Transformers Animated

Season 3 Episode 8

Human Error, Part I

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Apr 18, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • The return of Sari and Soundwave. The introduction of Laserbeak and Ratbat, and...The Autobots as humans?

    Whoa. This episode was one crazy ride, and it's not over yet. And by the look of the cliffhanger, stuff's about to get even stranger. I loved the episode, I was initially kind of sceptical about it. I mean, how could you turn the concept "autobots as humans" into an exciting two-parter? It seems they're only human in this first part though, which is good. Don't get me wrong, I liked seeing their human bodies, but I'm glad they're back to their old normal selves...or are they? Look out, here comes a big spoiler.

    They're turned into Decepticons, for real. Just at the very end. Gonna be interesting to see how Sari will be able to save them now. The whole "it's not real" was painfully obvious throughout, and I'm glad the characters figured that out in this part. It was really cool seeing Optimus, as a human, beat Megatron with his own severed arm. Sari's new jetpack was neat and Soundwave was awesome. He now has his two helpers Laserbeak and Ratbat also.

    I have some minor complaints, the joke about Bulkhead going to the bathroom was pointless and dumb. And what the heck man? Strika, Spittor, Oil Slick, Shockwave and, I think Cyclonus, appears. But only for about one, maybe two seconds. Really, disappointing. And Prowl should've had a new human design to compliment his new samurai outfit.

    Absolutely loved the episode, it was terrific fun and I'm intrigued to find out what's in store next week.