Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Sep 21, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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The Autobots pick up a signal from a Mini-Con, but cant focus enough on the signal to get an exact fix. Alexis and Sureshock manage to help and get an exact location, and the group moves out for an area called Big Canyon. Red Alert warns the children that they shouldnt leave without suiting up, and each of them are 'teleported' on padded armor suits with Autobot symbols on their backs. The 'bots transform, and head for a room in which they "warp" to Big Canyon, an area about 100 miles away. Upon arriving, the group splits up what ends up being 4 teams, Carlos and Red Alert, Alexis and Hot Shot, the Mini-Cons and Optimus Prime and Rad gets left behind in the bustle. On the moon, Megatron, Demolishor and Starscream discuss their goals, and on Earth again Alexis returns for Rad, while the other groups continue their search. Prime and the Mini-Cons sit atop a cliff and overlook the area, Red Alert and Carlos continue the search in a rugged area, while Alexis, Rad and Hot Shot search a canyon area. When they have problems pinpointing the location of the Mini-Con, Rad dispatches Laserbeak for an areal search. The Mini-Cons and Optimus Prime are contacted by Hot Shot when they discover a panel in the rockface shortly thereafter. Again back on the moon, the Decepticons pick up the Mini-Con's signal and they dispatch Demolishor and Cyclonus to the scene. Cyclonus attacks Hot Shot and the children as Red Alert and Rad has his hands full with Demolishor. Optimus dispatches the Mini-Cons to help the group while he motors off to the location of the Mini-Con to stop Megatron from retrieving it. He is attacked at the scene by Megatron, who fires on him several times during their conversation. The others arent doing much better as Demolishor corners Red Alert (who does manage to escape) and Hot Shot is cornered as the children escape on the Mini-Cons. Megatron has Optimus on the ropes, and powerlinks with Leader-1 in order to finish Prime off. Starscream stops him, and is about to attack him as the children reach the scene on the Mini-Cons, who combine together to for another robot! The gestault manages to distract Starscream and Megatron long enough for Optimus to see the Mini-Con activate. The Mini-Con turns out to be Optimus's old Mini-Con partner, Leader-1(?!)! The two combine into super robot mode, and fire on the Decepticons, who then are outmatched by his firepower. The Decepticons manage to escape to the moon, where Megatron has Starscream detained for his insubordination... and Megatron says Optimus got lucky this time.moreless

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