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  • One of the Best Transformers Shows Since G1

    Where do I start?

    First off, it has my favorite version of Optimus Prime. This version is an Elite Guard washout who was put in charge of a repair team but eventually became the main team off heros.

    The character designs are a great reincarnation of G1

    The humor is great and some moments of the show were just damn priceless.

    The characters of the show were in my opinion, unforgettable and had humans I could tolerate. My only negative opinion of it is the stupid human villains in Season 1.

    Overall, the show is great and I 100% recommend it.
  • The Best Version of Transformers Ever!

    This show really is.

    It pays incredible homage to the original G1 show, and takes time to homage the other great incarnations.

    This show has well-written characters, great music and amazing visuals.

    It starts out light-hearted, then gets more and more mature with each passing season.

    As a show that contains something for everybody, Transformers Animated is not only an awesome Transformers show - it's an awesome show in general.
  • Why transformers animated got cancelled on Cartoon Network

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  • Autobots, transform and make an excellent tv series!

    I used to love this cartoon when it was on! This is just like Invader ZIM or Rocko's Modern Life, a show that should have never been canceled! Its a descent spinoff of TV & more entertainment. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is very similar to Transformers Animated. Its CGI is the same. The humor isn't very similar really. I know there are bad ripoffs of any type of entertainment that is currently our childhood, but this show is creative! Though the Autobots transformations aren't the same as how they are in the original transformers. Sari was really cute. I remember funny moments from this show. Like Sari's father would always struggle with machines like Phones, Computers, and I bet more. Sorry I can't remember, Transformers Animated has been off the air so long I don't know if I'm right on what I say are, you know... "Facts". Now back to Sari's father... Whenever he uses a machine, he often gets angry and says: "This is why I hate machines!" Every time I heard Sari's father say that, I'd laugh anything on me off or out. Example: "That was so hilarious I'd laugh all my organs and bones, out!" Then I can remember Sari's pranks. Such as eating all the candy. The 2 Construction robots were hilarious too. Unlike the Transformers movies, Transformers Animated also has better acting. Transformers movies have better sound effects and better action. But these 2 are still even with the graphics and logos. Anyway I don't think this show is from the Creators of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. But It still has lots of similarities to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. I like the humor mostly. Its funny. Plus the names are creative. But the main reason why I love this show is the theme song/intro. You can type in and search "Transformers Animated Theme Song" or "Transformers Animated intro" on Youtube. I loved this show with all my heart. I'd still be okay if it returned but no longer aired on Cartoon Network. This was one of the last good Cartoon Network shows even though it started airing in like Winter 2007 or Spring 2008. Cartoon Network lost its charm when Squirrel Boy came. This was one of the only good shows still airing in 2007-2009. Along with Ed Eddn Eddy, Fosters home for Imaginary friends, Camp Lazlo, Codename: Kids Next Door, and Billy and Mandy. I just ignored the stupid Cartoon Network shows that time, like Out of Jimmy's Head, Skunk Fu! (also known as stuoid skunk poo!) Pokemon, Chowder, Squirrel Boy, Flapjack, 6teen, and the very stupid Johnny Test! Anyway, I'm hoping and I bet that one day, we'll have a new transformers spinoff series that's actually funny, creative, and spectacular! Just like this!
  • Will never be as good as G1, but it isn't half bad!

    Call me a bit biased, but hey, it was the series that got me interested in Transformers in general so I have to leave something of a good review.
    This show is not bad, despite some rather wonky details that contradict much of the other series, and continues to show promise the more I see of it. The character designs are not bad, they're actually quite good, giving the Transformers a less blocky and more sleek appearance than their G1 counterparts.
    I think that the characters voice acting needs a bit of work, overall, but it isn't so bad it makes you want to cringe. The characters themselves are pretty good, quite well developed though they too could use a bit of work... By far my favorite is Blitzwing- never before have I laughed so much at a cartoon character's antics. Though I love most of the details of the show, Sari always makes me stop in my tracks. I'm not sure why I am so put off toward her, but to me she seems like something of a marysue- the Autobots love her, she is actually a protoform that took the shape of a human and she never knew, she has all sorts of funky powers (most of which show up later on in the series).. Honestly I'm not sure about her all around. But overall the series was great and should have lasted much much longer than it did.
  • Another Transformers spin-off, but this one is awesome!!!!

