat stalking a bird. But soon civilians arrive, themselves fascinated by Prowl, and Prowl storms off angrily.

    Back at the Autobot base, Optimus and the Autobots are fixing up their new home. Ratchet starts complaining about the publicity their getting, but Bumblebee states that he enjoys it. Soon after, Prowl arrives in an obviously frustrated state. Optimus tries to talk to him, and Prowl explains that he likes to enjoy nature, and that he thinks it's a shame that people don't experience it as much. Bumblebee promptly starts razzing of Prowl, who, in turn, promptly leaves. Up at Sumdac tower, Sari is trying to get into her dad's private lab to see him. When she can't get in due to security features, she uses her key, which zaps the console and lets her in. After noting that her dad needs to get out of the lab, she takes him to go get breakfast. But the surge of energy from the key fires into the lab, and activates Megatron's head. He quickly realizes that he has no body, and watches a tape showing Starscream boast to the Autobots that he killed Megatron, and the Optimus holding the AllSpark. Megatron then realizes that he can control equipment in the lab, obviously coming up with a plan to get the AllSpark. Later on, Sari is bored of listening to her Tutor-Bot, and uses her key to connect to the Autobot's radios and uses it to contact Bumblebee. Her dad then contacts her about his Pocket-Bots (which Megatron had tinkered with). Sari quickly makes excuses to leave, and Isaac notices that one of his Pocket-Bots is missing. The Pocket-Bot, know under Megatron's control, escapes the lab and crawls into Sari's backpack as she leaves to visit the Autobots. At the Autobot base, Prowl is watching a TV show about butterflies when Bumblebee changes the channel, saying how stillness is boring. Prowl then leaps ontop of Bumblebee, and jumps to the ceiling. Sari then arrives, trying to explain to the Autobots about sleepovers, which they have a hard time understanding. The Pocket-Bot then stealthily leaves Sari's bag and starts scanning the Autobot base. As part of the sleepover, the Autobots are playing a game similar to Twister, which Prowl easily wins, and then leaves, still frustrated by the lack of understanding by his friends.

    Using his Pocket-Bot, Megatron scans the whole base without finding the AllSpark. Instead, he decides to kill the Autobots and download the AllSpark's location from them. Meanwhile, Sari is telling a scary story to the Autobots, and uses her key to activate the machinery around them for dramatic effect, culminating in Bumblebee being scared out of his mind. Megatron then uses this idea by making the Pocket-Bot hack into the system, taking control of all the machinery in the base. Robotic lasers, machine guns, cranes and even flamethrowers start attacking Sari and the Autobots as they flee. Prowl heads over to see what's causing the commotion, only to see the Autobots under attack by the machinery, and Ratchet injured by missiles. Bumblebee tries to shut down the machinery, only to be caught by the cranes and thrown onto an assembly line which Bumblebee barely escapes. Bulkhead tries to smash up the cranes, but Megatron overpowers him with them and he is also thrown onto the assembly line, which has a metallic crusher at the end. Optimus tries to save him by reversing the direction of the assembly line, but he is drawn and latched onto a massive magnet. Prowl tells everyone to get still, but Bumblebee rejects this plan, only to be again tagged by missiles. Prowl explains that the machinery is directed by motion sensors, so everyone should stay still. Sari uses her key to blow up several cranes, which catch fire. Megatron then uses a crane to unlock a gas line. Prowl uses a combination of quick moves and still poses to fake out the motion sensors, but Megatron uses the Pocket-Bot to fire missiles at him, and Prowl is captured by the cranes. He then tells Bumblebee that he is the last one, and needs to shut down the controls. Bumblebee doesn't want to stay still, Prowl tells him he must, and starts directing him when to strike and when to stop. Using this, Bumblebee is able to get to the control panel and destroy it, making all the hostile machinery shut down. Right then, Optimus sees that the fuel tank has been punctured, and gas is headed for the fire.

    All the Autobots pitch into launch the fuel tank out of the base, which explodes in the sky. Bulkhead then accidentally destroys the Pocket-Bot. Megatron fumes at his defeat, but realizes that it's no big matter. Instead of mere tampering, he decides to reveal himself to Professor Sumdac. Back at the base, Bumblebee has finally come to appreciate the value of stillness as he and Prowl play futuristic Twister.moreless
  • Giant robots don't have slumber parties.

