Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Nov 01, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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At the Underground base, Hot Shot and Red Alert dig out more of the tunnels below the base as the Mini-Con symbol comes in. The next Mini-Con will be found in a city, so the Autobots warp off to the location in search of their next possible ally. They reach the city and split up, but find out that the Mini-Con is likely underground. They all meet up at the entrance to the city subway system, and drive in to take a closer look. After a short drive into the subway, the group sees a pair of lights off in the distance and the children worry that a train is coming! Quickly Hot Shot and Red Alert get off the tracks, but Prime is too large and cannont make it off the tracks in time. The train rails forward, and just in time Optimus manages to drive backwards into a side track. The group splits up, and Hot Shot drives through a terminal in his search, Red Alert follows a train, and Prime find s a circular switch area for the subway. The children ride their Mini-Cons until they find a set of stairs... The Decepticons are also in the tunnel, but find it increasingly difficult to search for the Mini-Con due to their large, bulky size. They decide instead to send their Mini-Con partners off in search. Meanwhile, the children and Mini-Cons end up in an abandoned subway terminal, and the Mini-Cons transform into Perceptor and jump up to a larger level. The gestalt manages to uncover the panel, but cannot reach it due to his armor... so the children help out by finding a ladder. Carlos climbs up and manages to grab onto the panel, but the ladder falls away... and both he and the panel fall. Alexis manages to catch Carlos and the Min-Con panel still encased in stone falls to the floor. During this whole exchange, a yellow eye watches from a pile of rubble... and as the children board their Mini-Cons to take the panel back to Optimus, an orange vehicle bursts out of the rubble and shoots a tow cable at the group! The children dash off on their Mini-Cons down a tunnel, but end up at a dead end as a train has been disposed of there across the area. They manage to get away from the pursueing vehicle by ducking under the train, but the vehicle persues them thru the abandoned cars. Not only that but the children are cornered by the Decepticon's Mini-Con partners! The shadowy vehicle and the evil Mini-Cons continue to give chase as the children just barely manage to escape into a portion of the subway that has crumbled... into a water-created tunnel system. Since they cannot escape, Rad sends Laserbeak to find Optimus for re-enforcements. The Decepticons find out about the childrens discovery about the same time as the Autobots catch up with Laserbeak, and the children manage to continue hiding in their hole until the Decepticons blast in! They are cornered until the orange vehicle once again rolls up to the grup, and manages to stop Cyclonus from nearly stomping on them! It uses it's crane arm to trip up Cyclonus and rocket over the Decepticons. The vehicle transforms into a robot, and manages to save the children from the Decepticons until he is caught in a small cave in with the children and the Mini-Con. The Autobots manage to arrive on the scene, but the group is parlayed by the Decepticons keeping them in place... and the Decepticons taking the Mini-Con and leaving. The rubble manages to shake a bit, and the orange bot stands up out of the rocks, calling Optimus's name and saying the children are alright with him. The Autobots call him Smokescreen, and as it turns out he entered the warp gate on Cybertron but ended up in these tunnels. He appologizes for scaring the children, and stands at attention... he is ready for duty!moreless

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