Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 35


Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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In the Decepticon Base's Warp Room, Demolisher curses Starscream while he cleans a mess, only for Starscream to startle him. Before the two can truely settle their differences, however, Starscream mentions to Demolishor that he hopes that he doesnt mind a little company... and opens the Warp Gate for the Autobots to arrive! Optimus Prime, Perceptor, Jetfire, Hot Shot Sideswipe, Scavenger and Smokescreen / Hoist now stand behind Starscream, and Demolishor makes a run for it to warn Megatron of an enemy invasion. The problem with that? Hot Shot blocking his path, and then Starscream using the Star Sabre to attack him. With what appears to be his last bit of energy, Demolishor hits a red button, which activates a warning siren. Megatron Cyclonus, Thrust and Tidal Wave and Wheeljack stand in the Decepticon Throne Room, and hear the klaxon. The Decepticon forces head out to face the Autobots, and Optimus orders Starscream to go with Perceptor and free the Mini-Cons in the base. The Autobots manage to break into the Throne Room... and Starscream draws the Star Sabre with the intent of attacking Megatron. When he disobeys orders, Megatron takes the opportunity to fire the Requiem Blaster at the traitor, but Smokescreen manages to knock him out of the way and deflect the shot with the Skyboom Shield. During the distraction, Megatron escapes at Thrust's request and the other Decepticons attack the invaders. The children realize that Perceptor is not around in that room, and ask Laserbeak to find him... while Hot Shot is ordered to do the same. Wheeljack tries to impeed him, but a quick blast from Hot Shot's powerlinked cannon knocks him out of the way and allows Hot Shot the opportunity to continue on with his mission. In a corridor of the base, Perceptor is seen running (skating?) from Demolishor, who chases him quickly and manages to pin him in a dead-end corridor. Demolishor charges up his cannons, and nearly manages to fire on the Mini-Con team until Laserbeak flashes by and slashes his optic sensor, causing him to miss and cause a minor roof collapse. Hot Shot arrives ont he scene and knocks Demolishor down... and the group heads out to find the Mini-Cons. The chidren, back at the Autobot Base, try to track their movements using Starscream's map, but realize that the base is much different than what was shown. Just as they realize this, however, Perceptor dashes off down a corridor on his own... only to run into Tidal Wave! The group manages to avoid his shots, and Hot Shot distracts the behemoth while Perceptor heads off to find the captives. Perceptor and Laserbeak maange to dash down another corridor , and find a huge room full of Mini-Cons building a spaceship! Apparently, Megatron is forcing them to build this ship for him... and while Perceptor tries to convince them to escape with him he is confronted by Megatron! The Decepticon Leader tries to attack the Mini-Con gestalt, but is eventually overpowered and held mid-air to show the Mini-Cons the Decepticons' power. When Megatron holds Perceptor in the air, the Mini-Cons all begin to sing. The song is heard all over the base, and back at the Autobot base, the children realize when it happpened last... when Sky Blast called on his teammates during . The Mini-Cons all stand up to Megatron, and surround him... all except Leader-1, who Megatron uses as a gun to shoot off a warning shot. That is... until Hot Shot attacks him! While the Autobot racecar distracts Megatron, all of the Mini-Cons manage to escape up the passage, and Jolt tosses Hot Shot his gun. Hot Shot transforms and takes off down the corridor with Megatron and hte newly arrived Tidal Wave in persuit... only for Tidal Wave to get stuck in a small entrance. Smokescreen shows up on the scene, and hits Tidal Wave with his shovel-arm... only for Tidal Wave to break free and attack him. Back at the Warp Room, Sideswipe organizes the Mini-Cons while they head off to the Autobot base, and the children welcome them with open arms. Hot Shot, meanwhile, faces Megatron on the moon's surface, and ends up directly in front of Megatron's cannon... until Starscream slices the end off with his Star Sabre! He and Hot Shot double-team Megatron, and manage to knock him into a pile of debris. Optimus praises their victory, and orders them to fall in and get back to the warp gate. Starscream, however, has other ideas, and stands with the Star Sabre drawn... growling over the thought of leaving his business with Megatron unfinished. Back at the Autobot base, the Mini-Cons continue to warp in and we see Optimus greeting them while Starscream is seen in the background. The Decepticon turncoat is intensly aggitated, and screams that his choice to go with the Autobots was no more right a decision than staying with the Decepticons... and walks out of the room. Optimus hopes that Starscream will eventually come around, and lets him leave for the solitude he is looking for.moreless

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