Transformers Animated

Season 1 Episode 6

Thrill of the Hunt

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jan 19, 2008 on Cartoon Network



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  • Quotes

    • Ratchet: I guess it never occured to you that the EMP generator wouldn't work on the one Autobot it was designed for.

    • Ratchet: You'll never take another trophy from an Autobot again.
      Lockdown: No? Who's gonna stop me?
      Ratchet: I am.
      Lockdown: You couldn't stop an oil leak.

    • Ratchet: Time was, I'd use my EMP generator to do this painlessly... too bad I don't have it anymore.

    • Lockdown: I'm impressed. It's been eons since anyone's got the drop on me.
      Prowl: The next time will be much sooner!

    • Lockdown: Is that all you got? You're puttin' me to sleep.
      Ratchet: Oh, I'll put you to sleep, alright!

    • Optimus Prime: How many more self-diagnostics are you going to run Ratchet?
      Ratchet: As many as it takes.
      Optimus Prime: Old war wounds acting up again?
      Ratchet: Still don't wanna talk about it.
      Optimus Prime: (Babbling) But you know you can talk about, to me, about anything; anytime, just bot to bot. If there's anything you need to get something off your chestplate.
      Ratchet: Are you finished?
      Optimus Prime: Apparently I am.

    • Bumblebee: Is it just me, or is that a very bad sound? (Looks up and sees the ship ready to leave) Yeah that's bad.

    • Lockdown: (sees Ratchet) Hey I know you. EMP Generator, right? I'm not good with names and faces but I never forget a trophy. How's the old bucket? (Chuckles) Still dented? Maybe I should pound the other side to even 'em out.

    • Bulkhead: (Gets hit with a hardening agent) That stuff can't hurt me!
      Lockdown: Don't need to hurt you. (walks away while Bulkhead tries to get free)
      Bulkhead: Hey! No fair!

    • Bumblebee: (While running from the lasers) Ow, ow! Watch the racing stripes!

    • Bulkhead: Hey, Doc-bot! Didn't you hear Prime? We're going after that punk in the muscle car.
      Ratchet: Ok, ok. Don't throw a rod!
      Optimus Prime: Ratchet, you can monitor us from here if you're not up to it.
      Ratchet: I'm fine. (Transforms) Let's roll.

    • Ratchet: Stay with me now. What's your name solder?
      Arcee: ... Arcee, sir.
      Ratchet: Don't call me 'sir', I work for a living. (Laughs) Call me Ratchet, understand?
      Arcee: Yes, sir. Yes, Ratchet.

    • Optimus Prime: Next time, you might wanna look both ways before you cross.

    • Bumblebee: You can hide, but you can't run! (Sees Lockdown pull out Optimus Prime's ax) That's Prime's ax!
      Lockdown: (After knocking Bumblebee down) Prime's ax and pretty soon, I'll have your stingers.

    • Lockdown: (After hitting Optimus Prime with the EMP device) That was a low-level EMP pulse just to quiet you down. Don't make me wipe your memory core. (Takes back the ax) Gotta hand it to ya, you're good. That ax is the first thing I've ever seen slice through those cables. But nice as the ax is, I'm really impressed by those graplers. Guess I'll just have to take them both.

    • Optimus Prime: My Autobots will find you before you can even get off of this planet!
      Lockdown: Bring 'em on! I can use some spare parts.

    • Lockdown: No, no, no, don't get up Optimus Prime.
      Optimus Prime: How do you know who I am?
      Lockdown: It's my business to know. There's a hefty bounty on the Autobot who destroyed Megatron.
      Optimus Prime: But I didn't destroy Megatron, it was Star-
      Lockdown: Not my problem, all I know is when I turn you in, I'm looking at the best upgrades of my career.

    • Optimus Prime: You've done enough damage for one night. Now please step out of the vehicle, sir.
      Lockdown: Just one problem... (Transforms) I am the vehicle!
      Optimus Prime: Who are you?
      Lockdown: You can call me Lockdown... (Fires on Optimus Prime using Ratchet's EMP device) though you probably can't call me anything until you reboot yourself.

    • Bumblebee: This place has the greatest stuff! (Pulls out a pair of fuzzy dice) Fuzzy cube thingies. (Pulls out a Hawaiian girl bobble head) Miniature human female replicas. (Pulls out an air freshener) And I don't know what this thing is.

    • Ratchet: It's primitive, it's barbaric... There oughta be a law against it!
      Optimus Prime: It's just an Auto-Supply store, Ratchet.
      Ratchet: You mean they actually sell spare parts on the open market? What kind of malfunction would be crashed enough to buy this stuff?
      (Bumblebee rides out of the store)
      Bumblebee: Hey guys, check out my new horn.

    • Optimus Prime: Sorry if I scratched your vehicle sir. I understand a thing called: 'Insurance' will take care of that.

    • Lockdown: No way, I shut you down!
      Rathcet: Humans call it "playing possum." Don't ask me what a "possum" is.

  • Notes

    • Derrick J. Wyatt originally designed Lockdown to be a more Frankenstein-like creature, due to his nature of using another Transformer's parts. He would be eventually redesigned to the character seen on the show.

    • Toonami Jetstream Airdate: March 17th, 2008 - April 28th, 2008

  • Allusions

    • Ratchet: Don't call me sir. I work for a living.

      Often given by sergeants and other non-commisioned officers in the armed forces in response to being called sir.

    • Ratchet: I'm a Medic bot, not a field commander!

      This line is a homage to the Doctor in the Star Trek series.

    • Car horn music: "Robot's In Disguise"

      The new car horn Bumblebee got at the beginning of the episode played a part of the Generation One intro, which is also the intro to the Animated series.

    • Lockdown
      Lockdown appears to be a mix between Boba Fett, the bounty hunter is the Star Wars original trilogy, and the monster of the Predator films. His appearance is also reminiscent of the Marvel character Death's Head, who originated in Marvel's UK Transformers comic.

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