Transformers Animated

Season 3 Episode 9

Human Error, Part II

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Apr 25, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Human Error, Part II
It turns out that Soundwave has trapped the Autobots in a virtual reality. Now, Sari must free them before Soundwave completely turns them into Decepticons.

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  • You won't believe who returns in this awesome episode.

    This episode was brilliant. Mind you, I will have some spoilers here and there. As you may know, last week's episode ended with the Autobots seemingly being turned into Decepticons. Not quite, some malfunctions in the VR program shuts down the process. This forces Soundwave to start over again, and it takes longer. As such, the Autobots are trapped in the program as humans, again. Really? Again? Yes, but I didn't mind this. First, it only takes about 5 more minutes until Soundwave gains control over them oficially turning them into Decepticons. Second, we got to see the human Autobots drive their own cars. Which was awesome.

    The majority of the episode focuses on Sari and her substitute team of various bots. Her team consists of, herself, Scrapper, Snarl and...Wreck-Gar. YES! He's back, people. And of course he's still hilarious. The battle between them and the evil Autobots was great stuff. But the highlight of the episode was the brief guitar duel between Optimus and Soundwave. I was also quite shocked to see Optimus splitting Soundwave in two, right down the middle, with Laserbeak. Of course, Soundwave still isn't dead.

    Season 3 hasn't had a single weak episode yet, and this was the best one yet, in my opinion. I loved the action and the humour. This was the funniest episode so far. And Sari is just so cool now. I have one minor complaint though, why did they have to repeat the line "destroy the techno-organic" about 10 times? This minor annoyance vanished however as soon as I heard Weird-Al's voice. Also, there are so many unfinished plots, Meltdown, the Seekers, Waspinator and Blacarachnia just to list a few. How can they possibly tie all these up in the next four episode? I'm afraid they can't. Which is very unfortunate since there most likely won't be another season.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Members of the Substitute Autobots:

    • This is the first time one of the Dinobots besides Grimlock is named, Scrapper names the Triceratops Snarl, stating he originally wanted to call him "Slag" but took it offensive. This matches how the Triceratops Dinobot from the original series was named Slag and the same would be for the Animated incarnation, but because "Slag" is used as an expletive, the name was changed to "Snarl".

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Scrapper: Look, kid, even if I wanted to help ya, we're stuck on this island, so, er, what are ya gonna do?
      Sari: You're a Constructicon. Why don't you just construct a boat?
      Scrapper: Construct a... Hey, now why didn't I think of that?

    • Optimus Prime: Time to change your tune, Soundwave. Operation: Face the music!

    • Sari: Scrapper, you and Snarl take Bulkhead and Ratchet. Wreck-Gar, you're with me.
      Wreck-Gar: Gosh, this is so sudden. Aren't we a little young to go steady?

    • Sari: You named him Snarl?
      Scrapper: Well, I was gonna call him Slag, but I think he took it as an insult.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Wreck-Gar playing accordian:
      This is an allusion to the voice actor for Wreck-Gar, the singer Weird Al Yankovic, who's signature musical instrument is the accordian.

    • Virtual Reality Soundwaves:
      The two different Soundwaves seen in the Virtual Reality system that the Autobots are trapped in bear two different references. The large colored Soundwave at the beginning's color scheme is the exact same color scheme as the Shattered Glass Soundwave's. The Interface Soundwave's color scheme is the same color scheme as the upcoming Electrostatic Soundwave toy.