Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 36


Aired Unknown May 03, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Starscream takes out his aggression in a rock field, slicing through rock after rock in an effort to relieve his anger while the children look on from a nearby bluff. Starscream knows that he is wasting his time amongst the Autobots, and has to get to Megatron soon. Later, Starscream sits on a rock, flanked by his Mini-Con partners, Swindle and the Air Defense Team. Alexis visits and tries to comfort him, but is shunned as he walks off. She worries that he will do something drastic… On the moon, Megatron also takes out his anger on some nearby rocks… blasting several formations with the Requiem Blaster. Demolishor, Cyclonus and Wheeljack gossip about the situation, until Thrust shows up on the scene and demands that they continue building the spaceship that the Mini-Cons were working in the previous ep. When the three leave to go work on the ship, however, Thrust hears a familiar voice coming from the nearby trash piles. As he recognizes it to be Sideways, the traitor tells Thrust that the three Mini-Con teams that make up the Skyboom Shield, the Star Sabre and the Requiem Blaster would be much more powerful if they worked together… and that puts an idea in Thrust's processor. He plans to take the Skyboom and the Star Sabre to destroy the Autobots. At the Autobot base, a Mini-Con alert tells the group that a new Mini-Con has been found on, of all places, Mars. Starscream and Jetfire are assigned to the mission, but Jetfire protests and heads off for the warp room with the Skyboom Shield alone. As Carlos, Fred and Billy ask to leave on the mission too, Starscream rushes forward and blasts off first for the red planet ahead of his assigned partner. On the moon, Thrust and Megatron discuss what has happened. Thrust says he has dispatched Tidal Wave to attack Starscream, and the two discuss the power of the combined three teams of Mini-Cons. Jetfire lands on Mars, and dispatches his partner Commetor to seek out the Mini-Con, while the children try to stay in contact from Earth. While they try in vain, Starscream has also landed on the planet and seeks out Megatron… only to be watched over in a storm above by Tidal Wave. Jetfire weathers the storm behind the Skyboom Shield as he is suddenly blasted from the sky above by Tidal Wave. Starscream notices the commotion, and takes off to face the threat, who he thinks is Megatron. Instead, he is attacked by Tidal Wave, and crashes to the ground below. As he recovers, he contemplates what he really wants until Jetfire comes to his aid. Until that point, however, Jetfire realizes he wont cooperate… so he produces a set of handcuffs, and binds himself to the former Decepticon. The two leave the planet, and head back to Earth, with Starscream under arrest. They fly back through space, and Jetfire tries to explain how the Autobots operate to Starscream. He seems not to get the point of the lecture, but does manage to spot the Mini-Con on the nearby moon. The two head for the Mini-Con panel, and Starscream manages to activate the panel to reveal Firebot! They think everything is going their way until suddenly Tidal Wave attacks! Back a the Decepticon Base, Megatron and Thrust head for the teleporter… Jetfire and Starscream have a hard time defeating Tidal Wave, and only manage to get out of the line of fire… without saving Firebot. The Mini-Con is pinned under Tidal Wave, until Starscream calls out to it, telling it that the Decepticons will only use him as a weapon and slave… but that he and the Autobots will protect him from their tyranny. The Mini-Con fires on Tidal Wave, and the blast manages to knock out Tidal Wave and give the team a chance to rescue Firebot. As the duo escape, they encounter Megatron! He squares off against the Autobots with the Requiem Blaster, but Jetfire wants to turn back. Starscream would rather stay and fight, and before Jetfire could convince him otherwise their Mini-Con weapons begin to glow. The three teams all glow a bright yellow, and the groups are pulled together until a bright light flashes forth! Back at the Autobot base, the children and Autobots watch their terminal screen and try to contact their allies. They speculate for several moments, until Jetfire's voice comes over the intercom. He tells the group that they have rescued the Mini-Con and jokes about Starscream. In space, Thrust seeks out Megatron, who is floating in space. He, along with Tidal Wave, find their leader and group up with him to head back to their base. The Autobots also meet up with their teammates, and the children talk to Jetfire about him returning with souvenirs. When he tells them he did not the children talk with Starscream, Alexis thanking him for saving Firebot. When he walks off, Alexis finds a rock that Starscream had brought back with him, and she shares it with the other children who all rejoice in their present.moreless

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