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  • I liked this series of Transformers, because it made me like all kinds of Transformers.

    I loved this show, as it was the first one I ever saw. After seeing the great characters in action, I loved all of the other Transformers series as well, and the movies. I thouht this was a basis for the series. My personal favorite Transformer was Tidal Wave, a decepticon. I also liked the mini-cons. I think this had to be, by far, the best Transformers series ever. It had a wide array of characters, great storyine, and battles with a lot of action. In conclusion, I am a fan of a long line of series of "Transformers" Because of this show.
  • this is basicaly a story where the decepticons try to enslave the minicons but the autobots try to stop them

    rad alexis and carlos go out to a mountian or what they think is a mountian but im reality is the autobot spacespace rad fids highwire carlos finds grindor and alexis finds sureshock the 3 humans accidently reactive the minicon war and bring it back to the planet earth the writers and the animeatiors don't agree on anything in here
  • There was a war betweent the Autobots and the Decepticons. Rad and Carlos find a mini-con panal. Both sides rushed to get to Earth first before the other side does.

    The show started millions of years ago on the planet Cybertron. There was a war betweent the Autobots and the Decepticons. The mini-cons came as the battle raged on. The mini-cons helped by enhancing the Transformers power. Unitl the mini-cons decided to leave Cybertron. Their ship, the Ark, crashed on Earth. The mini-cons scattered all over the Earth. When we move to the present, Rad and Carlos find a mini-con panal. When they remove it, it sends a singal to the Autobots and Decepticons. Both sides rushed to get to Earth first before the other side does. Rad and Carlos exit the cave and are about to leave when Megatron appears. Alexis tells Rad and Carlos to remain clam. The panal glows and turns into a mini-con. The mini-con turns into a bike and tries to get the children away. Megatron stoppes them when Optimis Primie comes in. The kids find out it is a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. Both sides are tring to get the mini-cons but for different purposes. The Autobots want to defeat the Decepticons and let the mini-cons live in peace. The Decepticons want to use the mini-cons to destroy the Autobots and take over Cybertron. More and more mini-cons awake and both sides fight. Who will win? Watch to find out.
  • It was ok but I still like some of the previous series' better. *cough* Beast Wars *cough*

    I thought that the storyline was pretty good in this series. But they made so many mistakes while making it. From characters calling something/someone by the wrong name to having wrong symbols or coloring on one of the characters. It also seems like they kind of started to rush things towards the end of the series. For example, when Smokescreen is "reborn" as Hoist we only get to see him fight a couple of times. Another thing was the Mini-cons. They are extremely important in this series. The war revolves around them. Yet in Transformers Ebergon they have little to no importance. They're just replaced by Omnicons and Terrorcons. This series is worth watching, but just barely.
  • This show was pretty good. I reckon the other series after this really ruined it.

    I don't know why they ever cancelled this show. Sure, the newer series have advanced grafics and new characters but I always find the original stuff better. Transformers Armada: A series about giant transforming robots from Planet Cybertron that came to Earth after the Mini-Cons ship crashed on the moon and they flew onto many different places across the Earth. After discovering the Transformers, 3 teenages join forces with the Autobots to try and collect the Mini-Cons before the evil Decepticons can use them for their own selfish needs. But, much more trouble rears it's ugly head when both sides enter a battle that has one objective, protecting Cybertron from Unicron, the destroyer of worlds...
  • Well, I liked it!

    What is up with all the hate?! Well, I guess some of it may come from the kids, but come on! They were NOT as bad as people make them out to be (you should really check out the Cybertron kids, urgh!) The storyline might I add is really good! Each time you think you can relax and think the Autobots have the Decepticons at quite the disadvantage...WHAM! They turn the tables and kick you in the guts! This show was also a rare CN show in which the heroes didn't always win and it wasn't afraid to kill off members--Smokescreen almost bit the dust, Starscream, Sideways, Galvatron, even Optimus Prime did (well temporarily for sure). The action and character conflicts were the best parts and always made me come back for more! The ending to this was really sad--that or I didn't get it, it was a bit "what just happened?" moment. Sucks though how Starscream's fate was and that we didn't see Hotshot resolve his problems with Wheeljack.
  • It was better than you'd think.

