Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 27


Aired Unknown Mar 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Within the Autobot base on Earth, Jetfire and Smokescreen are in the midst of several arm wrestling contests. While the bots test their might, the kids and Hot Shot look on. Jetfire comes away with the final victory. As Alexis reflects on the lightened mood since Jetfire has arrived, Jetfire cracks a few cocky jokes amongst the group.

At the Decepticon moon base, Thrust confronts Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons about the recent lack of teamwork. Megatron grows angry at Thrust, and threatens a slash with the Star Sabre before being stopped by the revelation of Thrust's newest plans... to acquire the Skyboom shield and add even more Deception reinforcements. Thrust then speaks of another issue at hand... and walks over and faces Sideways.

In space, a large battleship, shadowed against the stars passes in front of a planet.

Back to the Autobot base on Earth, Red Alert is giving instructions on tech repairs and upgrades to the rest of the Autobots. Hot Shot is just not getting the instructions, so he leaves to find Jetfire. While Hot Shot is looking for Jetfire, he mentions to the kids that once all the Mini-Cons are found, the Autobots will return to Cybertron. When Hot Shot locates Jetfire, he is in the process of reviewing previous battle data. Several clips from the previous episodes are shown here, starting at the beginning of Armada up until the appearance of Sideways. The group then discusses how Sideways turned on the Autobot's.

Demolishor and Sideways are meeting deep within the Decepticon base, discussing how Thrust is attempting to overthrow Megatron and does not have his interests in mind. Sideways convinces Demolishor to take out Thrust, but then decides to do so his self.

Jetfire has found some very interesting battle footage that shows Sideways attacking Cyclonus during battle. The group then questions Sideway's true intentions, and just why Sideway's helped the Autobots in battle if he were a Decepticon.

Thrust is searching for Megatron outside the Decepticon base when he is ambushed by Demolishor from underneath a pile of rubble. Demolishor grabs Thrust by his feet and proceeds to sling him into space has Sideways watches on. Sideways is now shown deep within the base....reporting to an unknown entity via a communicator that the Autobots are now even with the Decepticons in terms of power. Starscream walks into the room and catches Sideways in the act, followed by the remainder of the Decepticons. Thrust confronts Sideways about being a spy, causing Sideways to escape through a hidden door that forms through a splitting wall inside the base. Thrust gives chase through the air.

Back at the Autobot base, Jetfire and the kids discuss trusting Sideways, and his true intentions. Fred mentions his hunger several times, which is followed by Jetfire stating that Sideways should never be discussed again.

Back to the moon.... Sideways has turned invisible as Thrust searches for him amongst the rubble...Inferno, Thrust's Mini-Con, has invisibility has well. Sideways reappears and grapples with Thrust, causing Sideways to form into a digital static form and morph to another location, then regain his form, while still staticy to the eye. Megatron leaps into battle from a cliff above, slicing the digital Sideways in half with the Star Sabre. Sideways reforms, and is promptly blasted by the Decepticons on the cliff above. Megatron calls them off however, and proceeds to slice Sideways through and through, time and time again, till he is left in a pile of digital "goo". Several tentacles rise up from the goo... forming the Rider head of Sideways. The head informs Megatron that "I am one virus you will never be able to eliminate, I can change my appearance as I please, and I can fight at any power level. There are millions of Mini-Cons out there to be found - let's see who wins that race!"... then flies off into space, leaving a trail of digital static behind.

Flash to a battle on Earth between the Autobots and Decepticons. The shadowy ship approaches, entering the Earths atmosphere as the battle begins.moreless

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