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  • Autobots, transform and make an excellent tv series!

    I used to love this cartoon when it was on! This is just like Invader ZIM or Rocko's Modern Life, a show that should have never been canceled! Its a descent spinoff of TV & more entertainment. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is very similar to Transformers Animated. Its CGI is the same. The humor isn't very similar really. I know there are bad ripoffs of any type of entertainment that is currently our childhood, but this show is creative! Though the Autobots transformations aren't the same as how they are in the original transformers. Sari was really cute. I remember funny moments from this show. Like Sari's father would always struggle with machines like Phones, Computers, and I bet more. Sorry I can't remember, Transformers Animated has been off the air so long I don't know if I'm right on what I say are, you know... "Facts". Now back to Sari's father... Whenever he uses a machine, he often gets angry and says: "This is why I hate machines!" Every time I heard Sari's father say that, I'd laugh anything on me off or out. Example: "That was so hilarious I'd laugh all my organs and bones, out!" Then I can remember Sari's pranks. Such as eating all the candy. The 2 Construction robots were hilarious too. Unlike the Transformers movies, Transformers Animated also has better acting. Transformers movies have better sound effects and better action. But these 2 are still even with the graphics and logos. Anyway I don't think this show is from the Creators of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. But It still has lots of similarities to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. I like the humor mostly. Its funny. Plus the names are creative. But the main reason why I love this show is the theme song/intro. You can type in and search "Transformers Animated Theme Song" or "Transformers Animated intro" on Youtube. I loved this show with all my heart. I'd still be okay if it returned but no longer aired on Cartoon Network. This was one of the last good Cartoon Network shows even though it started airing in like Winter 2007 or Spring 2008. Cartoon Network lost its charm when Squirrel Boy came. This was one of the only good shows still airing in 2007-2009. Along with Ed Eddn Eddy, Fosters home for Imaginary friends, Camp Lazlo, Codename: Kids Next Door, and Billy and Mandy. I just ignored the stupid Cartoon Network shows that time, like Out of Jimmy's Head, Skunk Fu! (also known as stuoid skunk poo!) Pokemon, Chowder, Squirrel Boy, Flapjack, 6teen, and the very stupid Johnny Test! Anyway, I'm hoping and I bet that one day, we'll have a new transformers spinoff series that's actually funny, creative, and spectacular! Just like this!