Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Oct 04, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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The episode opens with Starscream, Demolisher, and Cyclonus fighting the Autobots. Starscream tries to pull off a daring maneuver but ends up endangering all the Decepticons. The Autobots disappear, showing us that it was all a training simulation. Megatron isn't pleased, and the belittling of Starscream, the only Decepticon without a Mini-Con, begins. Megatron also refers to Starscream as the second-in-command for the first time in the series. A signal is heard and the Decepticons race to Earth - a new Mini-Con has been detected! On Earth, the Autobots are being their usual selves when Rad, Carlos, and Alexis walk in ready for their 'camping trip' with the Autobots - pretty much whatever adventure they go on next! The Mini-Con alert activates, revealing the position of a new Mini-Con is in a jungle/forest type of landscape. The Autobots, with their human friends, head out! Once arriving on scene, Prime detatches from his 'container' as he calls it, leaving Sparkplug to watch over. Jolt does an aerial scout and the Autobots head off to find the Minicon. Rad has a rather moving speech about the environment, how it's precious to preserve and mentions the illegal cutting of the trees and forests. Discussions are cut short when the Decepticons and Autobots meet up. Starscream tries the same move only to have Cyclonus get in his way - thus shooting the trees and igniting them on fire rather than hitting the Autobots. The Autobots rush to put out the fires, proclaiming the forest is more important at the moment. The Decepticons take the opportunity to hunt the Mini-Cons, complete with Starscream begging Megatron to let him have the Mini-Con - but with the help of Prime's "container," the Autobots are able to return to the battle and stop the Decepticons. Well, all of them but Starscream. The second-in-command Decepticon takes his sword, slicing the tree that holds the Mini-Con. He takes it - Swindle - and combines with him. He uses his new weapon - his Null Laser Canons, and blasts a crater where the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting. The episode concludes with the Decepticons training, and Starscream using his Mini-Con Swindle to blast a hole in the moon, laughing and pondering if he's the strongest Decepticon...even stronger than Megatron? The image fades to a computer monitor where Megatron watches with a scowl on his face...ending with the image of Starscream laughing...moreless

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