Transformers Animated

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jan 26, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Bumblebee faces off against the newest villain, Nanosec.

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  • excellent episode

    The episode starts with Nino Sexton, a small time crook, running away from Automaton cops with his loot. He runs straight into one, but easily escapes it by leaping on top of it. He then hops into a vehicle mode Bumblebee, who transforms and captures him. He then toys with him using his speed for a bit before Bulkhead arrives to scold Bumblebee. Nino tries to sneak away, but Bulkhead drops his wrecker ball in front of him, which causes the pier that they're standing on to break, sending everyone into the water. However, before Nino can fall in, he is captured by Optimus.

    Back at Sumdac tower, Isaac is trying to fix a new cervo onto Megatron when it malfunctions and Megatron starts getting frustrated. He then tells Isaac that he needs Destronium to function, which Isaac tells him is in little supply on Earth.

    Back at the Autobot base, Optimus starts to scold Bumblebee and Bulkhead for their "midnight swim" before Sari arrives and shows them the prototype turbo boosters that her dad built. Bumblebee takes an immediate liking to them, and wants to attach them to himself, much to the dismay of Optimus and Ratchet. Before Bumblebee can make use of them, Ratchet takes them away. Sari interjects, saying that her dad's equipment is "totally" safe.

    Back at Isaac's testing facility, the testing for the Turbo-Blade Cyber Suit, which starts flying uncontrollably around the lab. Sumdac then notes that the suit can upgrade speed and reaction time by a thousand times. Megatron then asks Sumdac where the Destronium is, and he explains that the closest sample is across town, but is highly unstable, therefore by the time it arrived at the lab, it would be rendered useless and explosive. He then says that the only way to transport it was to get it there in less than ten minutes, which is impossible. Back at the jail, Nino Sexton is released on bail, and then given a package. He opens it to find Sumdac's Turbo-Blade Cyber Suit. The Autobots are then shown on a highway, with Prowl trying to instruct Bumblebee to blend in, but he doesn't want to. Upon being stopped in a traffic jam caused by a police chase, Bumblebee throws up a siren and joins them. Random banks then being shown robbed by Nino in his speed suit, with one of the people yelling out how money vanished in a "Nanosec", which Nino adopts as his nickname. While runnning from the cops, Nanosec runs into Bumblebee again, but speeds off, with Bumblebee in awe at his speed. Nanosec then stops in the road, because his money bags are heavy, and then he is pegged in the back by one of Prowl's shurikens. Prowl then steps on Nanosec, who in turn scratches Prowl's ankle with his feet. Bumblebee tries to chase Nanosec down, but he runs past a train crossing, and Bumblebee swerves to stop, and stops right in top of the train tracks.

    Bulkhead manages to stop the train by grabbing it in the back so Bumblebee can escape. As Nanosec runs away, Megatron then sends a strobing frequency message to Nanosec, which only he can see because of his high speed. Megatron tells him that he needs the Destronium delivered from Sumdac Lab to Sumdac Tower within ten minutes, and gives him a down payment directly from Isaac's bank account.

    Back at the Autobot base, Bumblebee tries to beat his track speed record, which he can't. He then begs Ratchet to give him the turbo boosters, but he flat out refuses. Optimus then tells the Autobots that Nanosec has just robbed Sumdac's lab, and orders the Autobots to chase him down. Sari then suggests to Bumblebee to use her key to latch on the turbo boosters, because they need to catch Nanosec. Optimus tries to stop Nanosec using anti-friction lubricant, and then ties him up with his cables, but Nanosec runs in a circle around him to untie himself and retie Optimus in the process. Optimus counters by slicing the cable with his energy axe, and Nanosec counters by whipping him with the sliced cable.

    Meanwhile, Bumblebee's new turbo boosters are fully attached, and he and Sari decide to test them, resulting in them crashing into Optimus and letting Nanosec run off.

    Bumblebee starts heading for a road under construction, and can't stop. Sari tries to use her key to turn off the turbo boosters, but this fails. Optimus barely saves them with his grapple cannon, but then Bumblebee goes in reverse, running Optimus over. Ratchet then uses his magnet beams to stop Nanosec, and tells the Autobots what the Destronium is, including that fact that it's highly volatile.

    Nanosec's helmet falls off when Ratchet pulls him up with his magnet beams, revealing that he has gray hair when he used to have red. Bumblebee then runs into the Autobots, setting Nanosec free again. Ratchet suggests that Bumblebee transforms, and this stops the turbo boosters before Optimus arrives, and the chase resumes.

    Bumblebee uses his turbo boosters again to catch up to Nanosec. He takes the Destronium from his hand, and now Nanosec starts chasing Bumblebee. Nanosec starts to slow down and then collapses. The rest of the Autobots arrive to find Nanosec out of breath on the ground, and with a thick, white beard. Bumblebee explains that the suit now only made him fun faster, but made him age faster too. Ratchet tells them that the Destronium is nearing its explosion point, and Bumblebee suggests to use his turbo boosters as a makeshift jetpack in order to jettison it into the atmosphere.

