Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 28


Aired Unknown Mar 08, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The episode begins by returning to the battle on the beach of the previous week. As battle is being engaged, Tidal Wave storms across the battlefield, knocking away all in it's path. Tidal Wave slides across the beach and into the ocean, where upon Thrust's command, he begins to fire on the Autobots, pinning them on the beach in defense. Inside the Autobot base, Red Alert and the kids watch has Tidal Wave unleashes on the Autobots. Smokescreen attempts to get a crane cannon shot off, but is blasted by Starscream. Jetfire gives chase, transforming and flying into the sky. Hot Shot and Blurr have formed a plan of their own, and powerlink with their Mini-Cons, racing across the beach, avoiding the fire of the Decepticons has Smokescreen gives cover fire. Hot Shot and Blurr dissappear into the waters beneath Tidal Wave, while Red Alert theorizes they are going for an attack on Tidal Wave's blindside, underneath him. Jetfire and Thrust grapple above, but Thrust uses his invisibilty to break free. Jetfire opens fire on Tidal Wave, causing him to turn his attention away from the Autobots on the shore. Thrust engages Jetfire has well, along with his Mini-Con Inferno. Hot Shot and Blurr unleash several torpedo like shots from below, slamming into the side of Tidal Wave. Hot Shot and Blurr race up to the sides of Tidal Wave, overturning him in the process, and standing atop his overturned hull in triumph. They then turn their attention to Thrust, whom they refer to has "conehead" in this instance. Back inside the Autobot base, Red Alert and Alexis have detected three new Mini-Cons, one they are on top of, one above them, and one in yet another location. One seems to be frozen. The street team inform the group that the frozen one is inside the Autobot base. The street team, along with Rad, Carlos, Fred, and Billy go in search of this Mini-Con, while Red Alert and Alexis stay put. Each of the three Mini-Cons begin to activate. Tidal Wave begins to sink, then sinks to the bottom of the ocean has battle continues. A flash of light from the bottom.... Tidal Wave has transformed and is rising again. Back at the Autobot base, Alexis figures that one of the Mini-Cons, the one in the sky, is actually on the moon above them. Sideways appears on the screen, and informs her that she is correct. Deep within the base, Carlos theorizes that these three Mini-Cons may be a combiner like the Star Sabre or the Skyboom shield. Sideways continues to give information to Alexis and Rad Alert, telling them of the great Requiem Blaster, a weapon so powerful that it can shoot clear across space itself, and it is the Autobots only hope in this battle. The battle continues on shore, Tidal Wave rises out of the waters, fully transformed. Tidal Wave begins assault on the Autobots at Megatron's command, pinning them in defense again with the 'Laser Cannonball' attack. Back at the base, the kids continue to search for the frozen Mini-Con. Fred discovers the Mini-Con as he falls through a hole in the floor. Tidal Wave continues to unload on the Autobots with the Laser Cannonball attack. Jetfire and Optimus Prime powerlink into Jet Convoy mode, and begin assault on Tidal Wave, but much to no avail has he continues to advance on the Autobots. Sky Blast is discovered to be the Mini-Con within the base, has the group stands around him, admiring this new Mini-Con. Jet Convoy is blasted from the sky during battle, loosing his rifle....he gives chase, almost catching it again before it splashes into the ocean below. Tidal Wave hits Jet Convoy directly, blasting him into the shore. The Autobot races up the shore, seeking cover from the ever advancing Tidal Wave. Back at the base, Sky Blast attacks Highwire has he is approached. Sky Blast runs in an effort to escape the search group, but is quickly chased after.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (7)

      • At the end of the episode, the narrator (not Carlos) refers to Tidal Wave as Shockwave, which is the character's Japanese name. So, again, we have spotty translation/localization issues, particularly when everyone has been calling him Tidal Wave for the whole episode.

        It is worth noting that the Japanese Shockwave has nothing to do with the US Shockwave (the cyclops character from G1 who has had homages in Energon and Alternators under the name Shockblast) - in Japan, the character known in the US as Shockwave/Shockblast is called Laserwave.

        (It should also be pointed out that the Japanese version of the Tidal Wave toy is more cartoon accuate, as the US toy is a lot more green than the cartoon.)

      • Response to Mini-Con goof: Sky Blast is the leader of the Space Mini-Con team so its only natural for him to wake up. In Reinforcement, Dirt Boss woke up before the others cause he was the Race Team leader. Same goes for Highwire of the Street team. Sonar was just being stubborn.

      • In this episode, Tidal Wave was huge! But later, in other episodes, he appeared to be the same size as some of the other Transformers (maybe a bit bigger).

      • It's been revealed that Mini-Cons who form larger weapons stay dormant until the other two have been recovered. Yet Skyblast wakes up without Astroscope and Payload being recovered.

      • Smokescreen was too far away to hit a large target like Titalwave but he was farther away from Starscream and still hit him in the episode "Decisive Battle"

      • At one point in this episode, Jetfire speaks a line with Thrust's voice. Likely, this goes back to the Jetfire/Thrust confusion, evident in "Prehistory," (where Jetfire was called Thrust), and also when it was annouced that Scott McNeil would play Thrust, only to have it turn out that he was Jetfire. The baffling aspect of this, however, is that for this error to occur, Thrust's actor, Colin Murdock, while in the studio, would have to have been looking at footage of Jetfire, and speaking in Thrust's voice, without realising the wrong character was on the screen in front of him.

      • The Narrator at the end during his closing calls Tidalwave Shockwave.

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