Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 29


Aired Unknown Mar 15, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Desperate opens to the Autobot's has they are pinned down under heavy fire from the Decepticons and an advancing Tidal Wave. Flashback to last episode - Carlos is stalking over the flashback, mentioning the new Mini-Con, and the Requiem Blaster weapon that Sideways mentioned last episode. Inside the base, the kids and the street team are trying to convince Skyblast to join them in helping the Autobots. Skyblast fires off several shots at the group, prompting Perceptor to combine and approach Skyblast, causing him to hide behind Rad. Back to the beach battlefield, Tidal Wave is still advancing on the Autobots. Hot Shot attempts to stop or atleast stall him with the Skyboom shield. While Tidal Wave is focusing on the Sky Boom shield and Hot Shot, Jet Convoy flies in, kicking Tidal Wave in the throat and knocking him to the ground. Jet Convoy then flies into the sky and above the clouds.. where he is met by Thrust and the Air Military team. Back at the base, the kids are discussing finding the other 2 Mini-Cons to form the Requiem Blaster. Back to the battle, Jet Convoy is under serious fire from the Air Military team. Tidal Wave combines with Megatron, allowing Megatron to fly up over the clouds to confront Jet Convoy. On the beach, the Autobots are ambushed from behind by the decepticon ground Mini-Cons. At the base, the kids continue to try and coerce Skyblast into helping them help the Autobots. Skyblast finally agrees, and the group leaves with Red Alert. Red Alert warps onto the battle field, and immediately encounters fire from the Decepticons. Hot Shot runs to their aid, but encounters Cyclonus. Thrust flies in, attempting to ambush Red Alert. His effort is quickly thwarted by Blurr. Thrust tells Blurr that he knows of the weapon that Sideways has spoken of, and knows that is what they are after. Red Alert transforms and engages Thrust, causing Blurr to chase him from the scene. Flash to the ongoing air battle with Jet Convoy and Megatron, who is now wielding the Star Sabre. Smokescreen loads the Skyboom shield and fires him into the sky, where Jet Convoy uses it to shield himself from the fire of the Air Military team and Megatron. Back with the kids and Red Alert, Carlos and Rad are discussing the past and why the Mini-Cons are reluctant to fight for either side. The group comes under attack.....and Red Alert is hit directly. Red Alert is now down, unable to move. Hot Shot rushes onto the scene, blocking the next attack from hitting the kids or Skyblast. In the aftermath of the attacks, Skyblast goes forth and begins to call the other Mini-Cons. In the air battle, the Star Sabre and Skyboom shield begin to glow and pull towards each other... clashing together, sending off a signal to the ground and one all the way to the moon. The signal activates both of the Mini-Cons, Payload first on Earth and then Astroscope on the moon. Thrust dissappears and gives chase to Payload. Megatron slices at Jet Convoy, slicing him in half at the waist, causing Prime and Jetfire to disconnect. Skyblast calls again to the others, causing the three to form the Requiem Blaster in mid air and to fall into the falling Prime's hands. Thrusts reappears and try's to gain control, but is kicked away by Prime. The falling Prime then uses the Requiem Blaster to brace himself as he is falling, blowing a huge lasting hole in the water landing inside of it, Requiem Blaster in hand.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (8)

      • Response to Astroscope goof: He was literally in a little warp tube, don't YOU think he would move fast?! The Mini-Cons are full of surprises aren't they?

      • The Requiem Blaster is formed in this episode, and is called by that name, while in "Rebellion," Sideways called it the "Astro Blaster."

      • Does anyone else find something decidedly wrong with the fact that Astroscope was able to get to Earth from the MOON before Optimus finished falling a few hundred feet?

      • The resonant music that Skyblast emitted was highly reminiscent of several sci-fi productions where a specific tune is the key to communication.

      • To answer the Laserbeak goof, he was already restored at the end of the same episode in which he got stomped.

      • Nitpick: Since when does Megatron learn to speak Spanish?! When he flew to Jet Optimus he said "Adios, friend". Adios is the Spanish word for goodbye. Guess he's been reading up on Earthly cultures.

      • At the beginning of the episiode when Perceptor merged, Rad called hin Leader-1. But isn't that the name of Megatron's Mini-Con?

      • Laserbeak gets stepped on by Megatron in an earlier show. He is seen flying around in the background during the battle. Guess he's back from the dead.

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    • NOTES (7)

      • When Rad is trying to calm down Skyblast at the start of the episode, the Street Action Team merge into Perceptor to defend the kids. However, Rad refers to him as "Leader 1".

        While most other naming glitches, such as "Astro Blaster", "Jet Convoy" and "Shockwave" are generally one-off localization (to Hasbro's equivalents) problems that don't occur again, this "Leader 1" naming issue seems to be one of the few remaining, recurring US dub problems, as several characters have incorrectly referred to various Mini-Cons by this name. Only Megatron's personal Mini-Con (the one who looks like he has a moustache) is Leader 1.

        (The other significant one is constantly having Grindor and Sureshock's names switched, although at least that remains consistent.)

      • The Mini-cons that form the Requieum Blaster don't change the when they form the Requieum Blaster like the Star Saber and the Skyboom Shield (Star Sabers edge changes into smooth blue and Skyboom Shields front into smooth yellow/black).

      • Aside from Preceptor and Sparkplug, Sky Blast is the only other Mini-Con with a humanoid face: mouth, nose, no faceplate.

      • The combinded form of Megatron and Titalwave is "Burning Megatron."

      • This episode also marks the last two times that Smokescreen ever gets to launch the Shield around with his longarm. :(

      • New Mini-Cons: Payload and Astroscope which form the Requiem Blaster.

      • The resonant music that Skyblast emitted was highly reminiscent of several sci-fi productions where a specific tune is the key to communication.

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