Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 3

Base (Part 3 of 3)

Aired Unknown Aug 23, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Base (Part 3 of 3)
The battle started last episode continues as the Decepticons arrive on the scene and begin to strafe their opponents. The fliers surprise Optimus and the other Autobots. The children spot Leader-1 on Megatron's shoulder as he transforms and powerlinks to Megatron's cannon. After a super powered blast misses Optimus, the children realize that is the whole point of this battle... for possession of the Mini-Cons to increase the Decepticon's power. A landslide caused by the Decepticon's blasts distracts the Autobots for a few moments as they save the children from the rocks. Not all of the Autobots are held at bay, as Optimus throws Starscream out of his way and grapples with Megatron. They fight while the other Autobots find Mini-Cons of their own to powerlink with, gaining additional firepower which they use to drive off the Decepticons. Cyclonus manages to capture one of the remaining Mini-Con panels from the children's discovery, and reports back to Megatron as the Decepticons retreat back to their moonbase. While the Deceptions revel in the find of an additional Mini-Con panel, the Autobots have regrouped back at the hidden base from earlier in this episode. There, the children tell Optimus about what has transpired on Earth, and he fills them in on what has happened on Cybertron. Rad apologizes for starting this war... but Optimus tells him that they where all living on 'borrowed time'... as he knew that someday someone would find the Mini-Cons. Alexis introduces the children to Optimus as he explains about why the Autobots are on Earth... to destroy the Decepticons before they capture all the Mini-Cons. He explains that they treat the Mini-Cons as equals while the Decepticons treat them as slaves... and thus their difference. The Autobots are peaceful, and Optimus explains that even though the Mini-Cons where designed to be workers, they would never be treated as slaves. Hot Shot shows his want to learn more about Earth customs as the children slap their fists together.. and the Autobots mimic them with laughter. The children are next seen at school, where they play basketball with Fred and Billy. After dismissing the earthquake that they where all caught up in as nothing important to them, they leave the bullies in the dust while they ride their Mini-Con friends off down the road. On the moon, Demolisher and Starscream fight amongst themselves until Megatron breaks them up. As the Decepticons gather on their moonbase, Megatron activates the Mini-Con panel that Cyclonus had found. He offers it's inhabitant to Demolisher, and admonishes Starscream for not finding a Mini-Con of his own. The children and the Autobots have gathered at their makeshift base, where Optimus tells Red Alert it was time. He releases Laserbeak, a tiny Transformer, who will safeguard the children as High-Wire beeps in emergency. Rad translates that more Mini-Cons are being activated... and the Autobots and children rush off to a control room deeper in the ship. On the screen is a diagram of the Earth, and the episode ends with Rad speaking about the many Mini-Cons now waking up.... and their only hope being the Autobots finding them first.moreless

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