Transformers Animated

Season 3 Episode 7

Predacons Rising

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Apr 11, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Predacons Rising
The Autobots and the Elite Guard pursue Wasp for their own agenda. However, Blackarachnia has Swoop capture Wasp in her latest attempt to rid herself of her organic half. This experiment goes awry and turns Wasp into Waspinator.

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  • In an attempt to purge her organic half, Blackarachnia uses the Dinobots to abduct Wasp to conduct an experiment to return her to robotic glory.

    This episode centered around the relationship between Optimus, Sentinel and Elita-1, now Blackarachnia. In another attempt to purge her organic half, Blackarachnia enlisted the Dinobots to abduct Wasp and take him to the island to conduct transwarp experiments.

    The Autobots with the assistance of Jetstorm and Sentinel Prime had Wasp cornered when Swoop flew in and abducted Wasp. Compelled to be the bot to capture Wasp, Sentinel ordered Jetstorm and Jetfire to follow Swoop to Dinobot Island. Optimus knew what awaited and tried to warn the bots but Sentinel being the brash, arrogant bot switched off all communication. Once they got to the island, Sentinel ordered the twins to create a diversion to distract the Dinobots while he nabs Wasp. Little did he know, the bot that was conducting experiments was Elita-1, now known as Blackarachnia. Sentinel was disgusted by her organic half and insisted that she had stayed offline. Ultimately, she got the drop on Sentinel and paralyzed him with her venom as the rest of the Autobots arrived. As such, the transwarp energy became unstable and transformed Wasp into a part organic abomination called Waspinator. Quick to learn that he was used as a guinea pig, he sought revenge but Blackarachnia used her web to enclose them both as his transwarp field went critical and exploded not leaving a trace of either bot.

    Afterwards, Sentinel, being the apparent successor to Ultra Magnus needed to take his crew back to Cybertron to flush out the traitor, Shockwave. Before his departure, he and Optimus shared heartfelt apologies in regard to leaving Elita-1 behind and venturing to the organic planet responsible for her demise. The end of this episode saw Waspinator in an undisclosed location in pieces putting himself back together and vowing revenge. Blackarachnia stared up at various animals that foreshadowed the Predacons.

    Overall, this was another compelling episode that this time showed a somewhat tender side to the hard-nosed Sentinel Prime. Hopefully, this show will continue to pump out quality, entertaining episodes that pay homage to the original G1 Transformers.moreless
  • This is really funny

    When Blackarachnia wakes up at the ending, she's in front of a rhino (like Rhinox), a rat (like Rattrap), a gorilla (like Optimus Primal) and a cheetah (like Cheetor); the Beast Modes of the original Maximals in "Beast Wars". We will see more "organic transformers" from "Beast Wars" in future episodes?. I hope so. I always loved "Beast wars"!!!. I wonder if Swoop could end turned into an organic Pterodactyl like Terrorsaur, or Grimlock turned into an organic Tyrannosaur like Megatron. Now we only need a "Scorponok", an "Airazor" and a "Tigatron". Don't you think?. I think it would be funny to see animated versions of the Beast Wars characters.moreless
  • "Waspinator Hazzz Planzzz"

    Right, so this was the best episode ever. I know, I know, it's the third week in a row I say that. But this was just absolutely amazing. I was originally hoping for Meltdown to return, but he wasn't needed in this episode at all. And I'm actually glad he wasn't in it. This was mostly about Sentinel, Optimus and Blackarachnia. Waspinator didn't play that big of a role, surprisingly enough, he was just "there". He was awesome and everything. But it's the confrontation between Sentinel and Blackarachnia I found most interesting. And we've been waiting for them to meet since season 1. And here we finally see it. I have not liked Blackarachnia in any episodes prior to this one. She's a witch, manipulating other male bots and almost killng all humans in Detroit. Yet, they want us to feel sympathetic for her. And I have not cared about her at all, until now. She looks hideous without her helmet. I didn't get why Blackarachnia wanted to turn Wasp into a freak. I guess she was trying to find out how to become "normal" again. And once again, Waspinator looks badass, really menacing. The ending, it's another one of those "they're still alive", cliffhanger endings. Hopefully they'll return soon, as this seems to be the last season. Loved the references to "The Fly" and "Beast Wars". Next week, Autobots as humans? the return of Soundwave? Who knows? In conclusion, this is the best show ever, I'm sad it may be coming to an end, and Waspinator rulezzz.moreless
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Jetfire, Waspinator (Wasp)

