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  • Will never be as good as G1, but it isn't half bad!

    Call me a bit biased, but hey, it was the series that got me interested in Transformers in general so I have to leave something of a good review.
    This show is not bad, despite some rather wonky details that contradict much of the other series, and continues to show promise the more I see of it. The character designs are not bad, they're actually quite good, giving the Transformers a less blocky and more sleek appearance than their G1 counterparts.
    I think that the characters voice acting needs a bit of work, overall, but it isn't so bad it makes you want to cringe. The characters themselves are pretty good, quite well developed though they too could use a bit of work... By far my favorite is Blitzwing- never before have I laughed so much at a cartoon character's antics. Though I love most of the details of the show, Sari always makes me stop in my tracks. I'm not sure why I am so put off toward her, but to me she seems like something of a marysue- the Autobots love her, she is actually a protoform that took the shape of a human and she never knew, she has all sorts of funky powers (most of which show up later on in the series).. Honestly I'm not sure about her all around. But overall the series was great and should have lasted much much longer than it did.