    After a weak start I think this show really developed. As with all Transformer cartoons there's a rush to add too many characters too quickly to sell toys but despite that many of them were well developed most of this series was really character driven. There are a few episodes I could live without, but even the original series had a few that weren't worth a second look. If you're a TF or anime fan, or both, check this series out. Some of the animation is fantastic. Enjoy!
  • Hasbro\\\'s Cruellest Mistake

    At the end of Transformers RID I thought they would make a better series that involved All four sides of the transformers universe (Maximals,Predacons,Decepticons,Autobots,) but I was abosolutly Devastated when I saw this Disgrace to Transformers, Crappy Storyline, Crappy Narrative, Crappy concept, Crappy voices, Crappy Show, Crappy Animation, When i first discovered it\\\'s existance on the website it looked alright, so I went to Video Ezy to rent it, worst 6 bucks I ever Spent, The story is just dribble and the minicons are just Pokemon in robot suits also all the projectiles looked the same which is just terrible. all in all the only thing good about the show was the Devastator equivalent Tidal Wave, but nothing could save the show from outraged fans. Truly one of Tv\\\'s Cruellest Mistakes.
  • It's actually much better than people give it credit for.

    Transformers: Armada is not a perfect show. It has thin plots, lame characters, annoying kids and animation that can be lower-quality than most elementary school chalk drawings.

    But, every now and then, it has its moments. The saga of Starscream remains one of the most unforgettable events in Transformers history. And don't forget- this series brought Unicron back after almost 17 years of inactivity!

    Give it a chance, people.
  • Worst TF show ever!

    In my opinion. Transformers armada is the worst TF show in history, I hate to see anime get into transformers and ruin it. The episodes are really gay and the kids Rad, Carlos and Alexis are seriously really gay as well as all the other TF's in this. I strongly think that this has got to be the worst TF show ever!

    Dont watch it!
  • this show is gettin worse with every season

    When this show just started i really wanted to see it, i even watched the first couple of episode. Then I realized that this show is crap I mean come on, The Transformers should've stopped after the 1984 cartoon finished. All they been doing for the last 20 years is killing it and shooting a dead body. Transformers killed itself just like many other shows that don't know when to stop. The only diffrence is that when other shows are killed they stay dead but this show just won't stop, they keep shootin the dead body. If you are reading this and you are someone who can shut the Transformers down please do it and fire all the people who keep making up these wack ideas
  • Perhaps, one of the worst Transformers TV series ever.

    I had some high hopes for this one. I mean after all, an hour and a half premiere on a cable network like Cartoon Network, mentions of G1 character cameos in the very first episode, how could you go wrong?

    The show never had momentum. Watching the episodes, I felt as though the individual stories only warranted 10 minutes a piece yet were stalled into 21, 22 minutes timeframes. I mean the random chuckles, "huhs?", "What(s)?", repetition on dialogue, and so forth made me think they just didn't have any ideas to make it worthwhile.

    Then you have the errors. Just about half the time the kids couldn't get their Mini-Cons names right, nor could the Autobots sometimes. How many of the Mini-Cons were called "Leader-1" besides the actual Mini-Con of Megatron himself? That besides translation errors like Starscream calling his Mini-Con "Grid" or Optimus Prime calling Overload "Ultra Magnus." Animation errors weren't absent either. They just couldn't get their logos straight when they introduced Wheeljack in scenes with Hot Shot. Voicing errors didn't happen often, but it was hard to miss Demolishor's voice being replaced by that of Smokescreen/Hoist.

