Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 30


Aired Unknown Mar 22, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The battle fought recently has brought forth the Requiem Blaster, and the accompanying Mini-Con team, but some of the Mini-Cons in this battle do not want to fight. On the moon, Mini-Cons work on Megatron and Tidal Wave while the other Decepticons look on. Thrust visits him in the throne room, and promises he will not fail in their most recent plan. Back at the Autobot base, Alexis comments on how the Autobots are now fighting over the use of the Requiem Blaster. Jetfire and Hot Shot convince many of the other Autobots that they should use the blaster to defeat the Decepticons. Meanwhile, Rad, Billy and Fred walk with the new Mini-Con team, speaking of running away. Rad comments on how the Mini-Cons don't want to be used in this battle, and the children are helping them escape both the Autobots and Decepticons. Carlos and Alexis wait outside with their bikes, and the group leaves together. Thrust stands at a computer terminal, and uses the earth based satellite system to search the planet for the Mini-Cons that form the Requiem Blaster. Cyclonus and Demolishor meet him at the computer, and Thrust enlists their help to search for the team. Optimus discusses the issues at hand with the other Autobots in the command center, and he decides he will make his final ruling on the matter after talking with the new Mini-Con team. But when he sends Sparkplug to search for the team, the Mini-Con returns saying the team has gone missing! The other Autobots note that the children are missing too, and they all decide to go in search of them. At the nearby bus terminal Fred writes a letter to his mother and Billy confronts him about it while the Mini-Cons (in disguise) wait for the bus. Carlos and Rad return with the tickets, and note one of the Mini-Cons talking (as much as a human and Mini-Con can talk). Alexis calls out from nearby that their bus was leaving, and the group rushes off to the platform to catch their bus. Back at the Autobot base, Hot Shot and Blurr finish their search of the base and report back to Optimus. They realize that they must be in the city, and the group heads out in search. Optimus, Smokescreen, Blurr, Red Alert and Hot Shot leave in search, but Jetfire and Scavenger stick around back at base because their alternate modes would stand out too much to the humans. Meanwhile, on the moon, Thrust spots Optimus Prime on the highway and notes that he is up to something. The children are still on the bus with the Mini-Cons as they ask questions about the landmarks they pass. Hot Shot manages to catch up with the bus, but as he does the Mini-Cons onboard note his presence. Hot Shot radios the other Autobots on the road, and they discuss why the children would sneak the Mini-Cons off like they did. Hot Shot keeps pace with the bus until it crosses a set of railroad tracks, and the signal closes the crossing gate behind the bus. Hot Shot is stuck behind the gate, but Optimus manages to beat the train and chase after the bus. Back on the moon, Thrust notes that Optimus is now chasing the bus and formulates a plan. The bus continues onto the highway, and Hot Shot continues to wait at the track crossing. Sideways is caught in traffic along with Red Alert, but Blurr makes the decision to use the side streets The children and Mini-Cons get off the bus in front of a cornfield, and they all make tracks for a nearby secluded cabin. They begin to fix up the old house with a can tripwire, a mirror to view through the window, a rope to climb to the rafters and then they begin to chop wood for a fire. Billy manages to find a set of western-style clothes in a nearby pile and Carlos grabs a hat. In the Decepticon base, Demolishor walks toward the computer room, talking ahead of himself to Thrust, asking when they will go into battle. But when he arrives in the room, Thrust is gone. Back at the ranch, the children and Mini-Cons are having a few minutes of fun, resting on the broken down fence and playing with the nearby wildlife. But when the cans suddenly rattle, the children look up to see Thrust looming over them! They run to the cabin, with Thrust walking over and opening the roof! Alexis manages to blind him with a mirror and the sunlight, and they all get away (for the moment). The leftover logs from the fire manage to slow Thrust down for a moment, but Billy and Fred's attempt to slow him down more backfires and Thrust nearly killed them if it was not for a lucky shot with a wheelbarrow. The children and Mini-Cons make it to the barn, and run inside. When Thrust arrives, they throw debris through a nearby window at him. Thrust decides to let loose on the now trapped Mini-Cons and children, and demolishes the roof of the barn they where hiding in. Just as they finally feel that the situation is hopeless, Prime blares his horn and runs over Thrust while in his truck mode. This knocks the Decepticon off balance, but he transforms to jet mode and fires on the Autobot leader. Prime falls back into a grain silo, and Thrust blasts forward, only to be blinded by a great deal of flying grain. The jet flies upward to get a good view of the battlefield, and Optimus calls for his Super Mode. Intimidated by the lack of chance he has in winning this battle, Thrust teleports away, leaving Prime with the runaways. After the children and Mini-Cons are safe, the remainder of the Autobots show up on the scene, and they all talk about why the Mini-Cons ran away. Rad explains that the children only wanted to help their new friends, and that the Autobots sometimes only consider the Mini-Cons as tools. Optimus realizes their actions where in fact no better than the Decepticon's, so he makes a promise that any Mini-Con that does not want to fight will not have to. The other Autobots understand their leader's decision, and agree and the Autobots, children and Mini-Cons head back to their base.moreless

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