    Personally I really like this show. The concept of this show is the same as the others. The Autobots fight the Decepticons to save the Earth from destruction. This show though has different characters. Some of the Autobots are from the Transformers movie. My favorite is Bumblebee. I think he is funny, and cool. The dialog in this show is excellent. Sari, and the Autobots have some funny moments, and it will keep you hooked on the series. The music in this show rocks!! I like the theme song, I think it is a great song. Another good thing to this show in my mind is that it is child friendly. Most of these shows that have giant robots in them are usually meant for teens. The movie was rated PG13 because of the intense violence. The creators I think did a great job on making the violence as little harsh as possible. I am grateful for this. Overall, awesome show, excellent dialog, cool characters, awesome music, another Transformers adventure. I would recommend this show to anyone.
  • Transformers saga, retold and reimagined for the new generation... aged 7 and below.

    Firstly, taking Optimus Prime... calling him the same name, but making him a military reject AND making him a young rookie is wrong in so many ways that idiots who came up with that idea should be slapped across the face and the idiots who actually paid money to make them should be punched in the face.
    Secondly, the art. Transformers like Star Wars has always been associated with high tech and good art. Granted the old series wasn't cutting edge art but it was still good.
    And in modern times, after Armada, Energon and Cybertron, there truly is no excuse to make a backdated artstyle to create an animation who by the sheer premise needs have atleast decent art.
    Thirdly, the characters. Sure the other characters might be bearable but for how long !? The Sari and Sundak characters are created by some hack writers who probably thought that they'll make their mark on the Transformers world. Guess what, you guys are no Bruce Timm [DCAU] or Greg Weisman [Spectacular Spidey]. Without Sam 'Spike' Witwicky. The human aspect of the series is very much gone.
    It's like Spider-man without Harry Osborn or Uncle Ben.
    Or Batman without Commissioner Gordon.
    This show just went wrong in so many ways from the start, and having it focus on the younger viewers by dumbing down the story didn't help either.
    Look at AVATAR and SPECTACULAR SPIDEY. Two prime example of how to make a show for children without making them stupid.
    On the story front I'd have to say they did very good, along with the amazing the voice cast. Too bad the stroy never truly went anywhere.
    You don't get to see Prime become the legend he's suppose to be. Spike never entered the picture.
    No legend of Unicron... the faults go on.
    In the end, this is a ba$tardised version of Transformers fused with Smallville probably 'cause the writers thought it was cool and that people would care about a young Optimus. Problem is, people does, if we saw this new young one slowly turn into the legend.
    That never happened, so we didn't care about the show either.
    I genuinely think there was a brilliant story and styling hidden underneath this children cartoon. They just couldn't rightly find that sweet balance.
  • I don't think this show is awesome.

    This show is the worst thing to make.It's a animated show based on the best Transformers movie ever.How can they put Bumblebee in here?He was very cool in the movie and they him in here.I can't believe that.The Autobots were cool in the movie,but this one is not cool of putting them in here.I know that they are supposed to be in here,but why would they do this after the movie?They did this to Star Wars:The Clone Wars too,you know.This will be not better when Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen comes out in theaters.This was really a bad idea to make this show.
  • One of the best animated series on television today.

    Anyone that is a fan of the G1 Transformers needs to give this show a shot. Initially, the cartoony animation might turn you off but the intense, compelling storylines and plot will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. There's something for everyone in this show. The younger demographic will enjoy the humorous stories involving Sari, but the older fans will most definitely appreciate the old throwback references to the show from their past. In addition, this show pays homage to some of its predecessors with Wasp, the Beast Wars, Dinobots and tidbits here and there from other past animated transformers shows. Anyone that is a fan of Transformers or good storytelling in general will enjoy watching this animated series.
  • not so awosem

    Great Show but Robots very different and animation but some bugs is show classic animated transformers ana classic cartoon network shows action adcenture.I Mean show episodes .My Favorite Character Optimus Pirme Ýts great figthing and Decepticons very badbattle, but these flaws are not too big. Overall, I love this show, it's a vast improvement from those pieces of crap Anime Transformers shows, and it definitely passes G1. And for anyone that's a Geewhiner, someone that goes on and on about G1 and how every Transformers show after it is crap, you need to get a life and realize that G1 had A Lot of Flaws, I only pointed out some in this review, but there are a Lot more *ahem Season 3 of G1 was crap*. And anyone that hates the drawing style, this show looks good with its drawing style, not everything should be anime and superdetailed. Some shows look better with simple drawing styles. That's all I have to say for now.
  • G1 will always be my favorite, but this one has potential.

