Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Unknown Jan 29, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Red Alert has left the children to patrol nearby the base, while the kids argue about not being able to go out with him. They speak about a new shield used to protect the base, so attacks on the base itself by the Decepticons are unlikely. Optimus Prime and the other Autobots fight Megatron and the Decepticons on a plain while Alexis searches via Laserbeak. Carlos says that Sideways has disappeared from the battlefield, and Rad starts talking to Alexis about the security of her link with Laserbeak. Her computer seems to have allowed someone to hack into the Autobot System, and has implanted a virus in her system. The nasty virus begins attacking her computer, wiping it clean... and then attacking the rest of the Autobot Mainframe. Alexis has some serious problems with trying to shutdown her computer, and while she and the Mini-Cons work, an image of a robot appears on the Main viewer. A stream of light flows from the screen, and a holographic image of Sideways appears in front of the group! Instead of attacking the hologram, the kids pick up pipes and attack the Mainframe, attempting to shut down the virus at the source. The Mini-Cons try to attack the hologram while the kids end up trashing the computer... causing explosions to rack the base. The hologram, in the meantime, screams out asking the kids to stop... until the light becomes a vortex and the hologram explodes! A rainbow light fills the room and the Mini-Cons and children seem to be sucked into Cyberspace! Back on the battlefield, Laserbeak falls from the sky, and ends up getting crushed by Megatron. Hot Shot notices the fall, and yells out to his teammates that something must have happened to the kids. Indeed it has, because back at the base, Billy and Fred run to the control room. They enter in, and see the whole room's occupants colored with static and alternate colors... a very strange occurrence. The two remaining children begin to freak out until Fred sees a vortex on the main viewer... The children wake up in a "weird fourth dimension" as Rad puts it. They float around strange spinning grids and planets... and not even the Mini-Cons know where they are. Rad and Carlos make fun of the situation they are in by swimming and dancing, until Sideways shows up! He tells them that they are trapped in Cyberspace, and tells them that he hacked into the computer to gain access to the Autobot's database. He took them out of the picture so he could continue his work, and demands that the children turn over the Mini-Cons to him. He races around the group in a circle, and before he races off he manages to chase the group quite a ways the Cyberspace wasteland that they are trapped in. The children and Mini-Cons manage to lose him and end up flying through what appears to be Outerspace... and worry about their predicament. After a short bit of floating, Highwire points off into the distance toward a bright light. Rad notices it as Cybertron, the home planet of their friends. The group flies toward it, and we are treated to another view of the robotic planet while two lights blasted toward the surface. Various buildings and a shadowy jet are shown amongst the surface as the group rushes toward the planet's surface! They end up flying right through the planet, and guess that the planet was another hologram! Just as they are home free, Sideways shows up and grabs Sureshock! The children confront him with no fear, and he gets quite irritated. Back at the Base, the Autobots, Billy and Fred are looking over the consoles searching for info on what happened while the children protect their Mini-Con friends and disbelieve the illusion they are trapped in. This all irritates Sideways even more, as Alexis realizes that Sureshock (called Grindor) is told to not believe Sideways is real. He fires on the group, but the lasers just fly right through them, causing no damage. Just as he fires... a weird metallic bending sound is heard. He begins to apologize to some unseen force... while Red Alert analyzes the data found on Alexis's terminal. Just as he accesses that data, the children see the light from the screen and rush toward it... only to be chased by a HUGE planet with horns and yellow glowing eyes! A weary Rad wakes up on the floor of the Autobot base... with the Autobots and children cheerful and happy. The 'Bots had returned to the base to save their friends... and Carlos, Rad and Alexis relate their experiences to the Autobots. Rad wonders about the whole experience, asking if what he saw was a dream... or not...moreless

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