Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 50


Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The combined Autobot-Decepticon fleet is in full attack on robot mode Unicron, but cannot penetrate his hull. Thrust hopes to replace Sideways as Unicron's top advisor, but Sideways isn't worried. On the Transformers' command ship, Demolishor heads the tactical meeting but has not yet discovered a weakness in Unicron's armor. Unicron turns his attention from the fleet and blasts Cybertron, much to everyone's shock. Hotshot & Wheeljack lead an assault team of jet fighters against Unicron. Wheeljack targets Thrust on the surface, and Unicron defends him, drawing his attention from Cybertron. Demolishor discovers a weak spot in Unicron: his neck! Galvatron orders the assult team to this new target and the rest of the fleet fires on Unicron's head for distraction. Unicron ignores the fleet and Thrust begins to second guess his betrayal of the Transformers, but then concludes it was the best way to power. Optimus Prime and Galvatron realize they must wake up the Mini-Cons inside Unicron to rebel, and the kids come up with the same idea. Unicron blasts a hole in Cybertron with his chest's plasma cannon. Prime combines with Jetfire & Overload, while Galvatron combines with TidalWave. They fly off to Unicron and leave Hotshot in command, who forms a multi-ship shield against the plasma burst. On the surface, Galvatron confronts a confident Thrust, who accidently gets caught in Unicron's shifting ground. Thrust desperately grovels for help but Galvatron leaves him to get crushed in the surface gears! The space Mini-Cons form a better shield and Unicron shuts his plasma cannon, allowing Prime and Galvatron a way inside the planet: through the cannon's vacuum! The Street Action team realize the Mini-Con weapons inside Unicron have lost their consciousness and will need their help to awaken. The kids take them into Unicron through the underground warpgate. Prime and Galvatron overcome mechanical and organic defenses on their way to Unicron's core chamber. Outside, the space Mini-Cons form into a glowing likeness of Unicron and engage the real Unicron in a test of strength, while Hotshot leads the other Transformers in jet fighters to attack his neck.moreless

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      • Galvatron begins to understand Prime's past motives for the Mini-Cons and appreciates the kids.

      • The combined Autobot-Decepticon force is referred to as the Armada!

      • The kids' space uniform sci-fi features include morph-forming helemt and gloves.

      • Unicron uses his arm's immense gravity to wreck the surface of Cybertron.

      • First aired on YTV on November 21, 2003.

      • Thrust dies painfully in this episode.

      • Thrust will die, but he will have a powerlinx upgrade. It says so on

        Response: While Thrust has a Powerlink "upgraded" version of himself in the Armada toyline, it's unlikely that with two episodes of Armada left that he will return. Just because Hasbro and Takara has a toy, doesn't mean that the series will feature it. Cyclonus, too, has a Powerlinx form in the toyline, as does Jetfire, yet neither have been seen in those forms in the series. There is also a repainted and retooled version of Starscream called "Skywarp" in the toyline, yet the character has not yet been seen in the series. Transformers in the toyline have not always made it to the series; the most infamous example is the old Beast Wars/Beast Machines series, where there were many characters, but only a few made it to the screen. And with Energon set to begin soon, it's likely that these character "won't" be seen.

      • This episode marks the only appearance of Overload in his robot mode. He can be spotted at the top of the screen when Demolishor delivers his tactical analysis of Unicron. Otherwise, Overload has been treated as nothing more than a hunk of hardware, so it's not clear whether or not he's intended to be sentient. Apparently, he's just a battlesuit piloted by a Mini-Con, Rollout, but Rollout was not introduced in the cartoon in any capacity.

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