    While I laugh every time it's mentioned that Ultra Magnus is the supreme commander of all Autobots, I do enjoy seeing Optimus Prime as a rookie. I watch this my daughter and she enjoys it a great deal also. I'm glad they are putting in "nature" elements with Prowl and other items of education and teaches a bit of cause and effect, where actions do have consequences. I have seen the other spin-offs from the original and I have to say that I am pleased with this one more than any of the others. The CGI version and the merging between bots along with voices that sounded more like they were screaming at each other than talking, just didn't do G1 any justice. This version does much better and I am happy to sit with and let my daughter watch it.
  • Loved it

    I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the best yet. They added the new Auto bot Prowl. Prowl is my favorite charactor. I like all the characters for different reasons. I like Prowl for Strong and Silent. I like Bumblebee for his speed and ego. I like Rachet for his rudness. I like Prime for being boring. It brings out the best in other bots. I like Bulkhead just because he's funny. I bet there are alot of fans. Starsceam is weird like funny weird not weird weird. I have heard about and seen every Transformer show and this is the best. It is also easier to remeber everyone's name.
  • Transformers Animated is one of the best Transformers shows of all. It is a vast improvement from those crappy anime Transformer shows, and to me it even surpasses that overrated Transformers G1 from the 80s.

    This show is Very Underrated. People will say it is crap because of the drawing style, or it is not G1, but you know something? Anime drawing styles should not be used everywhere otherwise this whole world would be dull, and G1 is gone, over, its time has passed. This show is the new Transformers, and if you ask me, it surpasses Transformers G1, which to me is overrated. G1 had so many animation errors, it was very repetitive, believe me, G1 was good but every episode was the exact same plotline and it got boring eventually, it also had no logic as Megatron and Soundwave would go from being 7 inches to 10 stories high, and some episodes were just plain crap, such as "The Girl who loved Powerglide". Now, as much as I would Love to bash G1 even more, don't get me wrong, it was good but it's Very Overrated, I'm goigng to review this show now. This show has a nice new look to it, the characters are nice, and I love the story. Also, the best part of the show is how it acknowledges all Transformers series from before like Beast Wars, G1, the movie, and even Japanese Transformers ideas. I also like how they made the Decepticons actually dangerous and powerful, unlike in G1 where they would lose every episode and go home looking like bumbling idiots. This show is not without flaws though, for one, sometimes I'm not too fond of most human characters, I also don't like certain things that happen, sometimes it kind of seems cheap how the Autobots win in a battle, but these flaws are not too big. Overall, I love this show, it's a vast improvement from those pieces of crap Anime Transformers shows, and it definitely passes G1. And for anyone that's a Geewhiner, someone that goes on and on about G1 and how every Transformers show after it is crap, you need to get a life and realize that G1 had A Lot of Flaws, I only pointed out some in this review, but there are a Lot more *ahem Season 3 of G1 was crap*. And anyone that hates the drawing style, this show looks good with its drawing style, not everything should be anime and superdetailed. Some shows look better with simple drawing styles. That's all I have to say for now.
  • SUPER-AWSOME.(1st review)

    This is maybe the best show on Cartoon Network in years. For one it ran two seasons in a row where as others (*cough*, Ben 10 Alien Force, *cough*) air two episodes and go on break. And it has references to almost every main Transformers show. Next I'd like to say it has creative characters, both Autobot and Decepticon. The show's Optimus Prime is Spider-man to G1's Captain America.Megatron is the best villian ever, and probably captured Cybertron if it wasn't for Good guy, Bad guy rules. Prowl is just awsome and Blitzwing is powerful, tactical, and funny at the same time. Can't wait for season 3!

    This concludes my first brodcast.
    Live long and prosper,
  • Wreck-Gar tosses...Wreck-Gar?!?

    ok so I wanted to add this to either Trivia or Allusions but every time I tried, I got bumped back to the main page so here goes.

