Transformers Armada

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Unknown Jan 27, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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This episode ends where the previous ends... with a review of the battle between Megatron and Optimus. The Skyboom shield saves both Optimus and Sparkplug from certain demise by Megatron. Back at the Autobot base, Rad, Alexis and Carlos are blocked from entry by Blurr and Hot Shot. They tell the children that Optimus has ordered that the children remain away from the base until the Autobots have figured out an attack plan to stop the Decepticons... for their own safety. On the moon, Megatron is going through fighting drills with the Decepticon Captured Mini-Cons. He powerlinks with many of them, and switches into Full Blast Mode against a hologram of Optimus Prime. His training goes well, until Sideways blasts him, stating he should watch out for other Autobot fire on the real battlefield. The Autobots sit at a console discussing strategy as well... with Optimus laying out a plan to utilize Smokescreen's launching arm to get the Skyboom Shield to anyone who needs it on the battlefield. During the discussion, Sureshock, Grindor and Highwire interrupt, asking why they wont be a part of this mission. Optimus tells the group that the Mini-Cons should avoid the battle because it will be too dangerous. In the nearby forest, the children are discussing how they want to be a part of the upcoming battle when their Mini-Cons meet up with them. Sureshock intercepts a transmission from the moon... a message from the Decepticon-held Mini-Cons. The message? Fred speculates that the Mini-Cons want peace, and the rest of the children agree. Megatron and the Destruction Team talk on the moon, where Megatron praises them for contacting the Earth-based Mini-Cons. It seems that the signal was just a ruse to get the Autobots out in the open! While the children head for the rondeveux point, Megatron prepares his soldiers for the battle, saying he will be the bait for Optimus and the Autobots. When he gets them in position, the other Decepticons should beam down and surround their opponents. Rad and Fred have returned to the cave containing the Autobot base, and radio (via Laserbeak) to tell Optimus about the peace transmission. He and Hot Shot head out to meet the children, but do not listen well to what the two have say. In fact, when the group returns to the clearing in the woods that the signal spoke about, the Autobots come prepared for battle. Just as all of them arrive at the scene, the Destruction Team warps in and then out, followed by a taunting Megatron. Anyone who steps into the clearing seems to fall into a "Warpgate minefield", 'Bots and children disappearing via the Decepticon warp technology. Neither side (at their bases now) can get any trace of the group that was lost in the minefield, while we find the whole group teleporting into a remote forest area. The Decepticon controlled Mini-Cons and Megatron fire on the Autobots and children... and the warp gate teleporting continues. The group ends up on the moon, followed by mountainous area. During their trip, Optimus explains about why he will have a hard time convincing the Decepticon-controlled Mini-Cons to join them... they consider Megatron a father figure, and will not leave his side so easily. Another warp takes the group to a farmland... where Megatron taunts Optimus into following him through a final warp. Optimus, Fred and Rad end up in a desert area, trapped by Megatron and his Mini-Cons, who seem reluctant to fire on the enemy. A short bit of fire from the 'Con leader convinces them to fire on Optimus, whlie Rad and Fred try to convince the Autobot leader to not fire on them. While Megatron and the Mini-Cons fire on him, Optimus chooses not to fire back. He advances on their position, the whole while Megatron taunting him and Fred and Rad lamenting over their advice. Optimus finally gets through to the Mini-Cons... who give him a brief reprieve to the fire... until Megatron whips them back into action. In the end, the Mini-Cons again give him reprieve, and Megatron attacks the weakened leader. In a surprise move, the Mini-Cons defend Optimus... but are nearly all overpowered by the Star Sabre-wielding Megatron. At the last moment, the rest of the Autobots manage to warp in, and engage the plan that they discussed earlier in the episode. Hot Shot races forward, and Smokescreen launches the Skyboom shield to him. The brash warrior uses the shield to defend Optimus... and Megatron retreats, leaving his Mini-Con warriors behind. Back at the Autobot base, Optimus discusses what really happened between the Mini-Cons and the Decepticons, and the Autobots appologize for holding the children away from the battle. With the new additions to the Autobot crew, Rad is confident they can continue to turn the tide of this war.moreless

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