Transformers Animated

Season 2 Episode 2

Return of the Headmaster

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Apr 26, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Return of the Headmaster
Optimus teams up with Sentinel Prime in order to defeat the Headmaster.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • This is the only episode of Season Two in which the Decepticons do not appear. Isaac Sumdac and Ratchet also do not appear in this episode.

      • Headmasters, also called Nebulons, are smaller humanlike robots that became the head of the larger robot. Some other types were the Targetmasters and Powermasters. Targetmasters became weapons, while Powermasters became the engine of the larger robot.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Sentinel Prime: Need I remind you that that ship, and my body, are getting away?
        Optimus Prime: Would you prefer I used your head as a shield? Actually, that's not such a bad idea...
        Sentinel Prime: Now, now, Optimus, let's not lose our... well, you know what I mean!

      • Sentinel Prime: You ripped my arm off!
        Optimus Prime: It was trying to jam shield spikes into my head!

      • Captain Fanzone: (about Sentinel) This is why I hate machines, especially arrogant, full-of-themselves machines.

      • Reporter-Bot: Prime! Prime!
        Optimus Prime/Sentinel Prime: Yes?
        Reporter-Bot: Optimus Prime.

      • Headmaster: Total ownage never gets old!

      • Henry Masterson: Okay, two things Law-dogg: 1, I am so not a Ma'am' and 2, if your think you've got the rules, you'll have to take it up with my boss.

      • Sentinel Prime: (after hearing the report about the Decepticons) Decepticons? These humans wouldn't know a Decepticon from a garbage bot! (to the Trash-bot) Tell your organic boss that we'll take care of the situation.
        Optimus Prime: Uh, Sentinel, that's a trash bot.
        Sentinel Prime: Of course I know it's a trash bot, I didn't arrive on this planet yesterday.
        Optimus Prime: Actually...
        Sentinel Prime: Never mind, let's go.

      • (Optimus Prime is looking for Decepticons)
        Sentinel Prime: (contacts Optimus Prime through his comlink) Optimus, you can tell Fanzone and the others to head on home, it was a false alarm.
        Optimus Prime: How can you be so sure?
        Sentinel Prime: I just am, okay? And can you come to my location alone... and can you do me one more favor?
        Optimus Prime: What?
        Sentinel Prime: Promise me you won't laugh.
        Optimus Prime: (shows up to Sentinel's location) Sentinel? Where are you?
        Sentinel Prime: Look down... (Optimus Prime looks down and finds Sentinel Prime without a body and laughs) You promised you wouldn't laugh!
        Optimus Prime: (mid chuckle) I uh, sorry.

      • Henry Masterson: Yes, hello, Captain Fanzone? I wanna report a Decepticon sighting in Old Detroit. Yes, I'm so scared, please hurry.
        Captain Fanzone: Alright, don't worry, ma'am, we're on our way. (hangs up phone)
        Henry Masterson: Ma'am? I am so not a ma'am.

      • Sari: What do you want?
        Bumblebee: Nothing.
        Bulkhead: We just wanted to see if you were okay.
        Sari: Okay? Am I okay? My father's missing, I lost control of his company, Powel's gonna ruin everything my dad worked hard on, I got kicked out of the only place I called home, and I may not even exist and you're asking me if I'm okay? (starts crying)

      • Sentinel Prime: If I ever need a trash can emptied or a floor mopped, I'll call my buddy, Optimus Prime, maybe I should call you Maintenance Prime.
        (Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime split up)
        Optimus Prime: (muttering) Maintenance Prime... and I should call him 'Pompous Gas-bag' Prime. Yeah, that's what I should've said.

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