Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 48


Aired Unknown Dec 08, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Starscream struggles to convince Galvatron of an alliance with the Autobots, but is adamant about not betraying the Decepticon leader. The Autobots confront the Decepticons, but Optimus Prime has issued a 'no harm' order as he just wants to talk, so they purposely miss their targets in blaster fire. Galvatron's hostility tests Prime's patience and he fights in defense. Galvatron has the upper hand, wielding the Star Saber, until Starscream shows up and challenges him. More of the moon's surface breaks away, exposing more of Unicron, as blasts begin to strike Cybertron. In a dynamic sword fight, Starscream allows Galvatron to slay him, then reveals he never intended to break his oath to Galvatron, but he respected Optimus Prime as a better leader. His desperate ruse was to show Galvatron the severity of Unicron, and his last request is for the Decepticons to join forces with the Autobots. A dying Starscream pushes himself and shoots a final blast at Unicron, then he crumbles from the return blast. Immediately, Alexis' necklace crystal cracks. A tribute to Starscream is shown of past Armada footage. Galvatron ponders for a moment, then hands the Star Saber to Prime! Sideways appears through sudden static, snatches the Star Saber, then retreats underground to the warpgate. The kids are left with questions as they mourn Starscream's death.moreless

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  • Goodbye Starscream

    This was a great episode. The episode is focused on the great "hero" Starscream. He is one of my favorite characters in the show and I was sad to see him die. This may sound demented or something but I loved Starscream's death. It was emotional, sad, and great at the same time. The characters reaction to Starscream's death was great and the ending with Sideways stealing the Star Saber helps the episode become so much more better and emotionly strung. Overall, this is a great episode and will make you want to cry (maybe) and it sets up the final four episodes in a good way. A must see!moreless
  • Starscream dies!

    This is the saddest episode of the series. Starscream dies heroicly, fughting for unity between the Autobots and Deceptacons, in the face of the threat Unicron poses. The tribute sequence is good, so is the effect created by the shattering of Alexis' necklace. Sadly he does not get to rest in peace, as he is later reserected.

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