Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Unknown Jan 10, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The Autobots are being repaired by their Mini-Cons while the children watch on. After losing the Star Sabre to the Decpeticons, they have begun losing battles left and right. When Billy and Fred make note of that, the other children scold them, and the Autobots moral continues to drop. The Decepticons rally at their moonbase, and gloat over the consistant gain of new Mini-Cons (of which the Street Speed Team, the remaining Destruction Team, Swindle and what appears to be Rollbar are shown) due to the Star Sabre. When Starscream gets overconfident and cocky against Demolishor, Scavenger comments on his lack of respect. Demolishor asks Scavenger to share with him some strategic info on how to defeat Starscream, but he would have nothing of it... and when the other Decepticons are asked about the matter, they dont want to take sides in a conflict amoungst the group. Back on Earth, Hot Shot is feeling pretty low about the loss of the Air Defence Mini-Cons as he sits near the Autobot base. Instead of letting him suffer alone, the kids all come and make funny faces to help cheer him up. Their plan makes him laugh, and when a Mini-Con alert comes in, the group rushes back to base. The Autobots take off to find the Mini-Con in a fog filled forest. In the same forest, the Decepticons have deployed with the same goal. When Demolishor and Starscream get into a heated debate over the recent infighting, Megatron demands they stand down and focus on the mission at hand... to which they reluctantly disarm and fan out to find the prize. At that point, Megatron is left alone with his Mini-Con, and he dispatches Leader-1 to handle the first part of his "plan". Leader-1 fires into the distance, startling both Starscream and the nearby Autobots... but Starscream goes on a rampage, destroying trees and giving away his position to Scavenger and the other Decepticons. They watchin his unusual behavior and Megatron warns him to be less careless. Leader-1 then returns to Megatron, and they agree to start phase 2 of their plan. Optimus and Hot Shot search for the Mini-Con in a nearby part of the forest when Hot Shot gets too far behind and loses his leader. Instead of finding him again in his search, the Autobot is confronted by Sideways... and the two of them transform and take off into the forest. Optimus is surprised by Cyclonus, Red Alert and Smokescreen by Starscream. Sideways and Hot Shot race through the forest and suddenly the bike downshifts and vanishes into the foliage. When Hot Shot hits the brakes and turns around to chase the Decepticon, he runs into Scavenger, who confronts him on his lack of fighting skills. A brief battle between the two shows Hot Shot is severely overmatched by the former Autobot... who seemingly offers fighting tips to the warrior. In another part of the forest, Optimus easily dispatches Cyclonus, and Red Alert and Smokescreen use their towropes to tie up Starscream... until Demolishor interrupts the battle and frees his Decepticon cohort. Megatron looks on from a secluded nearby position and dispatches Leader-1 to complete another part of his plan. Scavenger is also nearby, and notes Leader-1 leaving the scene. When the Mini-Con fires on Starscream, he again lashes out in anger at the first robot he sees... which just happens to be Demolishor. At the last moment, Megatron manages to block a blow by the Star Sabre, saving Demolishor. The Decepticons all talk about Starscream's recklessness, and the group agrees to take the Air Defense Team away from the jet. Megatron offers to take the sword to help stop the infighting, and Starscream gives it up to his leader. During the conversation, Blackout calls Demolishor, letting him know hes found the Mini-Con. The group heads to the mountain area where they confront the Autobots, who are also trying to retrieve the panel. Hot Shot and Sideways square off and race into the forest, and Red Alert manages to get the Mini-Con panel. Just as he manages to get ahold of the Mini-Con panel, however, it is blasted away into Scavenger's awaiting hands. The Decepticons retreat to their mooonbase, and Megatron commends Scavenger for his work in capturing another of the Skyboom shield Mini-Cons. But Scavenger seemingly blows off the compliments and tells Megatron that he is leaving. When Megatron asks him where he will go, Scavenger only comments on how quickly Megatron's wound had healed... and leaves. In the Autobot base, a security alert goes off as Scavenger races toward the group! Optimus asks to have the doors opened for him, and welcomes the Decepticon with open arms. The Autobot Lader tells the group that Scavenger was working undercover as a spy amoungst the Decepticons. Scavenger flashes his Autobot Insignia... and the group is once again filled with hope. Even though they are outnumbered, the Autobots still have a chance in this war.moreless

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