Transformers Animated

Season 3 Episode 11

This Is Why I Hate Machines

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM May 09, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • A freak Space Bridge anamoly sends Captain Fanzone and Ratchet to Cybertron where they must fend for themselves and solve the mystery that is Shockwave.

    Initially, this episode's title would suggest that it's a filler episode, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Even though Captain Fanzone is centered in the episode, his presence doesn't detract from the overall plotline.

    Once on Cybertron, Ratchet and Fanzone are caught by Sentinel Prime and detained by the Elite Guard while a transwarped Omega Supreme with Megatron, Lugnut and Starcream's head at the helm hovers above the planet. Sentinel confronts the Autobot council to fire upon Omega Supreme and Ratchet takes offense and threatens Sentinel. Ratchet escapes with Fanzone with the Elite Guard in pursuit and takes cover into the old tunnels before the great war. While there, they're discovered by Shockwave with the stolen Magnus Hammer who was using the old tunnels as a refuge. Shockwave gets the best of Ratchet and escapes. Afterwards, Fanzone and Ratchet find a Cybertronian snitch who gives bogus access passes to the Elite Guard Head quarters. While trying to enter, Jazz arrives and assists Ratchet in entering the complex. Once inside, they discover Arcee, an old intel bot that might have some codes but they're ambushed by Shockwave who abducts Arcee and escapes onboard Omega Supreme. Once onbaord, Megatron transwarps out just in time to escape being fired upon. While Shockwave stole Arcee, Ratchet regained the Magnus Hammer.

    Afterwards, the Autobot counsel thanks Ratchet and Fanzone for their service in regaining the Magnus Hammer and stopping Shockwave. With the use of a Space Bridge, they warped back to Earth escaping from Sentinel who wanted the Magnus Hammer for himself. Jazz chose to follow them through the bridge, but once on Earth, he decided he was tired of Sentinel's antics and requested to stay on Earth.

    The end of the episode brought the most intriguing parts of the episode. Omega transwarped on apparently the other side of the Earth's Moon. Megatron professes Shockwave as his most loyal subject which leaves Lugnut a bit perplexed and angry. While this is going on, Arcee seems to have come online and utters Ratchet's name.

    It was another compelling episode even though Fanzone played a pretty large role. We can look forward to seeing if the Decepticons can get the codes from Arcee and it'll be interesting to see if Lugnut's jealousy of Megatron's admiration of Shockwave boils to the surface. The only thing I had a problem with in this episode was the usage of Captain Fanzone's mucus several times. It may have served to frighten several Autobots, but there could have been another way for this to be accomplished without being so vulgar.