Transformers Cybertron

Season 1 Episode 42


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Sep 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Autobots divide into teams and journeys to the depths of Giant Planet. However, they face a difficult battle against an attack from a strange underground structure and Decepticon. Lori's party appears and runs into the team of Scourge and furthermore, Thunderblast.

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  • Ransack and Crumplezone VS Optimus Prime and Metroplex! Thundercracker VS Jetfire! Scourge VS Override! Wing Saber and Lori VS Thunderblast! All this and more, on the 42nd Cybertronian Smackdown!

    Unbelievable; Three top episodes in a row! And this is the best yet!

    The battles are great; Scourge VS Override, I have been waiting for that one all season! Planet leader against Planet leader: They were pretty evenly matched.

    Now, as for Jetfire and Thundercracker's tussle, it really added some new sparkle to characters that have been with us from the beginning (And to think, I thought they were getting stale).

    Now, on to Thunderblast and Lori: Not to sound sexist, but I loved hearing their little cat-spat, and watching each of them turn Scourge into a whimpering heap was cool too. Lori used her brains to outsmart Thunderblast in her own element, proving once again that brains can beat brawn anyday of the week!

    All in all, a top episode, and I can tell Scourge's doubts will set things up for future eps (Can't wait to see 'em).moreless

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    • Wing Saber: (About Thunderblast) She can lead an Autobot to water...
      Lori: ...But can she make us drink?

    • Scourge: You' finish...this race!
      Override: I appreciate the racing banter! You know, most races begin with a starting gun! (Fires at Scourge)

    • Lori: I hope you're not running away from here, Scourge!
      Scourge: Huh? But co...come on! It's not like I'm doing this out of cowardice! It's just a strategic withdrawal! I'm not running away!
      Lori: Withdrawal?
      Scourge: Right, withdrawal; To a better position, to a better venue: One much more honorable.
      Lori: Scourge, you big fire-breathing weasel!

    • Thunderblast: You know the situation's pretty bad when I have to be the responsible one!

    • Lori: Don't worry about it. I aced a B+ in computer class.
      Wing Saber: Why not an A?
      Lori: Well...
      Wing Saber: Just don't tell me you crashed the computer!
      Lori: Umm....

    • Scourge: Phew! I sure am glad Lori turned her anger away from me and turned it on Thunderblast. She can be a little hardcore!
      Override: She's not the only lady around here who can be scary! I'm betting I can put the scare into you!
      Scourge: Huh! I'm not afraid of you! You're nothing compared to little sister!

    • Lori: (About Thunderblast) I hate her!! We are chasing her, Wing Saber!
      Wing Saber: You're not serious!
      Lori: I am serious.
      Wing Saber: But, Lori...
      Lori: We're...chasing...her!
      Wing Saber:'am.

    • Scourge: I'm sorry if it seems like I'm being dishonorable, but, it's just that Optimus Prime really got me good!
      Lori: You should be sorry! Now get out of our way, so we can save the universe!

    • Lori: Oh man! Don't tell me; Scourge!
      Scourge: Yes, Lori. Long time no see, little sister.
      Lori: Well, not nearly long enough if you're here with the Decepticons!

    • Lori: You think this place is dangerous?
      Wing Saber: What could be dangerous? It's dark with only one exit. Looks like a great place to get ambushed!
      Thunderblast: That's just what we were thinking!

    • Crumplezone: We can't be losers forever, can we?
      Ransack: Doesn't seem fair.
      Crumplezone: We need a new game plan!
      Ransack: Yeah, we'll get back at Prime!
      Crumplezone: When he sees our real strength, and feels our vengence, he'll regret beating us over and over and over!
      Ransack: Yeah, we'll get the last laugh!
      (Thay both laugh long and hard)
      Ransack: Ah, good times!

    • Lori: What in the world are you thinking? Back on Jungle Planet, you were all about honor and rule of law, but now look at you. skulking around in the shadows with that Decepticon floozy...
      Thunderblast: Hey!
      Lori: ...plotting ambushes and sneak attacks. What's the matter with you? Have you completly lost your honor or what?
      Scourge: No, no, no, no. You've got it all wrong. You see, they came to me with an offer.
      Lori: What do you mean "offer"? You mean they bought you off like some cheap hood! Seriously Scourge,I thought you had more class then that.
      Scourge: I swear, it's not like that!

    • Scourge: I've been wanting to fight you. We can see who is stonger, the fearsome leader of Jungle Planet, or the meagre leader of Speed Planet.
      Override: Fine. Pay close attention while I thrash you, and maybe you'll learn something.

    • Thunderblast: (To Lori) Little sister, you'd better check yo'self! And Scourge, if there is one girl around here that's gonna boss ya around, it's gonna be me!
      Scourge: But Thunderblast, she...she's picking on..

    • (Metroplex has just ran over Ransack and Crumplezone)
      Crumplezone: I'm feeling a bit run-down.
      Ransack: Don't make me laugh; It hurts!

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