    During the scene where Wreck-Gar is tossing random items at Bumblebee, if you look close while BB is holding the big piece of meat, he deflects an orange object with it. Upon closer inspection, and a paused screen, this orange object is motorcycle-like, and after thinking about the old movie, and Weird AL, I realized the orange bike was the vehicle mode of Wreck-Gar from the old animated movie. Pretty cool how Weird Al did the voice, seeing as he is already a part of transformers history, I hope we see more of him in season 3.
  • about robots called transformers that can change into cars and trucks and other things

    I love transformers been a big fan for a long time Ive watched the movie alot and enjoyed it but the animated series that came out at around the same time just didnt hit it off with me i guess i just like the older transformers shows better the show to me just isnt series enough and leans a bit on the cartoonish side and I know its just tring to be a funny show but Its a little much at times and I am not a fan of the way its animated I just think a series like armada or energon was a little more my style but there was good action
  • hello this is my first review

    When i first saw the preview i thout it wasn't that good but a preview and the real thing is very diffrent.Animated is a very good show that that keep ya thing about what happined and what is going to happin and also the show is based on transformers g1 an old show whitch was very famesist form the 1980s, alot or some old fans feel like that no other transformers cartoon great as g1 ,but any show can be just as good as g1 or better than g1 becast its diffant that is than is what geat and thats all folks
  • A fresh new look for the robots in disguise.

    In term of Transformers fandom, I am a relative noob. I had heard about G1 (being a few years before my time, I never could watch it), and most of what I knew of Transformers came from Armada. However, I never really got into the TF universe as a whole until this series. It has so many more good points than most people give it credit for (though most who hate it have a closed mind).

    For one thing, the overall newness is nice. All the other TF series were basically identical in nature (save Beast Wars, but I did not like that one). However, even with the new look, it retains and honors much of its heritage with many guest stars from G1 and other such references.

    The animation is awesome. One thing that turned me off from the TF series before this is that the robots were so bulky it just seemed unnatural. However, TFA's animation is fluid, and the character designs give life to the characters in ways the older generations never could.

    The voice actors are superb, most especially Bumper Robinson (Bumblebee and Blitzwing) and Tara Strong. I also think a lot of credit should be given to Weird Al Yankovic for his performance as Wreck-Gar in "Garbage In, Garbage Out," and to John Moschitta as Blurr in "A Bridge to Close."

    My only complaint is that sometimes the show seems to cut itself short, although I grant that there's only so much that the writers can do to write good stories within a 30-minute slot (this isn't Japan, where the concept of set seasons and one shots is uncommon). Still, pretty much every episode has been at worst enjoyable, at best splendid.

    Hopefully, this show will continue for a long time!
  • TF: animated is a great show combining the best of G1, Beast wars & the rest of the TF Universe, PLus BB & Sari Are great for comedy releaf.

    TF: Animated is an underappricated show becuase many TF fans were initally ageanst the new style, I however love the style of animation & think the show is great. I love how their brining some of the best Transformers characters from the shows, comics, & toy line all into one universe. It may not be as good as BW or G1 but animated deffinantly deserves the respect of transformers & cartoon fans everywhere. I also hope that cartoonnetwork won't be cheap and allow Hasbro to air a third & fourth season of animated I mean heck hwo knows this may last longer then any other TF show has.
  • This is an amazing Transformers series! 'Nuff said

    Transformers: Animated is an amazing series! The leaked photos of the series, it looked awful! After a few episodes, it isn't that awful. It's Awesome!!!!! Of course Megatron is a total badass. I don't know how many times I'll mention that, but anyway. Prime is an okay guy. The best Autobot so far is Grimlock, hands down. The Decepticons are the best so far, next to G1. The best Decepticon, IMO, is Blitzwing and the total badass Megatron. Let's look at the pros and cons:

    Something different.
    References to G1
    Megatron being a total badass
    Megatron being a total badass
    Oh, did I mention Megatron being a total badass?

    Starscream being an ass.
    Weird animation techniques.

    Overall I give it a 9.8
  • Its a spin off but a good one.

    There have been many Transformer series. (Robots in disguise, cybertron, energon, 1st Generation to name a few) This one seems like it is the best so far. I like it that all the things in the show are animated. I always thought it was stupid that the humans were animated and that the transformers were 3D. Im glad of this new change. I also like the new idea. Instead of Optimus Prime being the the main bad-ass leader. They make him a rookie commander. That change is one of the best parts of the series. Im glad they came up with this spin-off I cant wait till a few more episodes come out.
  • One of the best Transformers shows, The Autobots crash on Detroid, Earth and the decepticons battle them for the allspark.

