Transformers Animated

Season 2 Episode 8

SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jun 07, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bumblebee is having a problem with being slow in this episode, and the main villain teams up with other villians to commit crimes!!

    Wow, first review for the cartoon Transformers Animated. Anyway, in this episode, it started with the Autobots chasing Nanosec who once again is commiting crimes and Bumblebee tries to stop him, however he experiences a 'slowdown' and Nanosec gets away in the end. After a few times of being slown down, it was revealed that a woman named Slow-Mo is using an AllSpark fragment to slow down electric items!! Well, what I want to say is that this episode was quite nice and okay to watch for me. I mean, like when I first saw Bumblebee slow down, I was like woooo what happened?? Also, the way Slow-Mo talk I also liked it and when she joined forces with other villains(Angry Archer, Nanosec and some bratty princess girl), wow! Them working together is quite nice too!! Finally, one Decepticon robot named Swindle is in this episode trying to sell a machine to Megatron that can stop time as well using the AllSpark fragment!!! Bumblebee stops him with having the villains as his team as the other Autobots has some 'stop' problems as well.............. A well written episode. Would recommend anyone to watch this episode.

    Final Grade:A-