Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Unknown Jan 28, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The episodes starts with Sideways making a log entry on the moon. He discusses how the Decepticons are losing the battle for the Mini-Cons, or even keep their valued Mini-Cons in their possession. Back at Decepticon base, Sideways sits slumped in the corner as Megatron and his crew returns from a mission. He claims his leg has been damaged... to which a small fight breaks out over the moral of the team. Starscream asks Megatron where the group is headed when the two head into a locked room... and Megatron punishes Starscream for their loss in the previous battle. He attacks the Decepticon warrior, and nearly destroys him, until Demolishor and Sideways blast their way into the room and stop the beating. Starscream manages to survive the punishment, and leaves the base. Demolishor and Sideways follow Starscream out onto the moon's surface, and when Starscream blasts off to spend some time alone, Sideways asks Demolishor why he is still loyal to someone as deranged as Megatron. With that, the cycle transforms and rides off after Starscream. Starscream, meanwhile, has managed to find some solitude, and lashes out in anger to the silence. Sideways arrives and comments on how Megatron has gone off the deep end, and should not be in charge if he is going to damage his warriors for his own shortcomings. He insinuates that Starscream would be a better leader, and that Megatron is afraid of him... and then rides off to let Starscream contemplate his own actions in private. Sideways is next seen talking with Megatron in his throne room. The discussion goes over why Megatron let Starscream live, and the audience gets the idea that Sideways is trying to play on both Starscream's and Megatron's pride. When Sideways implies that the Star Sabre holds the key to the leadership of the Decepticons, Megatron takes offense, and the two finish their conversation with a threat from Megatron. In another part of the base, Starscream laments over this war... he does not see a reason to continue fighting, and when Demolishor confronts him about his "quiet-time" the jet leaves in a huff. Demolishor goes after him, and the two talk while walking down a hallway. They are interrupted by Sideways, however, who gives Starscream orders to guard the Mini-Cons while he goes on a mission. Starscream doesnt understand the reasoning for the order, and because of his pride and hurt over his treatment by the Decepticon leader rushes off to destroy the warp-gate. Back in the throne room, Starscream rushes in to confront the Decepticon leader. When he arrives, he finds that Sideways has arrived ahead of him... and the cycle-bot tells him that Megatron is waiting for him... as if to insite a battle. Indeed it does, and Starscream rushes off to find Megatron where he stands in a desolate part of the moon. When Starscream arrives, Megatron tells him that he will give up the Star Sabre if Starscream can defeat him, which he doubts. The fight begins, and Cyclonus, Sideways and Demolishor arrive to watch. The battle does not bode well for Starscream, however, as he is extremely outmatched by his leader. During the fight, Megatron continually tries to goad Starscream into fighting harder, but the warrrior truely is no match for Megatron. Several punches hit their mark, but Megatron stops the fight and tells the whole group that he intends to make an example of Starscream. Sideways, to himself, realizes that his plan to cause problems amoungst the ranks may not have worked as well as he thought... as Megatron doesnt choose to use the Star Sabre to destroy Starscream. But when a final blow knocks Starscream down, Megatron grabs the Star Sabre and holds it to the jet's head. The Decepticon leader continues to make an example of Starscream, by telling him why he won... by using the warrior's weaknesses against him. Sideways realizes Megatron's weaknesses from the battle... that he left Starscream alive... and he knows that it will eventually lead to his defeat. Later, the Decepticons and the Autobots face off... and Sideways provides commentary. During the fight, Starscream is given the opportunity to strike at Megatron's undefended back.... but as he decides he is attacked by Blurr with the Skyboom as he heads to defend his leader. The battle ends while Sideways closes with more commentary about how it is good to be a solid unit again... but it is still the Decepticons verses the Autobots for surpremecy.moreless

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