    One of the best Transformers shows, The Autobots crash on Detroid, Earth and the decepticons battle them for the allspark. For the humans, Sari Sumdac is the main one, who's favorite is Bumblebee.

    My favorite episode was Autoboot Camp, where Bumblebee and Bulkhead are trying to track down a Autobot Traitor. But, in the end, it is revealed that Long-arms was the evil spy and turns out to be Soundwave. Ultra Magnus was pritty harsh, like when the building collasped on him, he made the cadets ALL do the punishment. And, Ironhide and Wasp were the evil bullies who took Bumblebee's legs off, weirdly.
  • The series continues in Detroit when an autobot ship crash lands on earth. Decepticons also appear on the earth to find the powerful allspark to control the world.

    Awesome show. At first I thought it was going to be bad since it looked like too much like a kid show but I was wrong. Seeing the first episode mad me change my mind.
    It is better than the previous installments although my most favorite was armada. This series however has become my new most favorite because of the well built action and comedy. I don't know what generation one was like since I wasn't born yet but animated is the best one for me. Character designs are also well built and I can't wait to see what is next. Kind of annoyed that Canada is ahead but it doesn't matter since they are taking a break soon.
  • Transformers Animated is Great for Kids!

    This show is great for kids! The animation, plots, and character development make this one of the best shows to entertain children but if you're a cartoon lover over 13 yrs old you will probably find yourself bored with it. Think of it more like Teen Titans. The young protagonist is a great character for kids of today to connect with and the robots look a lot more friendly than they did in the movie. Once again the auto-bots marvelously relate to conditions humans face! If you're of the original series, I think you'll like the movie a lot better but this show is great for those who don't the movie's PG-13 rating!
  • Don't let it's appearance fool you! This show is definately worth a watch!

    When I first began seeing previews for this show, I must admit that I was not very impressed. The animation looked downright bad, at least compared to what I'm used to seeing from things like Armada, and other Transformer showings. I had practically ignored this new show throughout its first entire season, as well as the first few episodes of the second. It was not until a few weeks ago, did I catch one particular episode randomly playing on a Saterday morning on televison ('Lost and Found'). It was not until after I had watched this episode, that I found myself intrigued and looking past the different animation style. The Decepticons were interesting, giving fascinating character design to ones such as Blitzwing. The dialouge made me laugh, and the plot simply dragged me in. I found myself wanting to see more, and I instantly went on online to view all the episodes that I missed out on. I literally spent all day, watching every episode from the beginning to end. And I must say that I was mistaken. This show is more then just a 'different' style, but holds depth and story. Over time, the animation grows on you, and you can find yourself looking past that, to actually pay attention to the story, the characters, the action, and the dialouge. Now, each Saterday, I look forward to watching a new episode to see where the journey of the Autobots will take me. And each Saterday, I find myself enjoying the series more and more. Yes, the series still has flaws, such as some odd characters that should have held more development and planning, but it's Cartoon Network - such characters are inevitable.

    Still, it makes me happy to know that I took the chance to watch this fascinating show! Transformers certainly is 'more then meets the eye'!
  • What happeded to TransFormers!!!

    Transformers animated stinks! I can't stand this show. What happeded to Transformers the anime? Now Transformers is drawn like every other cartoon on Cartoon Network. It was bad enough when they went to computer generation for Transformers Cybertron, but this is much worse, at least the Cybertron series had a good story line. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate this show!!! Bring the anime back, and down with Transformers Animated. I don't get why this low action show gets such good ratings, I MEAN COME ON, IT DREADFULL! So now I have said what I think of Transformers Animated.
  • A much-needed shot in the arm for the Transformers franchise, Transformers Animated is easily the best cartoon rendition since Beast Wars.

    With all the crappy anime-style versions of Transformers that have been around over the years, I was beginning to lose interest in Transformers. Then this version came up, and I'm pleased to say it's the best Transformers cartoon in well over a decade.

    The four anime versions (Robots in Disguise, Armada, Energon, Cybertron) were all pretty bad versions, plagued by bad voice acting, bland characters, and unsatisfying action sequences that made the older versions turn in their graves. Transformers Animated corrects all these flaws by having a likable cast, good voice acting, better animation, and much better action parts.

