Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 51


Aired Unknown Dec 11, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Red Alert emerges from below Cybertron; damaged, but functioning. The planet's surface appears trashed with debris from buildings and structures. Inside Unicron's core chamber, Optimus Prime and Galvatron notice the 3 Mini-Con weapons are linked to Unicron, wrapped under organic tendrils. Sideways exits Unicron's heart and he adopts the planet's voice as he tells his origin. Sideways is a shell of Unicron and he's been on Cybertron for eons, observing (and encouraging) the Transformers' war. Able to absorb their negative energy from fighting and hatred, Sideways powered Unicron enough to grow into the planet, now strong enough for total domination! Outside, the Armada is suffering losses, but then Sideswipe successfully blows up a hole in Unicron's neck. The jet fighters enter, dodging internal planetary defenses. Meanwhile, Galvatron and Prime are captured by the organic tendrils, which bond to Galvatron, putting him in suspended animation. With the matrix inside him, Prime is able to resist, and Sideways offers to allow Prime to merge with him. The jets blast Unicron from inside, then exit, destroying much of his head. But Unicron instantly repairs himself with his enormous power, still being fed by the Transformers' hatred. Inside the core chamber, the kids and their Mini-Cons show up and Sideways tells the Mini-Cons they weren't programmed for peace and are part of him. Highwire resists but Unicron manages to possess all the Mini-Cons. Outside, the glowing Mini-Cons disperse from their Unicron-form, giving the real Unicron direct access to Cybertron. Inside, the kids get captured and suspended by the tendrils, while Sideways offers to battle Prime, winner takes all. Unicron shows what's at stake by approaching right over Cybertron, ready to crush it. The kids seem to appear in Galvatron's throne room with his top Decepticons, and realize they are in Galvatron's fantasy, in a collective dream state. Alexis quickly pulls them out, and into her own forest fantasy, where they're surprised to see Highwire in the distance. They call out to his true consciousness, which angers Unicron, who threatens them. They're suddenly pulled into a peaceful fantasy with glowing Mini-Cons in the sky. Highwire has regained his will! Awakened, Highwire again stands up to Unicron and tells him the Mini-Cons believe in peace and will oppose him. United again, they begin to resonate the Mini-Con music! The glowing Mini-Cons pass through Unicron's body, disabling him and releasing all the captives in his core chamber. The 3 Mini-Con weapons finally disband and Prime and Galvatron are re-colored. With Unicron dormant again, Sideways exits his heart (in motorcycle mode), angered at the Mini-Cons, and tries to run down Highwire. Prime fatally blasts him with the Requiem Blaster. Sideways vows (a seemingly hollow) revenge and dies. The victorious coalition is ready to exit Unicron but Galvatron surprises Prime by telling him it is now time they battle!moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • In the earlier episode Detection, Sideways is seen reporting to Unicron obviously, BUT if Sideways is Unicron, why is he going through all the trouble to report to himself?

        The basic answer is that it has been oversimplified. Sideways was created by Unicron, and hence is a PART of him, but it's very clear that he acts independantly of him and his his own personality, and his own voice. He is afraid of Unicron discovering his failure in "Chase," and reports in to him in "Detection," and even in this episode, when he's dying, he speaks with his own voice and refers to Unicron as a separate entity. It is also possible it's a translation error.

      • At one point, Optimus is coloured in his Powerlinx colours, before he's actually upgraded into his Powerlinx form. It's not immediately obvious, as it seems that it could be a shading/light problem, but he has red eyes in this scene, like his Powerlinx form, rather than his usual yellow.

      • By the end of the episode, Galvatron is back to his regular color scheme.

      • In "Sacrifice," Sideways told Thrust: "There can never be peace in this universe. There must always be war." Well, that line makes sense now!

    • QUOTES (8)

    • NOTES (10)

      • Sideways wasn't just...Sideways. He was Unicron's disguise. He wasn't really a seperate "Sideways" just a disguise. So Sideways really didn't die and also since Unicron was coming back to life, Sideways still really didn't die.

      • Sideways was a Transformer created as Unicron's agent. He served Unicron even to the point of allowing his master to take over his body to speak through.

      • Unicron's modus operandi in Armada echoes his agenda in the Transformers: Universe toyline storyline; specifically, his use of the Autobot-Decepticon war as a way to power himself. In the Universe line, he uses the energon expended by the Autobots and Decepticons to power himself. In Armada, Unicron is strengthened by the hatred between Autobot and Decepticon.

      • Unicron's need for negative energy explains why Sideways helped (and pushed) the Autobots and Decepticons against each other, during several earlier episodes. He needed the fighting to continue.

      • In Galvatron's fantasy, he wore a Decepticon cape around his chest and shoulders, and Starscream was one of his surrounding minions. Thrust wasn't.

      • Despite past episodes, Prime and Galvatron only realize now that Sideways is with Unicron.

      • Prime and Galvatron refer to Unicron's glowing central hub as his "heart".

      • First time that Optimus productivly uses the Requiem Blaster. Also the first time that the Requiem Blaster Mini-Cons apparently "wanted to be used".

      • The "smokey blue" colouration Optimus gains in this episode is his transformation into his 'Powerlinx' form. It is caused by the light of the Mini-Cons, as was the case with Hot Shot, Red Alert, Megatron, Starscream and Demolishor in "Puppet," when they were upgraded to their Powerlinx forms.

      • Optimus has a smokey blue colour in this epsiode as a result of the Mini-Cons being freed of Unicron's control.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The quote from Unicron given in the quotes section actually mirrors a recurring theme in the Kamen Rider series from Japan. Basically, each series has had a villain - up through Kamen Rider Black RX - who has said that he can't die because humanity's evil will bring him back to life. This is somewhat of an oversimplification, but it is worth noting that the first 3 Kamen Riders (Rider 1, Rider 2 and V3) from Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider V3 really only faced one organisation and essentially only one head of that organisation. Sort of like MArvel Comics Baron Strucker and Hydra.