Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 26

Link Up

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Link Up
A fierce battle has left Optimus Prime in need of repairs, and Red Alert has him docked in the repair bay awaiting repairs. The medic tells the children that his hope is that the Autobot Vice Commander can take off some of the heat until Optimus is back on his feet... and when Hot Shot comments on Jetfire's sense of humor, the children laugh. At the Decepticon's Moon Base, Demolishor insults Thrust's previous battle plan, and how they lost. It seems that all the Decepticons have an issue with the prior battle, but do not take it to heart, all that is... except Demolishor. Thrust convinces Megatron that his next plan will not fail as a meteor shower helps him emphasize his point. Back at the Autobot command center, Smokescreen and the other troops talk about the last battle, and how Thrust's presence made all the difference in that skirmish. When Hot Shot claims he hasn't heard of him, Blurr explains about battles on planet Vector, planet Orga and planet Duke... in which the Decepticons where lead by Thrust to victory. The children are confident, however, that Jetfire can even the odds. Just as the conversation takes an upswing, High Wire chimes in saying that a mysterious jet has been flying overhead for quite some time. Jetfire leaves immediately to face Thrust, and tells the Autobots not to tell Optimus about his brash decision. Jetfire quickly catches up to Thrust, but he leads the Autobot VC into a trap! The Decepticon fliers and their Mini-Cons all begin to attack him. Jetfire manages to get a shot out at the incoming Decepticons, but does not hit any of them as they surround him. The children back at the base cheer him on, but the Mini-Cons fly strafing runs around him, with Cyclonus and Starscream firing on him as well. Starscream lets loose a blast from his Null Laser Cannons, and thankfully Jetfire manages to dodge the blast. Back at the base, the Autobots realize that Jetfire needs help, and they search for a way to warp in and help their VC. They find their way in via a nearby island, but when they arrive they are ambushed by Demolishor and Sideways, who pin them down. Scavenger and the children realize that the Autobots and Jetfire cannot hold out in this battle, and call down to the repair bay for Red Alert to hurry his repairs on Optimus. On the island, Hot Shot tempts Megatron into battle, who powerlinks with the Star Sabre and rushes prepares for a strike against the Autobots. Smokescreen stands ready for battle, but Blurr convinces him that it is best to retreat... and the group rushes off in vehicle mode to a more secure location. Back in the air, Jetfire dives in an effort to ditch the Mini-Cons and avoid a strike from Starscream's cannons. His manuever ends as he realizes he has to take out Starscream before this battle is over... and he flies up to meet him... only to get surrounded once again by the Mini-Con warriors. Red Alert contacts the Command Center, in hopes of getting a report on the battle.. and he rushes out of the room without noticing the wires suddenly disconnect from Optimus! A warning from the launching dock brings the Autobots' attention to their leader on the launchpad... who demands to be warped to Jetfire's location above the ocean! Scavenger reluctantly agrees, and initiates the launch. Optimus warps into the battlefield above Starscream, and begins a rushed decent to attack Thrust, who dodges the diving Autobot Commander. As Optimus passes Jetfire, he gives him a glance, and the Autobot VC gives chase.... catching up to him just above the ocean as Starscream fires his cannons once more! At the last moment, Jetfire powerlinks with Optimus to form a new configuration with the Autobot Leader... Jet Convoy! The duo quickly dispatch of Starscream, then race down to the island below, where they quickly take out the Decepticons there as well. Sideways and the other Decepticons manage to retreat, and Thrust watches in secret from the clouds until he transforms and takes off to regroup with the other Decepticons. Back at the base, the children, Scavenger and Red Alert comment on the battle, and how Optimus and Jetfire are true heroes. The other Autobots talk on the now calm battlefield about Jet Convoy and Jetfire's rash decision to chase Thrust as the episode ends.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • In addition to Thrust referring to "Jet Convoy", Prime himself says "Jet Convoy, transform" during the linkup sequence.

      In the American version, the Jetfire/Optimus combo is meant to be known as Jet Optimus. In Japan, it's Jet Convoy; on the tradition that Japanese incarnations of both "Optimus Prime" and his various combined forms are all Convoys (eg: Super Fire Convoy, God Fire Convoy, Sonic Convoy, Liger Convoy, etc).

      Convoy has never been used with regard any of the American Primes, combined or uncombined, and it is an early translation/localization error that it is used in this first linkup. Later references are to Jet Optimus.

    • And Smokescreen is one of the shortest Autobots if I may add.

    • The Skyboom Shield tends to come in different sizes. In Desperate, the shield is large enough to cover most of Jet Convoy's body. Yet in Link Up, it barely covers Smokescreen's chest in some parts!

    • When Smokescreen is about to pass the Skyboom Shield to Jetfire, Demolishor blasts his longarm off and yet after two or three shots of him, Smokescreen has his longarm back. WHAT'S WITH THAT?!

    • Thrust calls the Air Military team the "Air Defense team"

    • Thrust calls the Jetfire-Optimus fusion Jet Convoy. If i'm correct, that's their fusion's japaneese name.

    • When Jet Convoy comes down to the ground, he's Super Optimus Prime.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Red Alert: It's not that serious, but we've got him docked just to be safe. The Vice Commander can take some of the heat off, while we check him out. At least that's the plan.

      Rad: Vice Commander?

      Carlos: Wait a sec, who's that?

      Billy: Could it be?

      Fred: No way!

      Jetfire: That's right, kids. It's me, Jetfire! Heh, heh. So go ahead and applaud if you like. After all, I'm practically a super-hero. That's why they call me Optimus' right hand bot.

      Hot Shot; He'll be signing autographs later.

      Jetfire: He's only kidding. But seriously, I'm here so there's nothing to worry about. Count on me, and I'll count on your support.

      Alexis: Doesn't exactly have a confidence problem, does he?

      Jetfire: Well, it's been a long time since we tried powerlinking. I was sure stoked, though. Eh, Optimus?

      Optimus: Jetfire, a little word of advice to the wise. Maybe you could be a little more cautious next time.

      Jetfire: -- I'm sorry, Optimus. It's just I've fought way bigger battles on Cybertron. So I... I guess I just didn't take it seriously enough.

      Optimus: This may be Earth, but it's a serious battle too.

      Jetfire: I've learned my lesson, sir.

      Smokescreen: Yeah-ha, right! You're just lucky Optimus came back to lend you a hand, Jetfire.

      Hot Shot: Well, I guess we gotta give Thrust some of the credit for the nasty little plan he came up with. Huh, guys?

      Blurr: Yeah. I fear he'll be trouble in the future.

      Jetfire: Hey! I'm here now, so there's nothing to worry about, right?

      Hot Shot: Well so much for taking things more seriously. I thought you said you'd learned your lesson. Huh, Jetfire?

      Jetfire: Ehhh... Heh, heh. Yeah, right. So I did.

      Autobots: Hahahahaha!

    • Alexis: Doesn't exactly have a confidence problem, does he?

      Thrust: The stars are falling as a sign of your imminent victory.

      Jetfire: Oh, and by the way, don't tell Optimus about this.

      Thrust: Only a fool would make this easier.

      Starscream: Perfect. Two birds with one stone.

      Optimus: They don't call him Starscream for nothing.

    • Jet Fire: Here taste my plasma blaster. See if this makes your teeth whiter and brighter

  • NOTES (3)