Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 21

Decisive Battle

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Decisive Battle
A meteor approaches the moon... and Megatron is ready for it. He calls upon the Skyboom shield and raises it in defiance against the huge rock. As the rock hits the shield he forces the shield against it, defending himself and his nearby Decepticon warriors. After the rock hits the shield it isnt long before the Decepticon warlord is triumphant... and is confident in the fact that it is time to stage one final battle against the Autobots. He shares this news with his warriors, but Sideways protests, saying that maybe they arent ready. Of course, Megatron takes offense to this and continues with his plans anyway. Back at the Autobot base, Hot Shot and Blurr are training by running an obsticle course of steel beams and Mini-Cons throwing debris. Blurr manages to reach the end of the course first, and Hot Shot protests... Until Smokescreen enters the room and tries the course himself, and he also smokes Hot Shot to the flag at the end. The children look on as Optimus calls over the intercom that there is an incoming signal from Megatron. In the Control Room, Megatron is on screen calling for Optimus Prime to face him in one final, decisive battle for the fate of the Earth. Rad protests noting the Decepticons have the Skyboom Shield and the Star Sabre, but Optimus states "No matter what the odds are we have to stop Megatron at any cost." Blurr and the rest of the group cheer him on (even after a bit of scolding of the reluctant team player Blurr by Scavenger) and the group hightails it for the Warp Room. At the coordinates provided, we see the Decepticons waiting for their rivals to arrive... and see the Autobots rolling in to face them. Megatron calls for the Star Sabre and Skyboom Shield, and prepares to face the Autobot Leader. He jumps down from his post, and is confronted by Hot Shot and Blurr... who's shots could not break through the Skyboom. The entire Autobot crew attacks after this... and the entire barrage of shots by are no match for the power of the Decepticon Leader's shield. When Optimus finally faces Megatron on his own the other Decepticons join the fray and attack the Autobots. Megatron and Optimus face off, with Optimus not even scratching the Decpticon's defenses. The children watch the battle from the base, and realize that the Autobots need to gain the Star Sabre or the Skyboom Shield in order to even have a chance in this war. Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, Hot Shot and Blurr take off to draw fire from the rest of the group... with Cyclonus and Starscream in hot pursuit. The two Autobots alternate taking cover and firing on their enemies until they have managed to pull the two fliers far away from the ongoing battle. Finally the two manage to both attack Starscream, but the flier powerlinks with Swindle to fire his Null Laser Cannons against them. Sideways and Demolishor are hidden behind a rock outcropping and see Starscream attacking the two now defencelsess Autobots.. and Sideways attacks the remaining Autobots by rushing them... until Red Alert shoots him and the bike crashes. Starscream continues the strike against Hot Shot and Blurr... until Smokescreen finally has enough of the situation and powerlinks with Liftor to form an artillery cannon! He shoots Starscream out of the sky, and nearly does the same for Cyclonus until Demolishor manages to knock a boulder out to chase the Autobot artillery. Cyclonus continues his assault until suddenly a single blast from an unknown assailant takes him out of commission as well. Sideways seems to be the source of the blast, and he remains hidden as he says that the rest of the battle is up to the Autobots. Hot Shot and Blurr, now free from airial assault, race to help Optimus Prime... but a quick swipe of the Star Sabre makes them keep their distance. This distraction manages to give Optimus a brief reprieve, and he uses it to grab ahold of the Skyboom Shield... until Megatron turns on him and the shield is knocked into a nearby ravine. The Decepticon cries out for the shield, and then turns on Optimus, who is now defended by Sparkplug... who also calls out for the shield! Megatron raises his sword for the final strike, but the Skyboom suddenly flies forward and blocks the blow, defending Optimus... and a light flashes up into the air when the two Mini-Con teams connect in combat. The children, back at the base, see the beam and liken it to the original set of beams that flashed when they met High Wire. The Decepticons manage to retreat upon realizing they can only hope to have a stalemate in this battle, and the Autobots rally around their leader. They also cheer on Smokescreen and celebrate their victory as Rad comments on the light that raced off into space upon the clash in the desert.moreless

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