Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Nov 29, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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The episode starts with Cyclonus and Blackout searching an area of mountains and forest for the Autobot's base, with Megatron and the other Decepticons communicating with him from their moonbase. After he finds a signal, the group prepares for an attack. Carlos, Alexis and Rad stand outside the Autobot base with Fred and Billy, showing them the base when the alarm sounds. The children leave Billy and Fred and run off for the Command Center... and the two take off on their own to search the base. Optimus and the children review a map of the base when Optimus says that a warp gate has opened within a tunnel... and on-screen they watch Megatron and the other Decepticons warp in! Optimus has Red Alert activate Hot Shot's Internal Defense System when Carlos finally realizes that Billy and Fred are not with them. We then find the two lost within the base as the Decepticons walk by. They continually mispronounce the Decepticon's names and run for cover as the defenses activate. While the Decepticons shield themselves, Alexis notices Billy and Fred in the background, and asks the Autobots to stop firing. The Autobots realize that the Decepticons are tracking the signal of the two dormant Mini-Con warriors, and move out to lure their enemies away from the Command Center. While the Autobots leave, Alexis finds the two bullies and the children decide to try and help them. Meanwhile, the Decepticons detect the Mini-Con's movement when Hot Shot confronts the group. He rushes forward, only to be caught by Megatron's "horns". Only a scream by Optimus Prime manages to distract Megatron and drop him. With the Decepticons confronting the group, Smokescreen activates, well, a smokescreen and the Autobots escape through a closing door. Optimus orders Hot Shot to hide the Mini-Con Panels as Megatron and the other Decepticons pound on the door to follow the Autobots. Megatron manages to blast the door open, only for the group to find Hot Shot waiting in vehicle mode. He rushes off with Megatron in hot pursuit. The other Decepticons are caught behind another closing door while they scramble to follow as well. Demolishor is left to blast open the door that closed when Smokescreen surprises him from behind and immobilizes him with his grappling hook. Starscram manages to find Red Alert within another portion of the base, and enters what ends up being a hall of mirrors on which he fires at every sight of Red Alert. All this nets him, however, is a trip down a ventilation shaft in which he has to transform to vehicle mode just to not crash and burn. He eventually crashes at the bottom of the shaft, and Red Alert seals him in. In another part of the base, Rad, Alexis and Carlos find Billy and Fred, only for the group to be find by Cyclonus! They run away from him and manage to dash into the Warp Room, and Cyclonus follows. Rad manages to get to the controls, however, and activates them... sending Cyclonus to a mountainous area where "he can cool off for a while". Hot Shot has managed to lure Megatron into a trap where he and Optimus attack... leaving Megatron grasping onto two electrified conduits. He manages to endure the torture howerver, and fires on the group continually until the poles malfunction, leaving him standing over Hot Shot. Sonar is unleased and the two other Minicon panels are activated... leaving Runway and Jetstorm to combine with Sonar to form the Star Sabre! Megatron takes control of it for a brief moment until Hot Shot manages to surprise him and take the sword. After a brief Evolution Mode volley from Megatron the children show up and convince Hot Shot to powerlink with the Star Sabre and attack Megatron. He rushes forward and deflects Megatron's attacks and attack the Decepticon leader, leaving a tread slashed and horn damaged. With that the Decepticons retreat, and Hot Shot falls exhausted. As the Autobots regroup from the attack, Optimus puts Hot Shot in charge of the Star Sabre and everyone celebrates their victory over the Decepticons and the protection of the sword from the Decepticons. On the moon, Megatron is repaired and vows to seek his revenge on the Autobots once and for all...moreless

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