Transformers Animated

Season 3 Episode 1

TransWarped, Part I

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Mar 14, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Tons of action, plenty of plot twists, and Sari stealing the spotlight? Yep, it's all AWESOME!

    Transformers Animated has started its third season with Transwarped, a three-part episode that picks up almost immediately after the season 2 finale. Transwarped does an amazing job of returning the series for many different reasons.

    The first, and most obvious reason, is the action. Virtually every two minutes of Transwarped had something blowing up or some bot getting his faceplate slugged. And most of the damage is taken by the Autobots, mind you, and not just the standard cast. Franchise veterans such as Rodimus Prime and Hotshot get their asses handed to them early on, while the fast-talking Blur sadly meets a cruel end at the hands of Shockwave. It all looked great, and it never gets dull.

    But action aside, this episode also had a great deal of development for two major characters: Sari and Ratchet.

    We got to see a huge amount of Ratchet's background, and he's been through some serious crap back in the day. Looking at his relation with Omega Supreme really shed a lot of light on the old medic, and it's now made him one of the most complete characters in the show. Keep it up, old-timer.

    But I have to say this at least: Sari stole the freakin' show. Turns out the girl is half-Cybertronian, half-human, and she's now shed the little kid body for an ass-kicking teenage bod. Too bad she can't control her absurd power; I was genuinely stunned when she accidentally stabbed Bumblebee in the chest (and nearly killed him, for that matter). But watching her wielding a Pow Hammer and Katar Tonfas was a real treat. I'm hopeful that we'll get to see more of "MegaSari" in the future.

    There's so much more I could talk about, but you should just find Transwarped online, download it, and enjoy the ride.

    You will not be disappointed.