Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Dec 20, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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A blast hits down on a busy highway, and a purple motorcycle rushes out of it and into traffic.... Hot Shot trains in the Autobot base, and remembers the fight with Scavenger in the previous ep. Rad, Carlos, Billy and Fred watch on as he trains, until a Mini-Con alert comes in and the group assembles in the Control Room. The signal is coming from a highway tunnel, and the group (including Billy and Fred) head out to the scene. Demolishor, Blackout and Cyclonus watch over a tunnel in the road as the Autobots drive up. Nearby, the same purple motorcycle pulls over, being ridden by a black driver. The driver jumps the side and onto a path to the side of the road. Meanwhile below, Scavenger digs for the Mini-Con panel and Megatron gets word from Cyclonus that the Autobots are on their way. Above, Cyclonus knocks out a tractor and it starts a traffic jam. The jam forces the Autobots to stop, but Hot Shot powerlinks with Jolt to take off over the congestion. Optimus lets Billy and Fred out (who happen to be in Autobot jumpsuits like the rest of the children), and as he pulls away saying they would be safe there the purple bike pulls up. It (the bike) says it has room for one of them to come with him... and the children ask if he is an Autobot or Decepticon. Meanwhile, Hot Shot is driving along when Scavenger confronts him. The two face off and Rad links Red Alert into the battle via Laserbeak. Meanwhile overhead, Cyclonus has a lock and Hot Shot and he fires... only to miss! The purple bike suddenly makes an appearance in the ensuing cloud of dust and rushes down the moutain carrying Billy. Scavenger tries to stomp on him while Optimus calls over the radio saying he doesn't remember a motorcycle Transformer. The bike stops near Rad and Carlos, lets Billy off and takes off again. This time it and it's rider race toward Cyclonus, and manage to knock him out of the air with a well placed jump. This allows Hot Shot to focus back on his battle with Scavenger, and Alexis shows up with the children's Mini-Cons. Hot Shot and Scavenger face off again, and Hot Shot again takes the fall... much like thier previous fight. The motorcycle and rider sit atop a nearby rock outcropping, and watch as the two robots race toward a nearby bridge. At a junction, Hot Shot makes the turn and heads toward the tunnel, with Scavenger and the Motorcycle in chase. He enters the tunnel, and passes Optimus and Red Alert, who were engaging the Decepticons. When Hot Shot leaves the tunnel, he jumps off the uncompleted bridge, and powerlinks with Jolt to "vanish" from the persueing Scavenger. As the mercenary and Cyclonus show up on the scene, Hot Shot jumps down from above the group and chops the bridge down and they fall... leaving Hot Shot to talk with the Motorcycle... who claims he is on the Autobot's side. Meanwhile, inside the mountain, the other Autobots have surrounded the Decepticons who promptly retreat. Hot Shot and the motorcycle appear and the 'cycle introduces himself as Sideways. As the group finds the Mini-Con, Alexis worries about Sideways... as if there is something funny about him. Back at the base, Billy rides on Sideways and Fred manages to catch a ride on the Mini-Con (Oval) while in the base Rad and Alexis worry about who Sideways really is...moreless

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