Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Dec 13, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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A lone cloaked figure sits on top of a rocky spire in the moonlight while Starscream blasts overhead and Demolishor scrambles across the rugged landscape below. Starscream transforms and tries to grasp onto a nearby rocky spire, and Cyclonus finds a green glow in a cavern above him. While he climbs up to what appears to be a Mini-Con position however, Hot Shot appears, and calls up on the Air Defense team to form the Star Sabre. Using its power, he confronts Starscream while Smokescreen climbs up after the Mini-Con. Hot Shot disables Starscream with a slash of the Star Sabre and tosses him off the spire, and then leaps after him, slicing Starscream's sword in two. Cyclonus attacks Smokescreen, who has reached the Mini-Con panel, only to be hit by the remnants of Starscream's sword. Megatron watches from below, scowling about the Star Sabre beating him again. He urges Demolishor into battle with Hot Shot and Optimus Prime tackles Megatron from above. The Autobots have the upper hand, and in the usual fashion the Decepticons retreat. The Autobots regroup, with Smokescreen announcing his new Mini-Con partner Liftor. As Hot Shot is confident about the power of the Star Sabre that lone figure is seen again in the distance. Meanwhile, back at the base, Alexis and Sureshock have gone to the grocery store, with Sureshock in disguise. They bring back some groceries for the children to put in the base's refrigerator, and then discuss defending the base with Red Alert. He stayed behind while the remainder of the Autobots went off in search of the newest Mini-Con alert. Red Alert shows the children Laserbeak, and said that the little friend has had an upgrade and now can hear them from much longer distances. The Decepticons regroup on the moon, with Megatron planning to attack the Autobot base again, when the figure appears at their base! He is introduced as the mercenary Scavenger, and he scolds Megatron on his team's battle skills. Starscream challenges him to a fight and he agrees after the warrior's arm has healed he will challenge him. He then leaves. Back on Earth, Scavenger (still in his cape) finds a yellow Mini-Con under a rock while we see Laserbeak fly nearby. Meanwhile nearby, Hot Shot faces off against all of the Decepticons! Optimus and Smokescreen stand back, watching and cheering the warrior on. Suddenly, Scavenger appears and interrupts the battle! He calls down to Optimus, and Prime explains to the group that Scavenger was the one who taught him how to fight.... but now is a mercenary. Hot Shot attacks Starscream and the two stand off, both using their swords to clash. In a final set of blows, it appears that Starscream has the upper hand... but Hot Shot manages to break free and destroy the Decepticon's sword again. Scavenger then interrupts the battle, and challenges Hot Shot to battle. He charges into battle, and Hot Shot's skill is not enough to defeat the warrior. In fact, he is barely able to hold his own, and is eventually overwhealmed by the powerful mercenary. Megatron sees an opportunity to grap the Star Sabre, but Optimus moves between the Decepticon and his quarry. The Decepticons retreat as the opportunity to capture another Mini-Con is revealed. Back at the Decepticon base, Megatron tries to unlock the gold panel, to no avail. Demolishor speculates that the Minicon may be similiar to the Star Sabre team, and Scavenger chides the two for not knowing that this Mini-Con is part of the legendary shield that can block the Star Sabre as the episode ends...moreless

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