    The weak link in Transformers has virtually always been the human cast, and Sari might just be more annoying than Danny Witwicky in the original series. I can't imagine any reason for her to be there other than some executive edict to try and attract 8-year-old girls to the audience.

    I can only assume this is because Cartoon Network is hoping to make this show appeal to the same audience as Teen Titans did -- and the introduction of human villain Angry Archer certainly hammers that notion home. The problem is that Teen Titans did an EXCELLENT job of alternating between grim, complex stories and over-the-top wackiness, whereas Transformers Animated is just struggling at it.

    A 3/10 because at least the bits with Megatron are good.moreless
  • A really interesting insite to Prowl's persona... I think I like where this is going.

    I was a little bit annoyed at how Megatron was revived, not exactly by how it was done but how early it was done. True, it will make for a surprise to the characters in the future but it could've waited at least one or two more episodes, although his revival wouldn't have explained how the machines suddenly came to life. I am curious as to how Megatron will use Sumdac in future episodes.

    I'm actually glad that there's more things that Sari's key can do besides reviving a transformer. I find (so far, based of the forum for this site) that I am the only one who actually thinks Sari's missuse of the key in this episode was in character. She's a kid, of course she's gonna use it in a way that proves childish.

    Prowl's and Bumblebee's relationship proves to be more like DinoBot Vs Rattrap from Beast Wars, neither one really understanding what the other thinks of a certain topic, but learning to grow with it. Hopefully, this isn't a one-time-only treat for the audience.

    Nice to see that Animated is looking as if it's not just revolving around the leaders (which is what I liked about Beast Wars) but developing character personalities such as likes, dislikes, patiences and attitude. Prowl, in this case, doesn't seem like a secret-keeping loner anymore but a loner who finds beauty in some things more than others. Awesome.

    Hopefully, future episodes will be just as great.


Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Angry Archer

Guest Star

David Kaye

David Kaye

Nature Show Narrator/ Fan #1


Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson

Computer Voice


Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Tutor Bot

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Megatron: You Autobot fools are the keepers of the AllSpark? This must be some cosmic joke.

    • Sari: Dad, how long has it been since you've eaten?
      Professor Sumdac: I don't know... What day is it?
      Sari: We're getting you some breakfast.
      Professor Sumdac: Oh, but Sari, I am not hungry. (stomach growls) Well, maybe just an apple. And a banana. Make that a whole fruit salad. And waffles, with bacon, and cheese...

    • Megatron: (About Bulkhead) Thick-bolted moron. Let me crush that smile off your face.

    • Prowl: It's up to you now, Bumblebee! Remember: stillness, then strike!
      Bulkhead: For Bumblebee? We're dead!

    • Sari: (About sleepovers) It's where a bunch of friends get together and hang out all night.
      Optimus Prime: (holding Sari's sleeping bag) So, where do we hang this out?
      Sari: You don't hang it out, you sleep in it. Only... the first rule of a sleepover is: no one sleeps.
      Bulkhead: (Scratches head) This Earth stuff is hard.

    • (Bumblebee changes the channel from Prowl's nature show to a loud music channel)
      Bumblebee: Mind if we watch something that won't bore us into stasis lock?

    • Dr. Sumdac: (about the pocket bots) Sari, did you tinker with anything in my lab, by any chance?
      Sari: I never tinker with your stuff.
      Tutor-Bot Class is dismissed for a week...

    • Optimus Prime: Our new home is coming together nicely.
      Ratchet: If I had it my way, we'd never leave. It's not safe for us out there. They're always watching... waiting...
      Optimus Prime: The Decepticons?
      Ratchet: No, those annoying camerabots.

    • Angry Archer: Oh vexing fate, thou art a harsh mistress. I was to be rich! I was to be famous!
      Optimus Prime: Looks like you'll just have to settle for famous.

    • Angry Archer: Victory is mine! Nay, policemen would nare stop a firetruck from speeding to an emergency!
      Optimus Prime: One problem with that theory... (Sends Angry Archer flying)
      Optimus Prime: You're the emergency.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Twister
      The game that Bulkhead, Prowl, Bumblebee and Sari play is a variation on the classic party game "Twister" (another Hasbro product).

    • Angry Archer
      The Angry Archer is made up of three different people. His clothes resemble Robin Hood, his gadget arrows are a gimmick associated with the DC Comics hero Green Arrow and appearance is a caricature of Hasbro's Transformers design director Aaron Archer.

    • Home Is Where the Spark Is:
      Allusion to the phrase 'Home is where the heart is."