    Best of all, compared to the four anime versions, the Transformers themselves ACTUALLY sustain lasting damage, whereas in the old series they'd never get a scratch no matter how much was shot into them. This was the biggest flaw of the anime counterparts, and I'm glad to see this was corrected.

    This isn't to say Transformers Animated is perfect, however. The non-Decepticon villains are somewhat uninspiring and at times annoying, putting a blemish on the series. But otherwise it's very solid stuff.

    Transformers Animated is an excellent return to form, and has revived my interest in the franchise. Aside from a few nitpicks, it's a series you should watch. Transformers Animated has been done the way Transformers cartoons should be done. Let's hope that in a future series, it stays that way.
  • So when you change the channel and see 'Transformers Animated' playing, you'll be forgiven for thinking it'll be terrible, but what happens if you give it a chance?

    So I've seen adverts playing for a new show 'Transformers Animated', and I've been thinking 'sure the movie was good, but an animated series? No way'. Then the premiere episode was playing and I happened to flick to the channel, and I actually enjoyed it. The origin took 3 episodes to explain, meaning it's pretty complicated, but at the same time it's very entertaining.
    It seems as though when making the show they try to distance themselves as much as possible from the original series, which I must say was a brilliant move, because the original series was terrible. Instead of making Optimus Prime grand leader of the Autobots, they make him a young, inexperienced leader with plenty of flaws, who's not afraid to get involved and fight evil himself. Instead of giving Optimus the best of the best of the Autobots to fight with, they give him a rag-tag bunch of inexperienced repair bots.
    And then there's the villains, alright we'll all agree that 'Professor Princess' and 'Angry Archer' must never be seen again, but let's face it, it's better than the Predacons from the original show. Plus they aren't the main villains, the main villains are the Decepticons, who are all brilliant, especially their leader, the always evil Megatron.
    Then the characters actually have interesting backstories. Not something you'd expect from a kids' show, but Ratchet's story, for example, was thrilling and very well written, same goes for Optimus and Blackarachnia's tale.

    So give it a chance, look past the giant transforming robots and appreciate the thrilling tale of the battle between the forces of good and evil, of Autobot and Decepticon, of protectors and destroyers that lies beneath the surface.
  • A new twist on some old favorites!

    Transformers: Animated is NOT "GeeWun." It never has been; it never will be. So stop trying to wish it to be.

    On the other hand, Transformers: Animated is NOT a perfect show either. The jokes fall flat, the plotlines are usually predictable and on occasion the cast can be quite annoying.

    Now that that's out of the way, I can explain what this show is: It's new, its innovative, and its probably the best Transformers television show to hit the airwaves in over a decade.

    For the first time in a long time, this show actually puts focus on the characters- giving them personalities and quirks rather than expecting the audience to just take things at face value. The show has a tremendous amount of potential, and I can only hope it lives up to it.
  • Pure awesome.

    This has got to be one of the best animated shows of all time.

    Now, I haven't seen many episodes of the original G1 series, so my knowledge of the show is very limited. But after seeing the Transformers movie, my curiosity of the franchise grew. After hearing that there's a new Transformers cartoon coming out, I decided to check it out and I was not disappointed.

    The episodes are funny and awesome. Each episode seems to lead into one heck of an epic storyline.

    But what makes this episode are the characters
    The Autobots are amazing reluctant heroes:
    *Optimus Prime: Unlike his G1 counterpart, he's younger and less experienced. But he has the makings of a true leader and hero.
    *Bumblebee: The young impulsive smart-mouth.
    *Ratchet: The grumpy veteran.
    *Bulkhead: The easy-going strong guy.
    *Prowl: The stoic ninja.
    *Sari: The ready-for-adventure kind of girl

    It's just not the Autobots that make the show. It's also the Decepticons. They're trying to make them unlike their G1 counterparts, where they carry out a plan to take over the world, get defeated by the Autobots, then retreat every single episode:
    *Megatron: Even more of a manipulative schemer, even if he's just a head.
    *Starscream: Even more traitorous and vile
    *Lugnut: His blind loyalty is just funny
    *Blitzwing: He and his three personalities are hilarious.
    *Blackarachnia: The tragic femme fatale

    Give this show a look. There's enough fun for new and old fans. Season 2 just started and by the looks of the first couple of episodes, it's going to be even more epic than the first.
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