Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 31

Past (Part 1 of 2)

Aired Unknown Mar 29, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Past (Part 1 of 2)
Hot Shot begins having a flashback. We see Hot Shot trying to save Wheeljack's life. Amidst the fire we see Wheeljack telling Hot Shot to not leave him. But Hot Shot says he'll be back with help. When Hot Shot tries to get back through to help Wheeljack he was punched out by another Autobot. Sideswipe arrives and reports in to commander Blurr. Blurr, seeing Sideswipe and hearing ‘Commander Blurr' can't remember him. Hot Shot is angry with all this flashback business. Sideswipe is still trying to get Blurr to remember him. He tells the kids and other Bots present that Blurr was aiming a rifle the ropes he was tied up in. But Sideswipe is obsessed with getting Blurr to remember. Blurr keeps trying to get away from Sideswipe which to no avail fails. We see a flashback to Cybertron where Blurr is aiming and preparing to fire at the ropes. But Sideswipe bugs Blurr to the point where he is almost left there. When Blurr frees Sideswipe he leaves and Sideswipe tried to thank him but Blurr was gone and says that it was his mission to find Blurr. Sideswipe makes up a request to go to Earth. Fred and Billy are playing games but get caught by Alexis who says that they shouldn't. Sideswipe sees Blurr and walks and says that he wants to help him. Blurr is really annoyed by this. Blurr keeps saying "Oh brother.' Sideswipe trips on something in the floor and falls. Blurr wants Hot Shot to watch over Sideswipe. Optimus agrees with Blurr that Hot Shot should teach Sideswipe the tricks. Hot Shot goes out to talk to Sideswipe. Sideswipe shows that he is really a military type of guy but is weak. Sideswipe exited that Optimus has given him under the command of Hot Shot asks who Hot Shot is. Infuriated by this Hot Shot gets mad and yells at him saying, "I'm Hot Shot!". Sideswipe is kind of touchy since he gets upset at a lot of things. But Hot Shot is not impressed at all. Sideswipe can't even fire straight at a target but fires wide. Out on the road Hot Shot tries to teach Sideswipe how to transform and get into an attack posture. But Sideswipe in all his glory transforms and doesn't prepare while Hot Shot had transformed and aims his gun at Sideswipe. Sideswipe says he tries too hard and Hot Shot said he needs a little practice. We see a black car with an Autobot symbol that has a slash through it. It's Wheeljack and he has a flashback of seeing Megatron coming to his aid. Sideswipe admits he has a tendency to let his emotions get in his way. Sideswipe tells Hot Shot of how Blurr helped and saved his life and how he owes his life to Blurr. Sideswipe wants to change but Hot Shot tells him it's not easy to change. He tells him that he must get a goal and work towards that. And he must forget about the past that he needs some fine tuning. Fred, Billy and Alexis play games while Alexis takes off the tank's head. Sideswipe tries to act tough and not listen to Hot Shot and goes ahead. But Hot Shot quickly gets him under his control and back to his side. Sideswipe sees a black car coming up fast and Hot Shot thinks it's someone from Earth that is as much of a show off as he is. But Sideswipe's emotions come into play and he becomes nervous. Sideswipe having fallen behind due to Wheeljack's moves, and has to play catch up. Wheeljack greets Hot Shot with an evil laugh and shows Hot Shot the scar on his hood. Sideswipe combines with his Mini-Con Nightbeat. Back to another flashback on Cybertron shows us Hot Shot was given the orders by a Transformer that looked like Fortress Maximus that he had Wheeljack as a trainee, the same as now with Sideswipe as his trainee. Hot Shot falls behind as Sideswipe catches up and pursues Wheeljack. Surprisingly Wheeljack uses a cloak and some kind of hologram technology confusing Sideswipe and running him up against the guardrail. Wheeljack successfully knocks Sideswipe off the cliff. Wheeljack and Hot Shot meet each other for the first time since that miserable day on Cybertron... Wheeljack says the Wheeljack that Hot Shot abandoned is dead. Hot Shot begins to apologize to Wheeljack, but finds out that Megatron saved Wheeljack's life, and now he is devoted to the Decepticon leader. Wheeljack says that he is stronger than ever. The episode ends with Wheeljack aiming his gun at Hot Shot.moreless

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