Recurring Role

Cree Summer

Cree Summer


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Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Wasp is running off and Swoop comes in and grabs him, he has an Autobot symbol on his chestplate. However, it should have been faded because he has had a faded symbol since returning to Earth.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Bumblebee: Hate to say it, but Sentinel's got a point. I'd feel a lot safer with Wasp behind bars.
      Optimus Prime: That's not your call to make, Bumblebee.
      Sentinel Prime: And it's not your call to make either, Optimus. I'm in command...
      Optimus Prime: On Cybertron; This planet is my jurisdiction.
      Sentinel Prime: This is a Cybertronian fugitive, and I'll enforce my authority as the... the uh... Primer Prime!
      Optimus Prime: Did you just make that up?!
      Sentinel Prime: No!
      Optimus Prime: There's no such thing as a "Primer Prime!"
      Sentinel Prime: It's a real term, look it up.
      Optimus Prime: I'm not gonna look it up!
      Sentinel Prime: 'Fraid I'm right?

    • Sentinel Prime: (About Blackarachnia) You knew about this?
      Optimus Prime: I didn't know how to tell you.
      Sentinel Prime: Well, thanks for not spoiling the surprise. 'Cuz I wouldn't want to be, you know, prepared for this or anything!

    • Optimus Prime: (About Sentinel Prime) Let him go, Blackarachnia!
      Blackarachnia: Why should I, Optimus?
      Optimus Prime: Because I'm the one who left you behind. Sentinel's not the one to blame for what you look like.
      Blackarachnia: What I look like is only half the story. What I am is a lot more complicated.

    • Sentinel Prime: Is that thing... Wasp?!
      Waspinator: Wasp not thing, Wasp upgrade!
      Sentinel Prime: What have you done to him?!
      Blackarachnia: Ah, cool your crankcase. I just made him techno-organic, like me.
      Waspinator: Spider-bot Wasp's friend. Make Wasp powerful. Make Wasp... Waspinator!

    • Sentinel Prime: Wasp knows something about the attack on Ultra Magnus, I know it.
      Optimus Prime: The same way you knew that he was a Decepticon spy?
      Sentinel Prime: I was missinformed by bad intellegence!
      Optimus Prime: That's putting it mildly.
      Sentinel Prime: No bot is innocent, Optimus. You of all bots should know that.

    • Bumblebee: So, uh, Wasp...inator, you look... taller! And you can fly, too. That's, that's cool!
      Waspinator: Waspinator mega-cool, thanks to new friend!
      Bumblebee: Hey, speaking of friends, I wanted to say I'm sorry. Y'know, for everything I did, and didn't do.
      Waspinator: Wasp forgive Bumblebot.
      Bumblebee: Oh, really?
      Waspinator: But Waspinator never forgive!

    • Grimlock: Me Grimlock destroy! (Ignites his flame sword)
      Jetstorm: (Dodges attack) You Grimlock are lousy shot!

    • Blackarachnia: (About Wasp) Well, look what the pteranodon dragged in. Pure Cybertronian circuitry: Just what I need.

  • NOTES (1)

    • A five minute and fifteen second "Sneak Peek" of this episode premiered online at a newly revamped "Transformers Animated" website from Cartoon Network and Hasbro.


    • The Fly:
      The TransWarp units Blackarachnia uses to turn Wasp into Waspinator greatly resemble the "tele-pods" featured in the 1986 remake of The Fly.

    • Beast Wars:
      Blackarachnia waking up and seeing a rhino, a rat, a gorilla and a cheetah is a reference to Rhinox, Rattrap, Optimus Primal and Cheetor, the four Maximals that were shown in the first episode of "Beast Wars".

    • Beast Wars:
      At the end of the episode, when Waspinator was dragging himself back together, he muttered "Waspinator has plans." This is the exact same quote that his original counterpart in "Beast Wars" said after he quit the predacons.