Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The episode starts with confrontation from the start.... Megatron is wielding the Starsabre, with his troops backing him up. Demolishor is hastily digging, searching for the Mini-Con to be found. Red Alert sneaks off behind the Decepticon defense, hoping to use his grappling hook to grab the Mini-Con from Demolishor. Before he can, though, Cyclonus blasts Red Alert, causing him to misfire and Demolishor grabs the Mini-Con! Just as soon as Demolishor grabs the panel, a blast shoots from a nearby ridge. It hits Demolishor, and he drops the Mini-Con just as the Decepticons retreat via warp. The unknown assailant leaps from hiding and transforms mid-air, grabs the Minicon, and lands on the ledge above. Optimus announces this new Autobot is Blurr, a reinforcement called in by Scavenger, who trained him. The Mini-Con is Incinerator, Blurr's Mini-Con. Back at the base, Blurr is introduced to the kids, who question him, but are blown off none the less by the new recruit. Back at the Decepticon base, Demolishor begs for forgiveness while facing Megatron and the Starsabre. The kids approach Blurr yet again with their quesitons, and they still do not get a response. Hot Shot enters as Blurr gets up to leave... but his presence is also ignored. Several of the kids run off behind him, deciding they should sneak up on Blurr. Rad and Billy indeed manage to surprise him, but Blurr turns around and pulls his cannon! He tells them it is a serious time and they should act their age. Hot Shot confronts Blurr, who informs him that he is not here to make friends, just to look for a few good bots to trust in battle. The rest of the Autobots get a laugh at Hot Shot's expense. Near a racetrack, a falling rock breaks on a mountain side, causing a Mini-Con to break free and activate on it's own. Downshift is the new Mini-Con, the final piece of the Skyboom shield. The Decepticons warp to Earth to begin the search, and they beat the Autobots to the area. They begin chase, this time at the nearby track. The Autobots arrive shortly thereafter, and Laserbeak flies ahead to get a fix on the Mini-Con. The Decepticons have destroyed a large piece of the track, leaving a rivine running through the ground. Blurr and Hotshot take off after Downshift, battling each other for possesion of the Mini-Con, while Swindle has been momentarily captured by the group. Red Alert contains him until Starscream powerlinks with while flying overhead. Megatron and Demolishor confront Optimus Prime, Scavenger, and Red Alert. Smokescreen has gone to give Blurr and Hot Shot back up. He powerlinks with Liftor, and blasts an attacking Cyclonus out of the sky, but the Decepticon manages to shoots him on his way down. Downshift jumps the rivine, grabbing onto the rocks on the other side. Hot Shot and Blurr both powerlink, flying over the rivine and landing on the other side, chasing Downshift into the stands. Blurr attempts to shoot the stands from out underneath Downshift, causing him to fall.... Hot Shot busts through the stands and saves him before he crases to the ground. Cyclonus flies in and scoops him up, claiming the final piece of Skyboom for the Decepticons. Back at the Autobot base, the kids confront Hot Shot about racing and fighting Blurr for the Mini-Con. Blurr is outside of the base, on a ledge, talking to Incinerator about the events of the day. Hot Shot approaches him, and the two discuss the day's events. Hot Shot offers his apology, and Blurr accepts. In response to Hot Shot's appology, Blurr tells him about how he considers Incinerator his partner now, as he has had a change of heart about the Mini-Cons and the Autobots. Back on the Moon.... Skyboom is formed before the Decepticons. Back on Earth, Scavenger, Optimus, and the kids look up at Blurr and Hot Shot has they touch fists in a show of frienship.moreless

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