Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Unknown Dec 27, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Hot Shot and Sideways guard a canyon from the Decepticons, with Optimus and Smokescreen in a backup firing position. Hot Shot rushes the 'Cons position, and manages to make Starscream retreat while the other Decepticons wonder where Scavenger is. The Decepticons manage to run off, but a rush by Hot Shot and Sideways surrounds them. Back at the base, Red Alert, Alexis and Rad monitor the situation. While the Decepticons are surrounded, Sideways find the Mini-Con and Hot Shot activates a new mode, Hyperdrive. He rushes the other Decepticons while Megatron and Sideways wrestle for the new Mini-Con panel. The two Autobots manage to grab onto Megatron when he activates his teleporter, and the group are teleported off. Scavenger was indeed at the scene, looking on as the group warps out. Megatron and the group warp into the moon, and Megatron tries to activate the Mini-Con panel... to no avail. When he cannot, he crushes the panel... and Hot Shot has a flashback over what Sideways has told him about the power of the Star Sabre. Back at the Autobot base, the children and 'bots worry about their friends. They want to persue, but do not have the location of the Decepticon base. Optimus asks Red Alert to try and triangulate the location of the Decepticon fortress while we see Scavenger warp into the moonbase. He sees the destruction caused by the battle at hand in another part of the base. The Decepticons retreat out of the base while firing on the pinned down Autobots. The two persue, the whole while Sideways worrying about a trap. When the reach the center of a crater, Megatron calls out from a hidden position... claiming that the two are surrounded. Shadowy figures of robots indeed surround the group's position... and the duo rush their oppressors... only to find Optimus Prime as their opponent! In a small reprieve, we see the Autobots at their base. Red Alert searches a gridfield with Optimus and Smokescreen watching on. Back on the moon, Optimus begins to fire on the group! Sideways and Hot Shot take cover behind a rocky outcropping while a group of Optimus Primes manage to advance on their position. Sideways is dispatched to find the hologram power core, and Hot Shot slices and dices his way through the training field. Meanwhile, Megatron and the Decepticons regroup and they are all told to retrieve the Autobot's blade. As the entire evil army attacks the two, Hot Shot takes out the majority of the group with the Star Sabre while Sideways goes after Megatron. He and his Mini-Con take on the Decepticon leader, but as Hot Shot and Starscream fight he gets captured... and Hot Shot is forced to a decision... give up the Star Sabre or face Sideway's demise. He decides to give up the blade to save his partner, and Megatron reaches for the blade as Hot Shot calls for it. Just as he does, however, Sideways kicks it away from him! Starscream takes the blade from the air, and claims it as his own as Sideways shows his true color as a Decepticon! Hot Shot cries out in fury over his loss and betrayal, and the Decepticons en mass attack him. Megatron orders Starscream to finish him, but Scavenger calls from above that there was no need... Hot Shot is allowed to leave and manages to make his way back to the Autobot base... where the others grant him emergency care. On the moon, Starscream trains with his new sword, and Sideways watches on in the Decepticon throne room...moreless

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