Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Rad stands alone in contemplation of the destruction of the sunken city that was found out in the last episode... while Megatron in his base tries to activate the second of the Air Defense team Mini-Cons to no avail. When the scene shifts back to the Autobot base, the children and Autobots discuss Cybertronian history. Optimus explains that in times long past, the Autobots and Decepticons fought to control Cybertron, and the Autobots managed to spring into action to stop them. The two sides fought to a stalemate, until the Mini-Cons mysteriously arrived. The Decepticons used their power to enhance themselves and attack, and it was only by teaming up with several other Mini-Cons to defend themselves and the planet where they even able to keep the odds even. The remainder of his conversation followed the explanations in the early episodes of the series, with the Mini-Cons being sent off planet and ending up on Earth after crash-landing there. While talking, the Mini-Con alert rings, and the screen comes to life, showing a volcanic island as the group's destination. When they arrive, the group discusses the use of Mini-Cons in this battle, until suddenly Megatron attacks! The other Decepticons appear and together fire on the Autobots as the children and Mini-Cons run for cover. After the children and robots manage to reach cover, they decide to leave in search of the Mini-Con panel as the Autobots fight... but the Mini-Cons have another idea. They rush forward and arm Optimus's trailer, manning the weapon stations and fighting back against the entrenched Decepticons. As the mini-Cons fight, the children send Laserbeak to explore a cave in which they find the hidden Mini-Con panel. Optimus calls for cover fire and sets off in search of the now located panel. As the Mini-Cons and Autobots fight, the volcano suddenly begins to erupt, causing Optimus to fall into a pit! The children watch from their shelter in horror as the lava from the volcano begins to flow down the mountain, washing out buildings and bridges. With only little time to spare, Red Alert sends Hot Shot to protect the children and Smokescreen to dig a ditch for the lava to flow through. The children spot the Mini-Con panel in the lava flow, and Hot Shot dashes for it... only to be fired upon by the waiting Decepticons. Only an unexpected blast by Optimus Prime manages to distract the Decepticons, but Cyclonus manages to grab the Mini-Con panel and begins to fly off. High Wire, Sureshock and Grindor would have none of that though, as they fire on Cyclonus from Optimus's trailer. The children cry for them to take cover, but the Mini-Cons hold their ground... and their shots manage to blast the panel free from Cyclonus as he flies away. With a quick grappling hook blast, Red Alert manages to catch the falling panel. Back at the Autobot base, the children and the Autobots discuss the Mini-Cons. It is believed that the Mini-Cons are the only Transformers in the universe to that can bring peace to their race, as Red Alert puts it. The children renew their commitment to the Autobots cause to find and protect the Mini-Cons... but on the moon Megatron forcibly activates the lone Mini-Con panel from the trio of Air Defense panels. When it awakens, he tells it of it's future... to seek out the other Mini-Cons and form his saber sword.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Optimus claims he left "Thrust" in charge on Cybertron, but the silhouette we see is Jetfire's. When Thrust and Jetfire appear later in the series, it's clear that this was a mistake, as Thrust is a Decepticon, and Jetfire is second-in-command of the Autobots.

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  • NOTES (7)

    • This episode was published in the Cine Manga Transformers Armada "The Mystery of the Missing Mini-cons".

    • Why dont you watch the episode Regeneration and we'll see who's right because in that episode, Jolt and a Star Sabre Mini-Con are seen flying up to Optimus and he calls it Runway. Now look at the Mini-Con and refer back to this episode.

    • First appearance of the Mini-Con Runway, the last of the three Mini-Cons that make up the Star Saber.

    • When Starcream shoots at Optimus with his shoulder guns, he misses completely and still hurts Prime. Lousy aim...

    • When we see the Decepticon's Cybertronian control room, if you pause it on tape or you're very observant, you see who I think is Thrust from later on. He has a cockpit looking thingy on the back of his head in this episode

    • Terry Klassen provides Jetfire's single line, "Yes, sir!" during Optimus's flashback. When Jetfire is introduced later in the series, Scott McNeil will permanently take up the role.

    • Jetstorm was seen in "Solider", several episodes back. The Mini-Con seen breifly here is Runway. (Look it up)