Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Oct 11, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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The Science Fair has come to town, and while the festivities commence we find the Autobots and children at the Autobot base. While Red Alert and Optimus begin repairs on some equipment, Hot Shot takes a small break with Rad and Carlos to show off his wrench twirling skills, learned from a Western he saw on the human television. They really enjoy his show, but when Optimus berates Hot Shot and tells him to get back to work, the two are left alone. Being bored, they decide to leave their cleaning efforts at the base behind and head for the carnival! Before leaving, Carlos and Rad are confronted by Alexis and Sureshock, and while she works on finding another Mini-Con, the two leave with Grindor and Highwire for the science fair. Meanwhile, the Decepticons are seen fixing up their own base with similiar repairs to that of the Autobots. Upon arriving at the fair, Rad and Carlos find themselves trying to keep the Mini-Cons from revealing themselves to the public, especially Billy and Fred, who are also at the event. They manage to hide for a brief while, but when several of the other Mini-Cons show up at the fair, they can control their friend's wants no longer. They take a hiding position behind a building to transform and join the rest of the robots, but Billy and Fred manage to spot them... and begin speculation about what is really going on with the group. The decide it's best to capture the robots, and get to work on that right away. The chase that follows shows Sparkplug hiding in a pile of lumber, and Jolt hiding in a popcorn machine while Billy and Fred simply lose track of their prey. Carlos and Rad are also trying to stop the madness... until Alexis shows up with Hot Shot and confronts them about what is going on at the carnival. She says she was alerted by Laserbeak about the whole mess... and he is also with her. Billy and Fred manage to corner Jolt, who is protected by several children while the bullies imagine Jolt trying to take over the world. Only some quick intervention by a robot mode Hot Shot stops the two, and after some additional showing off of Hot Shot's Western loving skills with a bunch of high flying balloons does the show come to an end, with a quick "explaination" that the robots need to go home and recharge by Rad. The group heads back to the base, and a brief scene regarding the still dormant Mini-Con panel is shown, with Rad and Carlos discussing the reasons why it hasnt yet activated...moreless

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  • This is the absolute worst transformers episode in history.

    This is, as i just said, the absolute worst episode of Transformers I've seen, and, for all I know, the worst episode ever! Nothing happened, the story was terrible, and everything happening was just terrible as well. Avoid this episode at all costs, you'll regret watching this episode if u do watch it for any reason. I know that Transformers aren't as good as they used to be, but it doesn't mean that they have to purposely make it bad. From my experience this episode was so bad I was covering my face in shame and couldn't believe I was watching this episode. This was the only episode of Transformers that was sooooo bad I was ashamed to actually be a transformers fan. Please don't watch this episode and suffer like I did, Save Yourself! The only reason for the score is because for some reason I can't give it a 0, even though that's what i want to give it.moreless
  • This agonizing episode is arguably the worst Transformers episode ever produced, in any series. The writers amped up the kid factor, AND there's no plot advancement or character development. Skip at all costs!moreless

    This agonizing episode is arguably the worst Transformers episode ever produced, in any series. The writers amped up the kid factor, AND there's no plot advancement or character development. Skip at all costs!

    But if you're desperate, or a completist, you'll see the kids make absolutely no attempt to keep the mini-cons cover secret. They take them out to a science fair, and have them perform for the crowd. -THEN- they're suprised when the Decepticons notice and turn up. Blowing their cover nearly has dire consequences -- with only a last minute save.

    This is half an hour of your life you'll never get back.moreless

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