Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 32

Past (Part 2 of 2)

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Past (Part 2 of 2)
The show starts off with a flashback showing us that Megatron comes to Wheeljack's rescue. Wheeljack shoots Hot Shot as an act of revenge. He cloaks and leaves. Hot Shot asks, "Why Wheeljack, Why". At the Autobot Base, Hot Shot is in the repair room. Sideswipe enters the room, and explains that he carried Hot Shot back to the base after the Decepticon left. Changing rooms, we see Blurr talking with Optimus. He says whoever did that to Hot Shot was not skilled in firing at close range. Optimus is shocked by what Blurr said. Back to the repair room, where Hot Shot disbeleives that Wheeljack is a Decepticon. Hot Shot has the vision of Wheeljack and his past. He was going to get help during the inferno, but he didn't go in to rescue Wheeljack. Back to a different room, Optimus says that he took Hot Shot into his group because of what happened with Wheeljack. Prime said that Hot Shot has to face his past head-on. At the repair room Sideswipe tells Hot Shot the same thing Optimus said to Blurr. Hot Shot said that he should have stayed with Wheeljack. A different flashback shows Hot Shot going to rescue Wheeljack, but an Autobot orders him not to go. But he got there too late. In the other room Blurr says that they should keep an eye on Wheeljack when Sideswipe runs in and reports that Hot Shot is gone and that he can't contact him. Outside we see Thrust is on patrol. He notices Hot Shot in vehicle mode racing across the landscape below and follows him. We jump to the kids continuing to play the game from the previous episode. Alexis, Fred and Billy are now playing, with Alexis seemingly winning. Hot Shot arrives at a run down building where Wheeljack should be. They meet eachother and Wheeljack says they need to have a little talk. Wheeljack says that the Transformers and humans have one thing in common. War. And with the Mini-Cons the Transformers will fight more battles. But the two of them are different. So Wheeljack challenges Hot Shot to a fight. Sideswipe is out looking for Hot Shot on the highway, racing toward an unseen goal. Wheeljack says that Hot Shot is hung up on the past. Wheeljack cloaks and comes up behind Hot Shot and attacks him. Hot Shot falls to the ground but manages to get up and fight back. Wheeljack accepts Hot Shot's moves against him. In the air Thrust sees the fight and decides to just stay and watch. We see that Wheeljack is aiming his gun at Hot Shot, and he says that Hot Shot brought this on himself. Hot Shot walks up and grabs the gun and aims it at his chest, telling Wheeljack to get it over with. But during this fight, Sideswipe comes in and warns Wheeljack to to get away from his partner. Wheeljack says that Sideswipe is out of his league, and welcomes the extra opponent. He blasts Sideswipe, making him fall to the ground. The Decepticon pulls the downed warrior up for protection and blasts the building, which causes a set of explosions. Wheeljack asks this brings back old memories. Sideswipe asks Wheeljack to get off of him because he's being crushed. There's an explosion and we see that entire building complex is on fire. Wheeljack traps Sideswipe in the midst of the fire like he was trapped long ago and tells the imprisoned warrior that Hot Shot won't help him. Sideswipe calls Wheeljack a coward for leaving. In the air, Thrust says it's time for him to really heat things up. He fires at Hot Shot, but is blasted by Wheeljack for interfering in the fight. We see Wheeljack climbing a tank in the burning factory, and at the top he sees Megatron waiting for him. Megatron says it's been a long time since he had seen Wheeljack, and the discussion seems cut short by a scene change. Sideswipe calls for Hot Shot to help him, as he is tied to a post atop one of the factory's silos. Hot Shot says he's on his way. but Sideswipe tells him to leave because the tank is going to explode. Hot Shot continues to move towards Sideswipe. Waiting as the area around him begins to explode Sideswipe gets frightened. Hot Shot arrives and they manage to escape just as the tank explodes. Lying on the ground, Hot Shot gets up and walks over to Sideswipe and is thanked for saving his life. Sideswipes emotions get the best of him and he grabs Hot Shot and whimpers. At the Decepticon Base, Thrust objects to Megatron for letting Wheeljack join their forces. But Megatron counters Thrust's objections... saying that Wheeljack should consider himself part of the family. Back at the Autobot base, the kids continues to play the game. Sideswipe says that Hot Shot is like his brother and that "somebody needs a hug". Alexis says she is playing the game too much and Billy says they told her it was a fun game. Host Shot continuing to run from Sideswipe eventually loses and is caught by Sideswipe and yells, "He Got ME!" as he receives a hug from Sideswipe.moreless

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