    Once he gets there, he throws the Destronium into space, where the explosive force sends Bumblebee rocketing back down to Earth. Ratchet uses his magnet beams and Optimus uses his fire extinguishers to slow and cool down Bumblebee until he lands. Isaac watches the news and sees Nanosec being carried away, and he wonders how he got his hands on his suit. Megatron suggests it was an "inside job." The Autobots then congratulate Bumblebee, and Prowl offers to race him home. Bumblebee says that he'd rather walk.moreless
  • OMG what an episode. Bumblebee doubts his speed when Nino Sexton becomes Nanosec. Unfortunately, I saw the result coming.

    Another Bumblebee episode, only not about his height, but about his speed. I suppose it's neccesary since he's the kid of the group. But at least he learned that speed isn't everything.

    It was very entertaining see Bumblebee having lack of control while connected to the turbo boosters. I laughted really hard at the parts where Nanosec is caught and Bumblebee streamed right towards them. And Prime being POed was very hilarious,at least now we know not to make him mad in any series. ;-)

    Now, for Nanosec: I personally thought he would be hit with a chemical that makes him super fast. I had no idea it would be Megatron's doing. But I did see that the aging process would be affected when I saw the suit and heard that there were some technical difficulties in it. Sexton before the costume was pretty weak, but at least we found a weakness in Sumdac's police droids.

    I can't see Nanosec coming back but the writers probably have something up their sleaves and by the way, Destronite, nice use of the name Destron, don't you think? Can't wait for more episodes like or better than this.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goof: The pin number that Nanosec entered on the ATM is nothing like the pin number Megatron displayed to him on screen and told him to enter.

    • Goof: In his first encounter with Prowl, Nanosec was showing signs of age. However, when Megatron communicated with him through hyper-sonic speed, his face was younger.

    • Goof: In the scene where Bumblebee caught up with Nanosec and shot him, Nanosec had no helmet on since it fell off earlier. However, when it showed him hitting the gound, it reappeared. When Bumblebee bates him after picking up the Destronium, the helmet is gone again.

    • We see Prowl's ability to create a holographic rider to avoid drawing attention in this episode.

    • While Captain Fanzone had a brief appearance in this episode, he didn't have any lines.

    • First appearance of Bumblebee's rocket pods (which appear on the toy) and retractable faceplate (which does not).

    • Character(s) Introduced:
      Human Villains-

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Banker: What happened to my money?
      Teller: I don't know! It dissapeared in a nanosec!
      Nanosec: Nanosec? I like the sound of that...

    • Nanosec: What is this stuff? Are you nuts?
      Optimus Prime: Negative-friction lubricant... and technically I'm nuts, bolts, and armor plating with a few added features.

    • Nanosec: (Using sarcasum as the police arrive) Good heavens the police, however shall I elude them?

    • Ratchet: (About Bumblebee trying to break his record) Give it up kid... you're just wasting energon.

    • Bumblebee: You don't understand doc, if I was just a little bit faster I would have caught him. So how about giving me that turbo booster upgrade now, huh, what do ya say?
      Ratchet: Not even if Megatron himself forced me at blaster point.

    • Optimus Prime: Feeling refreshed after our midnight swim?
      Bumblebee: It wasn't my fault, I swear!

    • Bumblebee: (Watches Nanosec slow down) What's the matter old-timer? Running out of gas?

    • Optimus Prime: (Watches Bumblebee speed away with his booster rockets) Bumblebee! What are you doing?
      Bumblebee: Using my head... and my thrusters.

    • Optimus Prime: (About Bumblebee's boosters) Ratchet! I suggest you disable those boosters now.
      Ratchet: No time. We need to stop Nanosec before he blows us all the way back to Cybertron!

    • Bumblebee: (To Prowl) Step aside ninja bot. This calls for speed, not stealth.

    • Prowl: Slow it down, Bumblebee. And try not to draw attention to yourself.
      Bumblebee: Those are two commands I'm just not programmed for!

    • Bulkhead: (about Nanosec's white hair) Hey, didn't you use to be a redhead?

    • Sari: You know, there might be another way to get those boosters hooked up.
      Bumblebee: But Optimus said...
      Sari: To stop Nanosec, but he didn't say how.

    • Optimus Prime: Autobots, transform to vehicle mode and roll out.
      (Bulkhead, Ratchet and Prowl transform and leave. Bumblebee and Sari let out a sigh of relief.)
      Optimus Prime: (to Bumblebee) To your original vehicle mode!

    • Bumblebee: (About Nanosec) You should lose the suit. It makes you look ten years older.

    • Optimus Prime: (About the turbo boosters) You're not thinking about hooking those things up to yourself, are you?
      Bumblebee: No, of course not. I was gonna ask the Doc-bot to do it for me.
      Ratchet: Have you got your processor up your exhaust port?

    • Optimus Prime: I'm kinda new to this planet, but I believe you're supposed to pay for those things before you run off with them.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Bumblebee's faceplate makes his face bear a closer resemblance to the face of the original Bumblebee toy.

    • The way the speed-suit caused Nanosec's body to accelerate in age the longer he used it was similar to how in the movie "ClockStoppers" prolonged use of the hypertime technology caused age in the human body.

    • Destronium
      In the Animated series, Destronium is an alloy or chemical that Decepticons like Megatron use. The name is a reference to Destrons, the Japanese name for the Decepticons.