Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Unknown Jan 17, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Carlos, Rad, and Alexis are in the kitchen area of the base, presumably eating breakfast. Carlos asks what is up with Hot Shot lately, as he has not been hanging out with them much at all. Rad tells him that Hot Shot has been training hard with Scavenger all week. The kids run off to see how the training is going... The kids run into a large warehouse like area of the base. A loud snoring sound... what could that be they ask? Scavenger is lying atop a few of the large crates, snoring, sound asleep. Hot Shot is seen between two crates, presumably lounging has well. Hot Shot is now practicing several karate style moves, while Scavenger still snoozes, nodding halfway in agreement. Carlos questions Scavenger's allegiance... cut to Red Alert and Smokescreen doing some repairs inside of several circuit panels. Red Alert and Smokescreen are discussing Scavenger as well, questioning many of the same things Carlos is questioning, which Carlos is overhearing the whole time. Decepticon base- Starscream and Megatron are discussing the events of Scavengers abrupt leaving. Demolishor and Cyclonus back Scavenger's decision, saying that he is only a bounty hunter who's allegiance is to whom ever is paying him at the time. Sideways steps in and says he hopes that Scavenger gets what he deserves, Megatron orders Sideways to bring him Scavenger's head. Megatron the slaps Starscream, knocking a piece from him to the ground, Sideways mentions that Scavenger maybe intending to spy on the Autobots for the Decepticons. Autobot base - The kids are questioning Prime about Scavengers allegiance and his motives. Prime backs up Scavenger, stating the Mini-Con he gave to the con's has a reason. -ALARM- Hot Shot, Smokescreen, and Red Alert rush in... Scavenger is late, still yawning from his napping. Scavenger offers to stay, but Prime says they need him in the field. Prime also says no to the kids coming along, saying that with the Star Sabre in Decepticon control, it is no longer safe. Red Alert stays behind at the base as well. -Warp Out- The Decepticons are already present at the location of the Mini-Con, awaiting the Autobots arrival. Megatron forms the Star Sabre right away... causing Prime to combine into Super Mode. Cyclonus calls for Crumplezone... but actually its Drillbit... and lynx up to his arm. He runs at Scavenger, drill spinning, but gets grappled down. Cyclonus then quickly transforms and flies off, causing Scavenger to call for ROLLBAR! Rollbar lynx up... DOZER CANNON! Cut to Prime and Megatron battling. Megatron is slashing at Prime with the Star Sabre, pushing him further and further back towards the impending ledge to the riving below. The other Autobots are engaged in Armada grappling.... Hot Shot with Starscream and Smokescreen with Demolishor. The kids are watching from the base, spotting Scavenger sneaking up on the other side of the ravine, questioning his intentions, believing him to be setting up an attack on Prime. Megatron now has Prime pinned against the edge of the ledge, with no where to go. Prime then leaps up and disconnects from his "pants", sending the trailer flying into Megatron's chest, tumbling him towards Prime. Prime grabs Megatron and drags him over into the ravine with him..... loud rumbling..... Scavenger is quickly approaching.... Scavenger leaps the ravine, saving Prime at the last second, scooping him up in his front loader, and flipping him to safety. The Decepticons rush to the edge for Megatron. The kids comment on the events, and Red Alert reflects on the events of the past between Prime and Scavenger, stating how they fought for many years, ultimately deciding to fight side by side. During this flashback, we get our first glimpse at Scavenger's Cybertronian mode... and Prime is wielding G1 Prime's Rifle! Down inside the ravine, Sideways is lifting Megatron out with a set of chains, Star Sabre still intact and in Megatron's hands. Sideways roars over the ledge, flinging Megatron high into the air, attempting to strike Scavenger for his leaving the con's side. Prime blasts Megatron out of the air with his "Sparkblast" that he forms from his smokestacks on his wrist. The Autobots then apologize to Scavenger has the Decepticon's regroup and warp out. The Autobots decide to finally find the Mini-Con they have came to look for. Back at the base, Hot Shot is training even harder, while Scavenger still snores close by, and the kids comment on his loud snoring.moreless

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