    The kids. My God, those kids were the most annoying human characters in Transformers history. Spike (G1), Koji (RiD), and whomever else is no competition on the irritation scale. Is naming a character "Rad" supposed to automatically make us think he's cool? He's a waste of time allright, not not nearly as much as the Hispanic stereotype, Carlos. Thought the G1 series had a bad habit with things like the "Republic of Carbombya" and "Abdul Faggatti" in referrence to middle eastern countries, well this is worse. To listen to him without covering your ears, screaming "Some giant robot step on him!" is to be very patient. I'll never forget in the first episode how he made a random comment about being better looking than Rad, I almost said outloud "What the Heck does that have to do with anything?!" Fred had no redeeming qualities at all. Maybe other than confusing a Mini-Con by offering him a potato chip. I'm surprised he even has friends. I bet after Armada, Billy entered him in a hot dog eating contest and never saw him again. As for Billy, I wouldn't trust that weasley looking punk as far as I could throw him. Just being associated with the other 4 shot his credibility through the floor, otherwise he might be good at being some sort of con-artist. Lastly I bring up Alexis, who is unquestionable to me the absolute worst one of the bunch. Her constant bantering grated on my last nerve. I cringed everytime I saw her knowing some "fingernail on chalkboard" like dialogue was imminent. I find it hard to believe that some Transformers fans like her at all. IMHO, she was one of the biggest killers of this show.

    Overall, there may have been a funny moment or two, but with the way the show was handled, it takes away from the moment when you consider it may have been accidental. Sideways was the best character in the show and yet the plan was simple with him. Just have him manipulate both sides until it's shown he's been with Unicron all along. That much they couldn't mess up. The show is clearly the worst of all the Transformers TV series to me, but it's not without a few and I do mean FEW moments.
  • Tra

    Its' often general opinion that Armada was no exception to the amount of crap we have been subucated to by Transformers, and indeed, the early episodes of Amrada justify this opinion, bad episodes, annoying children, a "gotta catch 'em all" premise, wuith Mini-Cons substituing for Pokemon, and lousy animation and dubbing (several Transformers are addressed by different names from thier own at times)

    But then, two things put Armada largly above what it was, and what followed it

    1. The Unicron Arc: The episodes became darker, still faulty animation abounded, but the Mini-Cons now had a greater purpose, and a better origin, they were creations of Unicron, Unicrons' prescense alone created counter agents such as Sideways and Thurst, and made things more uncertain

    2. Starscream: Wuss: Starscream's transistion from hardened warrior to pure pansy under the caring hand of child Alexis was both a blessing and a burden, Starscreams' new found humanity led to some emotionally gripping episodes, but also made him act uncharactersitically like his Generation One counterpart, it appears somewhere along the way, Japans' writers, or Hasbro, realised this was'nt a good idea and retconned it and ignored it when Energon premeried, still, no matter what opinion is on the development, it remains an example of Armada trying innovative, daring new attributes

    Whilst Armada was'nt perfect, it tried to improve, and thats' a trait many will never apply to Energon or Cybertron

  • Up next on Cartoon Network: When good shows meet Pokemon!

    Wow, sometimes you've gotta wonder if the Japanese are trying to push the envelope a little TOO far sometimes. Armada is an example of what happens whenever that happens. And I don't care if you're one of those purists who's angry at me for grouping Armada, and it's Japanese incarnation, Micron legends together, they're the same show, and they still both suck, despite different scripts!

    The story begins on Cybertron, millions of years ago (The fact that the narrator says 'lightyears' ago sets the tone for what is to become an abysmal attempt at a Transformers series full of blunders and cock-ups...) when the Minicons, a small race of Transformers crash land on Earth. In the year 2010, three annoying brats unearth the Minicon spaceship and set off a beacon, reactivating the minicons, and bringing the Autobots and Decepticons to Earth. Practically every episode has the Autobots and Decepticons making CAMEOS when fighting for the minicons, which gets really tedious. There is little to no character death, Starscream's G1 legacy gets crapped on with the wussy who takes his name in this sad excuse for a series, and Sideways is just plain obnoxious! It's a good thing Energon was far better. Fred was by far the most annoying SOB ever. He's an embarrassment to fat kids everywhere. I hate Armada, and most other Transfans like me hate it too.
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