Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Nov 15, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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The Autobots are hard at work at installing some jet-looking devices onto the sides of Optimus Prime's trailer when Carlos comes running in, frantic about something. He mutters something about a girl, and whether or not it's time. Apparently a hologram of a young girl has come across the screen at Autobot headquarters, requesting assistance. The Autobots ignore it because they've found a Mini-Con signal in the sea and soon take off for action, Carlos hoping that it will lead them to the girl. Once at the bottom of the sea, Hot Shot goes off to do some recon and discovers a sunken city further below the sea. The Autobots make their way down when they're attacked by the Decepticons. Optimus Prime has Hot Shot and Red Alert distract them while he and Smokescreen make their way to an entrance in the city. Prime's oxygen bubble around his trailer cab begins to break from Megatron's blast, and the kids begin to get flooded from inside Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime eventually makes his way inside thanks to Smokescreen's effort to open the door, and quickly finds an air bubble in one of the larger buildings, dropping the kids off to return to battle. Rad, Alexis, and Carlos make their inside to discover a rather large fountain. We break away to see Megatron have an "evolution" mode where his tank turret flips around to his front side, Leader-1 connects, and he becomes a walking rottary gun, blasting all the Autobots in a manical rage. The ground shakes and when the kids open their eyes once more, there are tons of people dressed in Roman-esque clothing, walking around. They soon discover these people are holograms, walking right through the kids. At the edge of the fountain stands the girl, and whispers that she's been waiting, leading them to another room. As they get there, she goes into a story about the Minicons and the powers that they bring... Long ago, the Mini-Cons landed on Earth. The people of this ancient civilization were able to utilize three of the Mini-Cons which formed a great sword, and from that sword, the power to conquer other civilizations all around the world. We see a formed Star Saber as well as the shadow of Skyboom which is a shield. The girl goes on to say that this power eventually destroyed everything - including their own civilization. She repeatidly says that to save the world that they must leave now and not let the Mini-Cons fall into the hands of those who would misuse them. Rad and Alexis make a plea that the Autobots are not evil, but the girl does not respond, only to continue saying that if they wish to save the world and themselves that they should then leave the Mini-Con and go. Megatron breaks through the wall, to which Highwire, Grindor, and Sureshock charge forward and form Perceptor and prepare to square off against Megatron, who then releases Leader-1 and Bonecrusher to deal with the Mini-Cons. Optimus Prime walks in and orders all of the Mini-Cons to stand down and gets into a grip-lock with Megatron, who orders his own Mini-Cons to find this new Mini-Con. Leader-1 spots the Mini-Con, to which Megatron takes it. He announces that it's a Mini-Con that will remain dormant until the other Mini-Cons that combine with it are found. The Decepticons leave, allowing the Autobots time to get away. Once the Mini-Con panel and the Decepticons are gone, the city begins to crumble on itself. Carlos refuses to leave without the hologram girl, but she stands silent, saying once more that the world is forever doomed. Carlos is eventually dragged away by Red Alert, and the Autobots withdraw back to headquarters. The episode ends with three scenes - Megatron informing the Decepticons that they have a piece of one of the most powerful Mini-Con combiners in the universe - Optimus Prime informing the Autobots that they are now in a life and death struggle to obtain the final piece of Star Saber, and the final scene is between Rad and Carlos, as Rad tries to comfort his friend on the apparent 'loss' of the hologram girl which Carlos seems to have fallen in love with. A touching scene between the two kids saying they'll always be best buds is the end of the episode.moreless

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