Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Unknown Jan 30, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The episode starts off with the space shuttle exploring space near an asteroid field... where it has a 'unique' experience. A bright light seemingly flies out of nowhere, and scans the shuttle, only to appear as a near replica of the shuttle a moment later. Back at the base, the kids were talking about this, unsure of what to make of it. On the moon, in the Decepticon base, we see a figure land and walk through the base... down a hallway toward a storage room. The figure appears cloaked, and it is difficult to tell who, or what it is.... only a ripple in space seems to show it's presence. It opens the door to the room, and talks to the Mini-Cons who are being held (in the dark) within. The Mini-Cons (including the Air Defense team, the Air Military team and also Inferno) all look up to the hidden figure, who chooses Inferno for his personal Mini-Con, and takes the robot with him on his way out of the room. Meanwhile, a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rages on Earth. The children and Red Alert watch from the base, as usual, when they see Sideways on the battlefield. The discussion notes worry about him hacking their system again, when Alexis mentions that Red Alert has installed a new firewall. Back at the battle, Laserbeak finds the Mini-Con and Scavenger heads for it. Megatron sends Cyclonus after the bulldozer. The Autobots attempt to cover Scavenger, but Megatron calls on the Star Saber and the Decepticons charge the Autobots. Smokescreen passes the Skyboom Shield to Prime in an attempt to defend his leader. A fierce battle rages on between the two leaders as their warriors pair off in a skirmish. On the cliff, Scavenger continues to climb the cliff when we hear the voice of the hidden figure appear on the nearby bluff. He complains that Megatron is not using the sword to it's full capacity. Down below, Smokescreen manages to get the best of Megatron, and when Scavenger announces he has the Mini-Con, the Decepticons retreat. As they retreat, however, Scavenger sees a wisp of dust fall where the hidden warrior was standing. Back at the Decepticon base, the Decepticons fight amongst themsevles, only for the hidden warrior to announce himself by tripping up Demolishor and mocking the other Decepticons. The warrior is called Thrust, and rumor has it that he has never been defeated in battle... a grand strategist. Back on Earth, the children greet the new Mini-Con, Dunerunner, and the Autobots talk about their position in the battle with the Decepticons. The Decepticons practice for battle at their base, Sideways taking time to himself... while Thrust notes his 'private time'. A short time later, Megatron consults Thrust about battle plans, during which Thrust asks for the use of the Star Sabre during his battles with the Autobots, to which Megatron grants him after a bit of convincing. The Decepticons meet up in the Throne room, and Megatron commands them to follow Thrust in battle this day, with Starscream as his second in command. Megatron demands nothing but victory from his troops, and Thrust assures him of such in the fight. Back at the Autobot base, the alarm goes off and the Autobots race to the Warp Room, leaving Red Alert behind to watch over the children. The Decepticons seem to be a step ahead of the Autobots, and Thrust commands the troops to be prepared at their posts for his command. When the Autobots arrive, Starscream calls over the intercom and the Decepticons begin their attack, pinning the Autobots down in a gully. Smokescreen manages to shield the Autobots with the Skyboom Shield, until Optimus decides that they need to get out of the gully. He transforms and rushes the front line, until Megatron blocks his path. Just as Scavenger rushes forward to take the Skyboom Shield to Prime, Thrust, Starscream and all the jet Mini-Cons rush their position, keeping the remaining Autobots pinned in their position. Optimus retreats into an open area, and Megatron, with the Star Sabre manages to knock him down... until a light suddenly appears in the sky, and the space shuttle seen at the beginning of the ep races in, taking out the airial attackers! It transforms into robot mode, and calls himself Jetfire while shooting down Starscream, and then he takes on Thrust in the skies overhead. Meanwhile, Optimus gets a much needed repreve and the other Autobots manage to back up their leader while Megatron calls for a retreat after seeing he is completely outnumbered. Above the battlefield, Jetfire stops his assault as Thrust warps out... and he lands next to the other Autobots and the whole group rejoices in his presence as the episode ends.moreless

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