Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 34


Aired Unknown Apr 19, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The episode starts when the Autobots, the children, and the Mini-Cons are watching Red Alert repairing Smokescreen's body. They worry if he will live again... Later, Starscream entered the Decepticon Base, and made Thrust guilty because he closed the warp gate. Megatron stopped Starscream into attacking Thrust. At the energy vat (energy recovering machine) Demolisher tells Starscream to give him the Star Saber. But Starscream refused. When he began drawing the sword from his shoulder, Demolisher changed his mind with fear. After hearing Megatron and Thrust chit-chatting about didn't believing Starscream would survive, and insulting him, Starscream charged after Megatron. He swung his Star Saber at him, but missed. The other Decepticons heard the noise of the top-half of Megatron's throne fall on the ground. Looking at Starscream as a traitor, they attacked him, but with Starscreams Null Laser Cannon and the Star Saber, he defeated all except for Thrust and Megatron. Starscream goes into another room, hopefully finding an esape door. But Megatron follows him, holding the Requiem Blaster. Starscream blocks Megatron's blast with the Star Saber, and escapes in the nick of time. Being chased on Earth by Tidal Wave (or Shockwave), the Autobots detect them flying around Earth. Hotshot and Sideswipe goes after them by themselves, not knowing that Starscream is not invading the Autobot base. Tidal Wave shot Starscream on the left wing, and landed on the ground. He tries to run and hide from the large Decepticon, but he saw the two Autobots going after him. Starscream tries to avoid them, but he can't. Now Hotshot and Sideswipe were in the chase. But when Jet Convoy appears, Starscream helped him by tossing the Star Saber at Jet Convoy. Jet Convoy caught it, and slashed at Tidal Wave. His second slash missed because of Tidal Wave's retreat. Back at the Autobot base, Scavenger told the Autobots the reason why he ran away from the Decepticon Base. Hotshot didn't trust Starscream. Starscream insisted the Autobots to analyze his data. Knowing several codes, Sideswipe volunteered into breaking them to analyze the data. But Hotshot called Starscream on a rocky area, and fought. They were exhausted, but the fight broke up when a boulder came clashing onto the ground. A strange figure was on a bigger boulder. It got down, and charged after Starscream and Hotshot. But the strange Transformer defeat both Hotshot and Starscream, and Hotsot finally knew...It was Smokescreen.moreless

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